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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 24 Recap

Fangfang took Wu Fei to meet her fiancé Cao Yiren. Through observation, Wu Fei believed that Cao Yiren and Fangfang got along very naturally, and Fangfang has become very humble now, and will consider others, which is also due to Cao Yiren. So Wu Fei believes that the two are true love.

Wu Fei also asked Cao Yiren in private if he would sign a prenuptial property agreement, but Cao Yiren said that if it was just to make Ding Fangfang’s father happy, he would not sign the agreement, but if Fangfang thought signing the agreement would make him happy, he would be happy For that.

On the other hand, Qi Dagang also secretly investigated Cao Yiren, but found that there was nothing wrong with Cao Yiren’s private life. Even if he went out to socialize, he would tell Ding Fangfang and even take Ding Fangfang with him.

The assistant lawyer of the Family Department found out that the divorce between Cao Yiren and his ex-wife did not mean leaving the house. Cao Yiren did not have a job for three years after he got married, and even the investment money was given by his ex-wife. And Cao Yiren’s family background is average. Although he is smart, he only worked on Wall Street for one year after graduation and got married. The reason for Cao Yiren’s divorce was also because he was cheated on by his brother who started a business together, so he had to divorce in the end.

Qin Shi believes that Cao Yiren has changed the social class through hard work, but whether his ex-wife and current girlfriend are either rich or prominent is a coincidence. But then Qi Dagang also obtained new information and gave it to Qin Shi. Therefore, Qin Shi believed that Cao Yiren was a professional soft rice man, and he was dating wealthy daughters.

Qin Shi informed Tao Junhui of the news, but Tao Junhui did not agree with Qin Shi’s point of view very much. He believed that Cao Yiren studied business, so he would inevitably deal with rich people, and love is something that two people love each other, so they can’t directly follow him. conclusion. Moreover, Cao Yiren and these wealthy daughters are not married, they have no right to criticize others from the moral high ground, and then he said that Cao Yiren will come to the law firm today, and their task is to let Cao Yiren successfully sign the prenuptial property agreement.

Cai Liang helps Yanghua investigate Tao Junhui, and finds that Tao Junhui is better than they imagined, and he only had a relationship with a junior in college, but Cai Liang did not find out who the junior who fell in love with Tao Junhui was.

Li Dai came to Cheng and Hui as Cao Yiren’s attorney. She is now fully authorized to represent Cao Yiren and Ding Fangfang’s prenuptial property agreement. Li Dai is very familiar with Qin Shi’s style of handling cases, and naturally knows that Qin Shi has already investigated clearly before this. Cao Yiren’s identity background and love experience. Li Dai also took out Cao Yiren’s recording. In the recording, Cao Yiren said that he was married and divorced. He never thought about remarriage before meeting Ding Fangfang, but Ding Fangfang made him give up his original principles.

After the meeting, Li Dai came to Qin Shi’s office on the 11th floor, and found that Qin Shi was aggrieved and working in the reference room. For this reason, she taunted Qin Shi a few words, and then invited Qin Shi to have dinner together, and discuss Cao Yi by the way. appoint. During the meal, Li Dai advised Qin Shi to give up the case, because Cao Yiren would never sign a prenuptial agreement.

Qin Shi is unwilling to let go, and also unwilling to admit that he is currently being squeezed out by Cheng and Hui. Qin Shi learned from Li Dai that Yanghua had to learn legal knowledge by himself in order to help him, and regretted in his heart that he used professional knowledge to suppress others and said words that stimulated Yanghua.

Yanghua was researching Fangyu Finance, and Cai Liang persuaded Yanghua not to touch Fangyu Finance after finding out. Although he knew that Yanghua and Mr. Qiu of Fangyu Finance had a feud, but now Mr. Qiu’s project is the most wanted by the credit department of the bank. project, so for the bank, Qiu is always their big customer and cannot be offended.

After Qin Shi came home at night, he found that Yanghua had something on his mind, but Yanghua didn’t tell him anything after asking about it, which made Qin Shi quite annoyed. Yanghua thought about it at night, and thought of the relationship between Tao Junhui and Qin Shi before, so he decided to have a good chat with Qin Shi.

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