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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Lei said that as long as Banxia gets the business license of the storage yard, he will lend money to Banxia. This is not difficult. After the business license was obtained, they held an opening ceremony and invited Qiu Bizheng and Zhao Lei. Qiu Bi was joking that Zhao Lei had helped Banxia a lot, but Zhao Lei explained that Xu Banxia built the yard by himself and had nothing to do with him.

The opening was very busy, and it was very lively. After everyone had left, Guo Qidong and Banxia proposed to invest in her, and they wanted some interest. Ban Xia smiled and took the money from the door-to-door offer, and gave Guo Qidong an IOU of one million.

On this auspicious day, Universe saw the right time and asked Ban Xia to let Tong Xiao ride back. Just as he was talking, Tong Xiaoqi brought the team and people to celebrate the opening of the yard. Chen Yuzhou specially gave Tong Xiaoqi and Ban Xia some time to be alone. Tong Xiaoqi sincerely apologized, and Ban Xia went down the ladder. conflict resolution.

Gao Xinyi came here with Tong Xiaoqi, and Ban Xia told him to be nice to other girls. However, Gao Xinyi’s identity was quickly revealed, because her mother came to her. Gao Xinyi’s mother was the vice chairman of the Provincial Heavy Industry Development Committee. When she saw her daughter, she lost her temper.

Tong Xiaoqi didn’t know the background of Gao Xinyi’s mother, but felt that her mother’s way of teaching others was too fierce, comparable to Ban Xia. From the content of the quarrel between mother and daughter, Gao Xinyi was dissatisfied with the job her mother arranged for her. The workload of this job for a week, she was busy all morning, and the rest of the time was either in a daze or to pass the time. I felt too bored, so I didn’t go to work. Her mother was reprimanding her daughter for this. Gao Xinyi also realized that it was wrong for her to run out without saying hello, so she honestly went back with her mother, but before going back, she gave Tong Xiaoqi a hug.

Time passed quickly, and Banxia followed Wu Jianshe and the others on the train going north. The train stopped in Hohhot. Wu Jianshe told Banxia alone that she still had a share of 5,000 tons. No matter how Banxia begged, Wu Jianshe would not let go. . Banxia had no choice but to call Zhao Lei, but Zhao Lei’s solution didn’t work, she couldn’t use Zhao Lei’s few words to get into an argument with Wu Jianshe and the others. Gao Xinyi disappeared again. Vice President Gao came to the motorcade to look for someone, but she couldn’t find him. But before leaving, she warned Tong Xiaoqi to stay away from her daughter. He is a prisoner, so don’t disturb them. Come in the middle.

Although what Vice President Gao said was very insincere, it was important to find someone. As soon as Vice President Gao left, Tong Xiaoqi took everyone in the motorcade to find Gao Xinyi. They walked around the streets, ran to audio-visual stores, bookstores, and game halls, but they couldn’t find it. Finally, they found it at an ice rink with colorful lights.

Tong Xiaoqi breathed a sigh of relief, and sent someone to go back and tell the brothers not to look for it anymore. Gao Xinyi told him that he really resigned this time, and now that he has nowhere to go, Tong Xiaoqi had to take her back to his home. He originally wanted her to sleep on the bed, but Gao Xinyi refused. It would be more suitable for her to sleep on the sofa.

Gao Xinyi couldn’t sleep, so he asked Tong Xiaoqi to chat with him. She is not satisfied with the stable job her mother arranged for herself. She has her own ideas. With such a job, she can almost see what she will be like in the next 20 years. She doesn’t want to remain unchanged.

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