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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 32 Recap

Zhu Yun entered the room and met Hou Ning, claiming that she knew about Hou Ning’s past. She had heard a lot from Li Xun before, but she also hoped to take Hou Ning to learn about Li Xun. Zhu Yun took Hou Ning to the place where Li Xun rented. In the room were the things that Hou Ning didn’t want at the beginning, but they were all put on the bed by Li Xun. Zhu Yun also gave Hou Ning the password of the room, as if he would Hou Ning became the master here. Hou Ning was moved because only Li Xun saw him as a person.

With the joint efforts of Zhu Yun and Li Xun, Hou Ning decided to join Woxin Feiyang Company. When he first came here, Li Xun introduced Hou Ning to everyone. Anger, especially Zhang Fang, who is in charge of the finances. Zhang Fang always feels that the loss of money is due to Hou Ning, and he looks bad towards Hou Ning, but Zhu Yun knows that Zhang Fang is just talking viciously. Li Xun wasn’t worried about embarrassing Hou Ning, but worried about Zhang Fang being bullied.

Sure enough, Zhang Fang always looked at Hou Ning with unfriendly eyes, which also angered Hou Ning. He wanted to rectify Zhang Fang, so he hacked into Zhang Fang’s computer in a few clicks, obtained the records of his watching videos, and played them directly. Zhang Fang was so scared that he quickly unplugged the power, and almost got into a fight with Hou Ning. Fortunately, Dong Siyang and Li Xun stopped him, and Li Xun also asked Hou Ning not to play tricks on others in the future.

After the love blind box was made, it was promoted, but it didn’t have a good effect, but it was still noticed by Gao Jianhong. He insisted on finding someone to make a love blind box. Fang Zhijing persuaded Gao Jianhong to do a good job of going public. He always refused to go with Li Xun to avoid being bitten by Li Xun, but Gao Jianhong not only refused to listen, but also reminded Fang Zhijing that he was blinded by Li Xun.

Li Xun asked Ren Di to help with publicity. When Ren Di went to Xiaoliu, Xiaoliu was too busy drinking with Zhao Dong, and didn’t even bother to record the song. Ren Di was so angry that he was about to leave, but was stopped by his colleagues. Tell Ren Di that Zhao Dong is the boss who invested in their records. Ren Di’s withdrawal made Zhao Dong very angry and insisted on blocking Ren Di. Although Ren Di didn’t care, Xiao Liu did. There is no soul. He kept going out to accompany Zhao Dong to socialize and drink, begging not to block Ren Di, Ren Di was moved, and the two reconciled.

Xiaoliu knows that Ren Di doesn’t like socializing, so he always goes out to socialize by himself. In Ren Di’s eyes, he is not doing his job properly, but in fact it is a kind of protection for Ren Di. Ren Di and Xiao Liu made publicity for the game, which quickly attracted the attention and registration of many people. The game has also been continuously improved, and the company also began to take photos to promote and do exclusive interviews.

Li Xun told Zhu Yun and Dong Siyang Hou Ning about his plan, which is to complicate the upgrade code of this love blind box. He has already given you Gao Jianhong’s mentality. He just wants to copy the game, but he can’t do it in half a year. If it comes out, in order to make it before it goes public, it will inevitably take risks and steal the code, which happens to be Li Xun’s plan.

Li Xun openly challenged Jili Company to make a fortune by copying and pasting in the interview program. Such a person is not worth mentioning. Gao Jianhong was so angry that he wanted to trample Li Xun to death. He hired some hacker experts from Malaysia to intrude into Li Xun’s backstage. To steal the code, but was defeated by Hou Ning again. Xu Lina couldn’t understand Gao Jianhong’s behavior and proposed a divorce, but Gao Jianhong gave Xu Lina a necklace instead, expressing his love for Xu Lina, begging her to give herself another chance, and Xu Lina agreed.

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