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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 5 Recap

Chen Yuting warned Zhao Yunfei that what he said in front of Section Chief Feng just now will be their unified answer in the future. Zhao Yunfei is very loyal today, and Liu Jiajun has greatly improved his opinion of him, but he believes that there must be a Communist Party within the military command, and there is more than one. one day ago. Zhao Yunfei left the stage and met someone who was doing work with a sliding pole, so Zhao Yunfei had an idea and took them to pick them up.

After instructing them not to say anything, Zhao Yunfei entered the interrogation room to get the key and said that he would go to the interrogation team to work overtime. At the same time, Chen Yuting was also carrying out her actions. Chen Yuting pried open the door of the file room, and Zhao Yunfei released the prisoner with the key.

Chen Yuting finished reading what she wanted, and happened to hear the movement in the interrogation room when she left, but she hesitated and chose not to expose it. Zhao Yunfei made his own choice, he should stand on the right side, but this road to faith is full of wind and blood. After Zhao Yunfei sent the prisoners away, he handed over the paintings he drew to him, expressing that he would find them no matter where they were.

This prisoner was named Deng Guangya, and the person who carried the sliding pole was also an underground party member. Yan’an hopes to win over Li Jinping. Anyway, Li Jinping is taking care of Shi Peiying in the hospital. He is determined to avenge Shi Peiying and expose the spy. District Chief Ye was very angry about the escape of the prisoner. Section Chief Feng said that it was recently rumored that Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei were in a romantic relationship, which could relieve District Chief Ye. Shi Peiying’s condition is getting better and better, and she will be able to wake up in the next two days.

Ji Min, the doctor on duty, was suddenly killed that night, and Shi Peiying had no vital signs when she was discovered. Li Jinping was heartbroken, no longer pretended, and finally decided to abandon the dark and turn to the light to avenge Shi Peiying. Li Jinping realized the gap between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and decided to follow the Communist Party unswervingly. The Red Fox Group is lurking deep in Yan’an, and Li Jinping has never seen Red Fox No. 24.

Peking, January 1946. Forced by circumstances, Chiang Kai-shek signed an armistice, the last peace Chiang Kai-shek fought for before launching an all-out civil war. Gao Dafu’s city defense force was taken away. Many people said they were going to fight the Communist Party. Gao Dafu lost his temper and didn’t want to see his compatriots fight each other. Liu Jiajun and Zhao Yunfei made an appointment to eat and drink together, Zhao Yunfei took Liu Jiajun to the ballroom with ease, Liu Jiajun told Zhao Yunfei that he would not be able to get rid of the responsibility after doing this job, and he was unwilling to do so. At the same time, Shen Jie is also in the ballroom. She is an underground member of the Communist Party of China.

Liu Jiajun was so emotional that he slapped the table angrily and got drunk. Zhao Yunfei accidentally saw Shen Jie picking up the camera and wanted to take pictures, but was dragged outside by Chen Yuting, saying that the Communist Party often used this occasion to exchange information, and that Ma Datou under Liu Jiajun was taken away to take the blame. No matter what Zhao Yunfei did, Chen Yuting only asked Zhao Yunfei to help her continue to cover, so the two made an appointment to cover in the form of a date.

Zhao Yunfei met Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen, chatted casually and left in a hurry. Wang Zhenchuan used the store to deliver information, while Ma Wu led the action team to protect the arms. Zhu Zi mixed into the team carrying arms, and Wang Zhenchuan was very worried when he found out.

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