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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 2 Recap

Under the leadership of Qihai Zhenyu, Yebei attacked Dachao, shouting the slogan “God bless Yebei”. Yu Xiuming led his army to face Yebei, and met Qihai Zhenyu on the battlefield. Yu Xiuming fought with Qihai Zhenyu in a snow battle, and finally Qihai Zhenyu was killed. Ye Jingqing believed that there was something weird in it and used his own spells, and the situation changed suddenly.

Ye Lingshuang, who was far away in Dachao, was suddenly swayed by the amber stone on his chest, and a strange light radiated from his whole body. Ye Jingqing’s Hengchen Tianhuo technique is not worth mentioning in front of Yu Xiuming, Ye Jingqing reluctantly left a prophecy that Da Chao will perish!

After the battle, Yu Xiuming decided to return to Tianqi. He entrusted Jie Zhuying with finding Fanghuajing, and planned to bring Ye Lingshuang back to Tianqi. Leng Tianxi discovered that Yu Xiuming had a white hair in his hair, but Yu Xiuming had never had gray hair before, maybe the power of Fanghua Mirror began to decline.

Ye Lingshuang was taken away together with the captured female prisoners, and wanted to get rid of her identity as a female prisoner to find Yi Wuyou and Qi Hairui. General Da Chao wanted to rape the female prisoner in public, Ye Lingshuang killed her in order to protect her, and finally had no choice but to take out the soldier talisman Yu Xiuming had given him earlier.

Xie Yu’an learned that they raped the female prisoners and fined each of them thirty military sticks on the spot. Ye Lingshuang showed the copper talisman to solve Xie Yu’an’s worries. Xie Yu’an had been looking for the bones of Deputy General Yan who had covered her leaving. Ye Lingshuang said that she knew where the bones were, but asked Xie Yu’an to send her to the Qin Tianjian. She has a talent for mental arithmetic, and she is unwilling to be a slave in Dachao for the rest of her life.

When Tianqi arrived, Xie Yu’an fulfilled his promise and asked someone to clean up Ye Lingshuang and enter the palace with him. Yu Xiuming declared the order of the world, and decided to hold a Xinghan Grand Ceremony to reward the meritorious officials. Jie Haitian thought it was against the rules. Yu Xiuming ignored it, this grand ceremony not only had to be held, it had to be held grandly. Fan Ruhui reported to Yu Xiuming about his absence during this period, and Yu Xiuming was already dissatisfied with Jie Haitian’s unauthorized mobilization of troops.

Xie Yu’an brought Ye Lingshuang to the Qin Tianjian. Jie Haitian heard that she was a female prisoner of Yebei and was unwilling to accept her, but Ye Lingshuang was not reconciled, saying that only she could figure out the whereabouts of Fanghua Jing, and Jie Haitian couldn’t help it even if he practiced for another hundred years . If it is not allowed at that time, Ye Lingshuang is willing to be dealt with by the national law. Jie Haitian agreed, and planned that Ye Lingshuang would stay in the Qin Tianjian without a formal title or salary. Xie Yu’an did not expect Ye Lingshuang to persuade Jie Haitian, and was very surprised. Ye Lingshuang got her wish and told Xie Yu’an where Deputy General Yan’s body was.

Leng Tianxi voluntarily entered the palace as a concubine, and sealed the power of the stars so that she could no longer spread her wings and fly. In fact, Leng Tianxi was sent by Yu Ren to spy on Yu Xiuming’s eyes, but now she would rather choose to disobey her relatives than to be loyal to Yu Xiuming forever. Yu Xiuming did not go to Leng Tianxi Palace on the night of conferring concubine.

Ye Lingshuang’s star power has been sealed and can only be obtained by foresight, but the time is not right, Ye Lingshuang can only pray to Jie Haitian to show him some star maps. Jie Haitian hoped that Ye Lingshuang would be in charge of the Qianxiang Bureau, but even though his subordinates were dissatisfied, Jie Haitian scolded them back. Jie Haitian persuaded Yu Xiuming to withdraw his troops from Yebei, leaving the laborers behind and killing all the others. But Yu Xiuming wanted to move them to Yuezhou.

The amber stone suddenly emitted a strange light, followed by a human voice, he said that he was Yunwen, the master of astrology, and lost his body because of a mistake in the study of the magic circle. in the stone. Ye Lingshuang didn’t believe it and brought a mirror, and found that the cloud pattern was in the mirror. Ye Lingshuang was supposed to be an astronomical genius, but unfortunately her power was sealed and she was nothing. Moire said that he could tell her the whereabouts of Fanghua Mirror, on condition that she help her to condense her body. Xie Yu’an was heartbroken when he received the military order to massacre the residents of Yebei.

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