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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 31 Recap

Because of the new year, Zhu Yun, who was at home early in the morning, didn’t want to get up at all. Because Liu Ailin wanted to treat her, she specially called Zhu Yun up and invited Tian Xiuzhu. While Zhu Yun was eating, she received a call from Zhang Fang. The backstage of Invincible Generals was hacked. Zhu Yun hurriedly called Li Xun. Xun has moved all the camp beds to the company, so he wants to eat and live in the company.

Zhu Yun simply stayed and helped Li Xun with the background work. Zhu Yun claimed that she was not interested in computers at first, but was forced to do so by her mother Fei, but it was Li Xun who made her like computers. What she despises the most is people who are thieves, such as Hou Ning. She doesn’t want Li Xun to have more contact with Hou Ning. Li Xun told Zhu Yun about Hou Ning. In fact, he was sold by his friends for money, which eventually led to entering The prison cell, but that person’s nature is not bad, but he lacks someone who can reach out to help him.

Early the next morning, Zhu Yun and Li Xun studied how to cook together, and they didn’t want to eat instant noodles all the time. They studied while looking at the recipe, but the fish was still mushy. Li Xun lied that it was delicious, and Zhu Yun tasted it. They almost spit it out in one mouthful, but in the end the two still ate instant noodles. Zhu Yun thought of Hou Ning. Hou Ning is an expert in computers and can handle the current data problems. Li Xun also planned to find Hou Ning. Zhu Yun tried to contact Hou Ning, but the result Hou Ning typed the word idiot on her screen.

When Li Xun sent Zhu Yun away, the university was already falling outside, Zhu Yun was worried that Li Xun would let him go back first, but Li Xun liked to be by Zhu Yun’s side, watching the snowflakes falling outside, Zhu Yun stretched out her hand to catch the snowflakes , It melted in his hand, but Li Xun’s didn’t, it was as cold-blooded as before. The two also remembered each other’s wishes when it snowed. Li Xun looked at Zhu Yun, although he just told him to come home with a message, it was enough to explain what he was about to say, and the two looked at each other tacitly.

Li Xun knew that the person who hacked the company’s website was Hou Ning, but he couldn’t find Hou Ning, so he had to give Hou Ning’s photos and information to Dong Siyang, and asked Dong Siyang to find him through social connections. The company is his entire net worth, and he has his own way to find Hou Ning.

Zhu Yun was afraid that Dong Siyang would use some improper means to deal with Hou Ning, so she came to Li Xun in a hurry, asking him to put down all his work and contact Hou Ning, and not let the mistake happen, but Li Xun was indifferent, so angry that Zhu Yun left and sat on the bus At the site, Li Xun came to Zhu Yun and knew that she was angry because of what happened three years ago. At that time, she also took inappropriate means and was imprisoned for three years. Li Xun was about to contact Dong Siyang at Zhu Yun’s request, but Dong Siyang called , Hou Ning found it.

Hou Ning was hiding in a garage, and was found by Dong Siyang and handed over to Li Xun. Li Xun deliberately frightened Hou Ning and pushed him down the stairs. Zhu Yun, who saw the situation inside through the glass window, was frightened and tears fell down, lips is trembling. Li Xun hurriedly comforted Zhu Yun, telling Zhu Yun that Hou Ning was fine, someone below opened a big net to catch him, and he was not injured.

Zhu Yun burst into tears. The reason why Hou Ning entered the cell now was that no one was pulling him around, and she did not stop Li Xun from entering the cell in time, nor did she understand Li Xun’s real intentions. Instead, she was the first person to leave. Self-blame and helplessness, these years have never let go. Seeing Zhu Yun crying, Li Xun held Zhu Yun tightly in his arms to comfort her, hoping that she could get out of this emotion as soon as possible.

The next day, Dong Siyang went to the police station to write a letter of acknowledgment, and at the same time said that the issues between the two parties were evened out, and no one should be held accountable. Dong Siyang hoped that Hou Ning could be taken away, but Hou Ning refused to speak out and was locked in the room by Dong Siyang. After eating and drinking, Zhu Yun rushed to work and blamed Dong Siyang for illegal detention. Dong Siyang suggested that Zhu Yun try to persuade Hou Ning.

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