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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 4 Recap

Zhao Yunfei was obsessed with reading the Communist Party secretary and letters, and copied them from the book. Chen Yuting sneered a few words when she saw this, and then took Zhao Yunfei to the training ground. Zhuang Meijiao publicly killed several people who were not identified as Communist Party members. Zhao Yunfei was sad and desperate, and felt guilty for his inaction. Yan’an. Li Jinping persuaded Shi Peiying to confess that this was their last chance.

Zhuang Meijiao thinks that Zhao Yunfei is not a person who can eat the job of the military commander, so she intentionally smashed his job. Zhao Yunfei was reading Communist Party books when he was suddenly called by District Chief Ye. When he arrived at District Chief Ye’s office, Zhao Yunfei found that there was no one in the office, so he went to his piano and began to play intoxicatedly. District Chief Ye walked into the office and asked Zhao Yunfei to take exercise.

Zhao Yunfei was transferred to the interrogation department, and Chen Yuting said that he wanted to see if his reaction after seeing the blood would be the same as today. When they arrived at the interrogation department, Liu Jiajun said that Chen Yuting told him to take care of Zhao Yunfei specially, so he was not allowed to do any dirty and tiring work, as long as he helped him.

Two days ago, the students made trouble and ran away, leaving only a few female students. What Liu Jiajun had to do was to interrogate them. The female student was so frightened by Liu Jiajun that she was about to cry, and she cared for her without saying a word. Zhao Yunfei couldn’t stand it and wanted to stop it, but Liu Jiajun was obviously numb. They only cared about the confession, just like the action team just wanted credit. Zhao Yunfei was very dissatisfied with this kind of white terror. The female student still insisted that she didn’t know anything after being severely tortured, but Liu Jiajun was still severely tortured.

In the face of education, Shi Peiying’s position gradually wavered and she decided to join the Communist Party, but she said that she had never seen Red Fox II. Not long after, Shi Peiying was injured suddenly. After being sent to the hospital, he was treated in time and his life was not in danger. Liu Jiajun continued to show Zhao Yunfei the interrogation scene, which was even more terrifying than the previous interrogation. Zhao Yunfei went back to the review group to look at the contents of the flyer, and Chen Yuting warned him not to read it anymore, it was no longer his responsibility.

Zhao Yunfei took some benefits and hoped that Liu Jiajun would release Shen Jie as a way of life for her. Liu Jiajun agreed, on the condition that the guarantor cannot write Zhao Yunfei’s name. Liu Jiajun let Shen Jie, a female college student, quietly through the back door, Zhao Yunfei was worried and deliberately followed to have a look, Shen Jie thanked and left. Chen Yuting came up again to make sarcastic remarks, but she did not choose to report him. Zhao Yunfei drew a portrait of the prisoner during the interrogation, and Liu Jiajun asked him to draw a girl to open everyone’s eyes.

District Chief Ye told Chen Yuting to be serious at work, and don’t blame Zhuang Meijiao for always making small reports, but Chen Yuting defended Zhao Yunfei, and said that she was short of manpower and asked District Chief Ye to transfer him back, but District Chief Ye thought that Zhao Yunfei Fei may just be practicing, after all, he is someone who has been on the battlefield. The two went to the interrogation department to check the situation, and they happened to see Shen Jie surrounded by people admiring Zhao Yunfei’s painting, District Chief Ye fined them half a month’s salary on the spot.

Zhao Yunfei was so stuffed that he ran to the ballroom to drink in a panic. Someone was about to die in front of his eyes but he was helpless. Zhao Yunfei was very helpless. Without further ado, Chen Yuting taught Zhao Yunfei a lesson, telling him to figure out where he is from. The prisoners in the interrogation department were lost, and Zhao Yunfei happened to come to work overtime last night. Liu Jiajun angrily called Zhao Yunfei out to question him. They couldn’t explain why such an important Communist had escaped.

But Zhao Yunfei knew nothing about it. Section Chief Feng believed that there was a hidden Communist Party among them, and Zhao Yunfei and Liu Jiajun were almost taken away for investigation. Chen Yuting came to prove that she worked overtime with Zhao Yunfei last night. Section Chief Feng didn’t dare to say anything, so he said he would ask District Chief Ye for instructions.

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