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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 22 Recap

Mr. Ding came to the law firm this time for his daughter Fangfang. Although her daughter has been working very well in recent years, she has a bad opinion of men, so he wants her daughter to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married, so that as a father he rest assured. Tao Junhui and Qin Shi were joint lawyers in this case, and Wu Fei was very angry when she learned about it. Tao Junhui said that Qin Shi was responsible for Mr. Ding’s three previous divorce cases, and Qin Shi was the chief of the family department before, so she has more experience in such cases. Although Wu Fei finally agreed to Qin Shi as a joint lawyer, she asked herself to participate in the case.

Qin Shi originally planned to discuss the prenuptial agreement with Ding Fangfang by himself, but Wu Fei was dissatisfied with the arrangement, so she planned to discuss with Ding Fangfang with Tao Junhui and asked Qin Shi to wait for the work arrangement. Qin Shi turned around and called Ding Fangfang to inquire about her marriage, and the two even made an appointment to drink coffee together.

Yanghua went out to look for a job. Although his education and experience met the recruitment requirements, the other party finally rejected the offer when they heard that he didn’t like to deal with people. Cai Liang was also very troubled by this, complaining that Yang Hua couldn’t properly pretend to be an elite white-collar worker for the sake of work. Yanghua didn’t want to continue to trouble his friend, but Cai Liang didn’t want to see his friend in trouble, so he simply introduced Yanghua to work directly in his own bank, but he also persuaded Yanghua to restrain his temper during work and not to offend customers with words .

Tao Junhui and Wu Fei approached Qi Dagang to investigate Ding Fangfang’s fiancé, Cao Yiren, and found that Ding Fangfang and Cao Yiren knew each other while studying in Canada. Cao Yiren was ten years older than Ding Fangfang, and had a divorced daughter. On the other hand, Qin Shi also got to know her fiancé Cao Yiren through Ding Fangfang. Although Cao Yiren gave all his money to his ex-wife after the divorce, he started his own business after returning to China. He raised more than 100 million yuan in less than a year. The company’s home furnishing company was established by Cao Yiren’s connections.

Ding Fangfang disapproved of her father’s way of marriage very much, but Cao Yiren was different from the men he knew before. He always helped and cared for himself, and Cao Yiren didn’t need to intervene in his career. Qin Shi persuaded Ding Fangfang that if he had more trust in their love and Cao Yiren’s character, he could use this as a condition to negotiate business with Mr. Ding. After all, Cao Yiren and Mr. Ding are both businessmen. If they find the right common interests, they can become friends, and their common interests are Ding Fangfang.

Yanghua’s dinner at the company has attracted much attention. After asking Cai Liang, he found out that Cai Liang concealed the information that he was married when he hired him. It was also for the convenience of his sales work and made him more gregarious. But Yanghua believed that the workplace is not for making friends, so he announced in public that he was married.

Qin Shi invited Yanghua to have lunch together. During the meal, he asked Yanghua how to analyze true love from an economic point of view. This kind of true love is pure love and does not involve any economic love. However, any decision made by Yanghua Analysis in the real world is based on a certain degree of foresight. Even if you don’t value the current material conditions of your lover, you still hope that the other party will have a bright future in the future. And this kind of consideration is the survival instinct of all creatures, and love that goes against instinct does not exist.

Wu Fei read Cao Yiren’s information and thought that the other party was good enough. It was Ding Fangfang who had climbed up to Cao Yiren, and she also believed that the two were true love. But Qin Shi believes that their lawyers can’t distinguish true love, and the prenuptial property agreement protects property rather than feelings, and their job is to get Cao Yiren to sign it as soon as possible. Qin Shi thought that since he took over the case, he had to work hard for it. Wu Fei didn’t want Qin Shi to intervene in the case, but Qin Shi’s few words made Wu Fei angry, and Tao Junhui had nothing to do with the two women.

Seeing Qi Dagang coming out of Tao Junhui’s conference room, Qin Shi pulled Qi Dagang to inquire, learned that the other party could provide information consulting services, and proposed to cooperate with him. Yanghua avoided the touch of a female colleague in the company, but was complained about knocking down the female employee when he turned around. Although in the end Cai Liang used the surveillance video to prove that his friend was wronged, but also hoped that Yang Hua would treat his colleagues better, but Yang Hua persuaded Cai Liang to always remember his married status

Yanghua couldn’t integrate into the company at all. He refused the requests of colleagues, did not participate in the communication between colleagues, and even refused to work overtime to complete the work, which made Cai Liang very distressed.

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