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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 9 Recap

After Ban Xia’s unremitting efforts, Zhao Lei finally let go. He asked Ban Xia to open an account in Heihai, and foreign companies can transfer money directly to her account, but at the same time Zhao Lei also reminded her that she must not pay if she can’t see the goods. . Later, Ban Xia and Xiao Yan waited for a long time at the pier, and finally waited for the steel delivered by the military, and when the steel was delivered to the cargo ship, Ban Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

Pinellia is still on the way back, and the construction site has already exploded. Many people swarmed over to ask Chen Yuyu for money, and they agreed to give the money after the year. Before the time came, they came ahead of time to make trouble. Tong Xiaoqi knew that someone was instigating them to make trouble, so he first persuaded Chen Yuyu to go back to rest.

Tong Xiaoqi still has a way, a few words provoked the other party to make a move first, once he made a move, the nature of the matter will be different. The other party was wronged first, so he had to be obedient, and Tong Xiaoqi also learned that because Zhao Lei made a move on Qiu Bizheng, Qiu Bizheng instigated them to make trouble. The people finally dispersed, and Tong Xiaoqi also notified Vice President Gao to pick up Gao Xinyi.

After all, the Chinese New Year is almost here, and it is not a problem that Gao Xinyi, a college student, always hangs out with them here. Gao Xinyi was furious and called Tong Xiaoqi a villain and a liar. Not long after, Banxia returned to China, and Tong Xiaoqi and Chen Yuyu helped her carry her big and small bags upstairs.

Chen Yuyu and Tong Xiaoqi were very happy that Banxia came back safe and sound, and bought 50,000 tons of steel. Ban Xia told them that when this batch of steel arrives, they will get rich, and their backs will stand up in the future, and they will no longer have to look at other people’s faces. It’s just that the happiness didn’t last long. The next day, people from the local tax bureau brought people from the police station. Banxia is a legal person of the company.

Although Chen Yuyu handles the taxation, Banxia is still responsible for any accidents. The staff informed Ban Xia that she was suspected of tax evasion of 150,000 yuan. Chen Yuyu was in a hurry, but Ban Xia tried her best to cooperate with the investigation and was taken to the detention center for a few days. As long as she paid the money, she could be released.

In order to get Ban Xia out as soon as possible, Tong Xiaoqi took Chen Yuyu to find Gao Xinyi for help. After all, Gao Xinyi’s mother was the vice president, so he still had some money. Soon Tong Xiaoqi took Gao Xinyi to the detention center to arrest him. Pinellia picked it up. Seeing that Tong Xiaoqi was getting involved with Gao Xinyi again, Ban Xia beat and scolded Tong Xiaoqi, but nothing serious happened. Tong Xiaoqi told her that it was Guo Qidong and Qiu Bizheng who reported the workers’ troubles and tax issues, and he investigated them clearly. At Ban Xia’s request, Tong Xiao rode the car to the downstairs of Gao Xinyi’s community, and Ban Xia went upstairs to explain to Gao Xinyi’s mother.

Vice President Gao learned that she went to the north alone, and took a huge risk to buy a batch of steel back. Although she hadn’t arrived in Hong Kong, she had the shipping bill in her hand, and Vice President Gao no longer doubted it. Zhong admires Pinellia’s daring style of doing things. Gao Xinyi likes Tong Xiaoqi, so she is very concerned about his relationship with Banxia. Through this incident, she directly expresses her heart to Tong Xiaoqi, and says that Tong Xiaoqi will tell her his feelings again when they meet next time .

Not long after, 50,000 tons of steel was finally shipped back. Feng Yu and Wu Jianshe came to see it, full of envy. Then Zhao Lei also came, but his face was not happy, Ban Xia hurried up to say hello, and as soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Lei handed her the information that the current steel price has fallen sharply.

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