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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 5 Recap

Tong Xiaoqi and Chen Yuyu had made an agreement, and they couldn’t leak anything in front of Ban Xia. Early the next morning, the head of Xiutan Village called Banxia and asked her if she still wanted to rent the tidal flat. Waste engine oil lay across the tidal flat, during which several old cars fell down. Once polluted by waste engine oil, this tidal flat is considered ruined. The village chief scolded harshly, and Universe couldn’t help but refute. Ban Xia glanced at Chen Universe, got into the car silently, and drove back to the company with a burst of anger. Ban Xia passed those cars and already knew who did it.

Ban Xia returned to the company, went up to slap Tong Xiaoqi without saying a word, Tong Xiaoqi didn’t resist, and endured it silently, the universe couldn’t stand it, saying that the idea was his own, Banxia was angry, and didn’t take the universe’s words seriously at all. Ban Xia threw the materials of the team to Tong Xiaoqi and told him to leave. Fortunately, the tidal flat was finally rented out, but on this basis, the villagers were given an extra 50,000 yuan in compensation. Ban Xia knew she was in the wrong, so she didn’t refuse. Tong Xiaoqi had nothing to do, went to the game hall to play games, and met the wild cat again, this time she followed him back to the motorcade, and learned that her name was Gao Xinyi.

It happened that the big guys in the team got together to eat hot pot, and Gao Xinyi also added a pair of chopsticks. Universe was ordered by Fatty (Ban Xia) to find Tong Xiaoqi. On the other side, Su Guodong brought fresh vegetables and his own cooking pot to Banxia’s home, and cooked a table of home-cooked dishes for her. Banxia ate and felt delicious. Since her grandmother passed away, she never ate it again. There is no such delicious home-cooked food. In Su Guodong’s eyes, Ban Xia is a lovely person. Hearing this, Ban Xia grasped his tiger’s mouth hard, causing Su Guodong to scream in pain. He didn’t expect Ban Xia to look so small and have such strong hands.

Universe conveyed Fatty’s words to Tong Xiaoqi, mainly about Tong Xiaoqi’s management of the team. In order to clean up the pollution, Pinellia spent an extra 200,000 yuan. Chen Yuyu did not expect that the polluted area would be so large. If the pollution is not cleaned up, the waste engine oil will flow into the sea, and the pollution will be even worse. Banxia brought Zhao Lei to the tidal flat that had been cleared up. This place was indeed suitable for building a storage yard. Zhao Lei promised to lend her the money, but as a businessman who can’t make money, he naturally has three conditions. After all, it was Ban Xia who wanted something from him, and she could only agree to these three seemingly unfair conditions.

The next step is to clean up the yard. The universe is busy watching the cleanup and registering the company. Ban Xia is also busy signing a contract with Zhao Lei. Wu Jianshe and others began to prepare for going abroad, buying suits and wearing watches, thinking that they would have a good time abroad after finishing their work. Su Guodong is a simple and kind person. After hearing Xu Youren’s words, he learned that Banxia was short of money recently. He didn’t hesitate to take out his 70,000 deposit, but Banxia didn’t want it. She knew what Su Guodong thought about her, and that he was a good person, but at this point in time, she didn’t think about getting married.

The stockyard had a basic prototype, and Zhao Lei came to see it, but he didn’t think the stockyard could be built after Pinellia came back from abroad. The previous contract also clearly stated that the contract will take effect when the storage yard is completed. Boiled ducks can’t fly anymore, Ban Xia asked Zhao Lei if he had any other requests, and she could agree.

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