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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 23 Recap

Qin’s mother bought Qin Shi’s favorite brain flower and other ingredients to visit her daughter, but Qin Shi worked overtime at the company, so Qin’s mother simply made brain flower for Yang Hua to eat. Although Yang Hua didn’t like it, she still ate it full of praise. up. Qin’s mother was very happy when she learned that Yanghua took the initiative to go out to work and planned to work hard to make money to buy a house. She also said that they should concentrate on work and she would take care of the family affairs.

Qin Shi confessed to Tao Junhui that he had been working hard for the position on the 11th floor for two years. Although Mr. Jin was his direct leader, he had very few chances to meet Mr. Jin. In order to learn more knowledge, Qin Shi Ask Tao Junhui to take him to study the case. Although Tao Junhui agreed to Qin Shi’s request, he gave Qin Shi all the logistics contract disputes, construction contract disputes, equity contract disputes and other contracts at hand, and asked Qin Shi to produce the contract analysis content according to his requirements before tomorrow.

Tao Junhui went home to eat with his mother. Tao’s mother asked Tao Junhui about buying a house recently. Tao Junhui said that the house in a good location is too expensive, and he has been looking at it recently. Mother Tao regretted giving Qin Shi the house that Tao Junhui and Qin Shi bought together, and then told her son to have less contact with Qin Shi at the law firm, and to cherish a girl like Wu Fei with a good family background and a good personality.

Wu Fei’s father also wanted Wu Fei and Tao Junhui to sign a prenuptial agreement, but Wu Fei believed that he and Tao Junhui were true love and refused her father’s request. Mr. Wu called Tang Yihui in a blink of an eye, because Tang Yihui had guessed Wu Fei’s reaction, and Tang Yihui promised to let Mr. Wu see the result she wanted. President Jin asked about Tang Yihui’s plan for Qin Shi, and Tang Yihui said that she didn’t really suppress Qin Shi, but just wanted Qin Shi to beat her rebellious bones before officially entering the enterprise department.

Yang Hua specially prepared dinner for Qin Shi, and personally delivered it to Qin Shi. Tao Junhui went back to the law firm to work overtime. When he saw Qin Shi who was tired from reading the contract, he simply put his coat on Qin Shi. This was seen by Yang Hua who happened to come to the law firm. Yanghua woke up Qin Shi to leave the law firm. But Yanghua kept silent on the way back to the city. Qin Shi was worried that Yanghua would be angry, so he had to explain that Tao Junhui came to the company by air, and she never had a chance to tell Yanghua.

But Yanghua feels sorry for Qin Shi who is currently working in the reference room, and thinks that all her pain is due to the desire to pretend to be aggressive. Although Qin Shi didn’t agree with Yanghua’s words, he didn’t want to quarrel with Yanghua either. However, Qin Shi also said that she has no idea about Tao Junhui now, and all her energy now is to get more involved with the case.

Yanghua is very concerned that Tao Junhui still has thoughts about Qin Shi, and even more concerned that Qin Shi recognizes Tao Junhui’s excellence and pride, so he even finds his own pet turtle to choose. Jealous, he refused to help Qin Shi analyze the data because of this, and he really wanted Qin Shi to make a choice himself, comparing him and Tao Junhui who is better.

Yanghua discussed this issue with Cai Liang after work the next day, but to his surprise he saw Qiu Jianxiang at the bank. Cai Liang had no choice but to explain that he did not intend to conceal Yanghua’s matter, and he only learned that Qiu Jianxiang had a cooperative relationship with the bank by accident. Cai Liang was worried that Yanghua would resign because he saw someone he didn’t like here. Fortunately, Yanghua planned to work for half a year in order to buy a house.

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