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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 31 Recap

Yin Song went to the palace to bid farewell to his mother, perhaps this farewell will be forever. Mrs. Chuan felt very sorry for her son, and said that she would send him some money then. But Yin Song refused. He is now a commoner and wants to make a living with his own hands. Old Ten stood aside, unable to hold back his tears. Yin Song told him not to go his own way again, and to keep himself safe and take good care of his mother.

Seeing Yin Song walking away, Mrs. Chuan couldn’t care less about her dignity, she hurriedly chased after her and called “Song’er”. Yin Song turned around, and Mrs. Chao Chuan bowed down. The Lord ordered someone to send Yin Song a burden, but Yin Song did not accept it. After the lord learned about it, he felt mixed feelings. He was sad that he and Yin Song no longer had a father-son relationship, but also pleased that Yin Song still had a gentleman’s integrity.

Now that the situation in the court has turned around, those who once shouted to impeach Yin Zheng are now calling him benevolent. In the young master’s palace before, Yin Zheng was an inconspicuous existence, and everyone saw him overnight. Some people even commented that he was worthy of Yuan Chu. Lord Xinchuan certainly admitted that Yin Zheng is a good son, but in this palace, there are always too few opportunities for fathers to be kind and sons to be filial.

The servant girl felt that Yuanying was very strange today. Although she was used to working hard, she didn’t sleep all night last night, and she got up early this morning to go shopping in the garden. He told everyone a lot. Li Wei suddenly felt that something was wrong, and hurried to find Yuanying.

At this time, Yuanying was in the restaurant, taking care of everything here carefully. Li Wei’s eyes were red, and she rushed in from the outside in a hurry. But after seeing Yuanying, she suddenly didn’t know what to do. Seeing Li Wei coming, Yuanying was not surprised, but urged her to come over and help clean up. Only then did Li Wei speak and asked Yuan Ying if she was leaving. Yuan Ying said frankly that the situation is stable now, and she is going to live her own life.

In the palace at this moment, Yin Zheng and Lord Xinchuan are playing chess. Hearing that Yin Zheng was going to reconcile with Yuanying, Lord Xinchuan was furious and very puzzled. But he had no choice but to agree. The next step is to persuade Master Jinchuan. Yuanying has six younger brothers and five concubines, but they are all very stubborn. Yuan Xu is the eldest son, but also the worst one. Although Yuanying’s mother thinks about her everywhere, she has a weak personality and can’t speak in front of Lord Jinchuan all the year round. And Jin Chuanzhu has a strong personality and is very conservative about the marriage of his children, so he may be the most difficult to persuade.

Yin Zheng suddenly thought that since Jinchuan pays attention to profits, he might be able to convince Lord Jinchuan by lowering taxes. In the Jinchuan Palace, Yuan Xu ordered the ministers to carry out reforms. But Yuanying suddenly appeared and reprimanded him severely. Above the main hall, Yuanying was about to raise the issue of reconciliation, but was interrupted by Mrs. Jinchuan. After that, Yin Zheng had to negotiate with Lord Jin Chuan alone. But unexpectedly, Lord Jinchuan was so angry that he would never agree to their reconciliation. Yuan Ying wanted to say something, but was ordered by Lord Jin Chuan to confine her.

Li Wei prepared a lot of delicacies to send to Yuan Ying, but was stopped by the guards. Fortunately, Mrs. Jinchuan passed by and handed it over to Yuanying for her. At this time, Yuan Ying was drafting the memorial, and seeing her mother come in, she quickly hid the memorial. Mrs. Jinchuan noticed Yuanying’s abnormality, so she stepped forward to get the memorial. She admired Yuanying’s talent very much, but she had to persuade her to restrain her edge. Yuanying was a little emotional, she begged her mother, please help herself this time.

On the border of Danchuan, Shangguan Jing heard a woman calling for help, so she hurried to follow the sound. Seeing injustice, Shangguan Jing rescued a woman who was being beaten by her husband. But unexpectedly, a few strong men rushed out of the room, each with a sword in his hand. After a while, Shangguanjing subdued the group one by one, but unexpectedly met Yin Qi who came with officers and soldiers.

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