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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 1 Recap

The world is vast, the chaos was first opened, and the true masters came to the world. They have great supernatural powers, but they retreated to hide from the world, without a trace. Afterwards, the two races of Human and Feather ruled the continent alternately, and the war continued continuously. Until a young general was born, unified the five clans in one fell swoop, and established an unprecedented dynasty, Da Chao. Wherever the birds can reach is Da Chao’s territory, but there is still a place called Yebei that has not been included in Dachao’s territory. Under this majestic scenery, the seven tribes of Yebei have never stopped. fight.

Yebei Princess Qihairui and grassland girl Ye Lingshuang return to Yebei, Yebei Dayuan Gu Ye Jingqing is furious because Ye Lingshuang took Qihairui away from Yebei, Ye Lingshuang has always been regarded as an ominous person by the tribe, even though Ye Jingqing is her The same goes for biological fathers. Qi Hairui protects Ye Lingshuang. Qihai Zhenyu, the leader of the Seven Departments of Yebei, stopped Qi Hairui, telling him not to be disrespectful to Dayuangu. Ye Jingqing wants to punish Ye Lingshuang for confinement, but the day after tomorrow is the autumn election, and Qi Hairui begged for a long time to allow Ye Lingshuang to participate in the autumn election.

Lord Da Chao sent an envoy to Yebei to ask for a marriage. Ye Jingqing thought that Yebei did not agree to make a marriage, so he persuaded Qihai Zhenyu to confuse the enemy to buy time. Hearing that Mr. Chao was bloodthirsty and violent, even the princess who married and got married would be doomed. If the princess married, I’m afraid she would be close to death. Ye Jingqing planned to send Ye Lingshuang to Ye Shuidu, and could no longer be with Qi Hairui, Ye Lingshuang was unwilling but had no choice.

Ye Jingqing imprisoned Ye Lingshuang’s star power when she was seven years old, and she has been in pain all this time, so her only request before she left was that Ye Jingqing remove the imprisonment on her body. But Ye Lingshuang would not compromise on her own affairs, Ye Jingqing guessed that she had encountered a disaster again. Because of this, Ye Lingshuang has always been regarded as a disaster star by the tribe, and they think that these disasters are brought about by her. But Qi Hairui has always been by Ye Lingshuang’s side, no matter what others say, she will stand by her side.

The day of the autumn election. The Qibu Autumn Selection is going to select the No. 1 Warrior in Yebei, and both Qihairui and Ye Lingshuang are here to watch the excitement. The Snow Wolf King broke into the scene, and everyone fled. Ye Lingshuang was almost killed by the Snow Wolf King in order to protect Qi Hairui. At the critical moment, a warrior rescued her. The wolf stared at Ye Lingshuang, and she took out a knife to defend herself cautiously and bravely. In the end, it was the warrior who helped her kill the Snow Wolf King. The Snow Wolf King is regarded as a wolf god by Yebei, and his clansmen are full of hatred for him.

Suddenly, a group of soldiers broke in to protect him. It turned out that the famous warrior was Da Chao’s imperial envoy, General Xie Yu’an. Qihai Zhenyu’s face changed, and he wanted to ask him to move into the tent, but the clansmen were deeply concerned about the death of the Snow Wolf King, and asked to use Ye Lingshuang to sacrifice to the sky. Xie Yu’an ridiculed them for not distinguishing between right and wrong, and gave Ye Lingshuang a token as long as she accepts her, no one will dare to bully her in the future.

Ye Lingshuang accepted the token resolutely, but at this moment she suddenly became dizzy and fell into Xie Yu’an’s arms. After waking up, Qi Hairui came to take care of her, and the tribe hosted a bonfire banquet for Xie Yu’an, and the two went to watch the fun together.

Xie Yu’an saw that everyone here didn’t want to see Ye Lingshuang and advised her to go back to Dachao with him, but Ye Lingshuang didn’t agree. Food and beauty, singing and dancing, but Ye Lingshuang was unhappy, because she knew that these were all temporary, and everyone’s fate was already doomed. But Xie Yu’an didn’t believe in the fate of the stars. He told Ye Lingshuang that man can conquer the sky, and his destiny should be firmly in his own hands.

In fact, this warrior is not Xie Yu’an, but Yu Xiuming, the emperor of Da Chao. Jie Zhuying thought that Yu Xiuming’s favorite person was Ye Lingshuang, but Yu Xiuming believed that only Princess Yebei could take the position of Queen Chaojun. Yebei’s long princess, Qi Hailian, studied in Dachao for four years incognito. Qihai Zhenyu agreed to get married, and wanted to marry Qihailian, but it was Qihairui who Yu Xiuming asked to marry. Ye Lingshuang begged Ye Jingqing not to let Qi Hairui go for a marriage, but Ye Jingqing said it was her mission.

Ye Lingshuang tried her best to meet Yu Xiuming, and said that she wanted to replace Qi Hairui as Queen Chao, but in Yu Xiuming’s view, she didn’t have the qualifications at all. Seeing that he refused to agree, Ye Lingshuang coaxed him to drink highly poisonous milk tea, and threatened Yu Xiuming to cooperate with her.

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