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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 8 Recap

Ban Xia insisted not to go back, angering Wu Jianshe. Ban Xia completely ignored Wu Jianshe’s sarcasm behind her and dragged her suitcase up the stairs. Among these few people, only Brother Feng cared about Banxia sincerely. He ordered a meal for Banxia at the Chinese restaurant not far from the hotel.

Brother also left all his money to her, and wrote the phone number of the embassy on the envelope. The four of Wu Jianshe and the others went back, and Banxia still stayed here, running to the police station from time to time, but they found nothing. Due to too much pressure and overthinking, Banxia passed out directly at the door of the room.

The hotel contacted the embassy, ​​and the people from the embassy called Xiao Yan, who was studying at the conservatory, to help take care of Pinellia. Ban Xia learned that she could speak foreign languages, and decided to let her be her interpreter for a few days, Xiao Yan was happy to accept it. When Feng Yu returned home empty-handed, his wife was very angry and suspected that he had given the money to a mistress outside.

Feng Yu was very embarrassed, it would be great if Ban Xia could explain it to him here. At a dinner, Zhao Lei couldn’t help being surprised to see Qiu Bi appearing. Qiu Bizheng told him that everyone was cheated of the deposit, but Xu Banxia did not come back. Qiu Bizheng’s every word hit Zhao Lei’s sore spot, and he was so angry that he threw the wine glass over.

After Zhao Lei checked with Feng Yu again, he called Ban Xia and scolded her, but in fact, he was worried that Ban Xia would be in trouble abroad alone, after all, it was almost Chinese New Year. Ban Xia didn’t take it seriously, and suddenly changed the subject and asked about his bust. Then I called Su Guodong, Chen Yuyu and others, asking about their bust measurements, and Banxia planned to buy some gifts for them all. When Xiaoyan was shopping with Banxia, ​​Banxia saw a familiar person, and that was Nina who cheated them of the deposit. When Nina saw her, she ran away immediately, Ban Xia pursued persistently, and finally caught her.

Under Xiao Yan’s translation, Ban Xia learned that someone found Nina and gave her a sum of money to act in a play, playing the daughter of a steel factory. Ban Xia doesn’t care about this, she only knows that Nina is an out-and-out liar. Later, Nina said that she had an uncle who had scrap steel in the Black Sea, and Banxia could buy scrap steel from her uncle.

If she still didn’t believe it, she could go directly to see the goods without paying a deposit, and wait until the goods were loaded and shipped. Pay, if you are not satisfied, you can go directly. Ban Xia came here just to buy steel, hearing what Nina said, she was immediately moved. No matter what, she had bet all her wealth on this trip, and she definitely couldn’t come in vain.

Wu Jianshe said last time that he would be responsible for the deposit. No, both Qiu Bizheng and Feng Yu came to ask for money, but Wu Jianshe has been really tight recently. When Feng Yu’s mistress found out that he was short of money, she sold the gold necklace for some money and bought him a pair of brand new leather shoes. Feng Yu was so moved.

Uncle Nina is from the military, and he promised to load the goods onto the ship first, but if Pinellia doesn’t pay, she won’t be able to get the customs documents. Ban Xia thought for a while and cut the price of each ton. After reaching a cooperation, Ban Xia called Zhao Lei.

Banxia asked Zhao Lei for money, but when she learned that she didn’t even see the quality of the steel, Zhao Lei angrily hung up the phone. But after thinking about it later, Banxia bet all of her net worth, not to mention she is still a woman, after thinking about it again and again, Zhao Lei ordered Qin Fangping to inform the accountant to send the money to Xu Banxia tomorrow. Ban Xia wrote some words and called Zhao Lei again, expressing her determination sincerely, hoping that Zhao Lei could trust him and support her.

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