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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 30 Recap

In order to drive away Shangguan Jing, Yin Qi had no choice but to express that he always had Hao Jia in his heart. Shangguan Jing was so angry that she slapped him hard. In fact, Yin Qi didn’t know that Shangguan Jing beat him not because he said he had Hao Jia in his heart, but because he refused to tell the truth and recognize the reality. Shangguanjing had no choice but to leave a letter of divorce and returned to Danchuan.

After Li Wei learned of this, she was angry and anxious, and told Yin Qi to go to Danchuan to chase Shangguan Jing back. Yin Qi felt ashamed to see Shangguan Jing, and refused to go no matter what. On the other hand, Lord Danchuan intends to choose a good son-in-law for Shangguan Jing so that he can forget about Yin Qi as soon as possible. But Shangguan Jing always kept a cold face and refused to recruit a son-in-law no matter what.

Seeing Yin Qi’s downfall like this, Yin Zheng felt very uncomfortable, feeling that he hadn’t protected him well. Yin Qi thought it through, now that the perpetrator has been punished, Yin Zheng can be regarded as revenge for himself. As for whether he could return to the Young Master’s Mansion, he also knew that once the Lord gave the order, he would not take it back. It’s just that he feels a little bit emotional, he has always had no ambitions, and he was not suitable for the court, but now he is considered free.

Yin Zheng sent a letter to Lord Danchuan, explaining the reason why Yin Qi and Shangguan Jing reconciled. Lord Danchuan was also very forthright, and sent a reply letter soon. Yin Qi hesitated again and again, but still opened the letter. And the content of the letter was exactly as he expected, it was all scolding him. Yin Qi’s mentality collapsed, and he sat on the bed without thinking about eating and drinking, and washed his face with tears. Lao San and Lao Liu were worried that he would fall down, so they dragged and tied him to the dining table.

Yin Qi poured a bottle of chili powder into the dish, but no matter how he ate it, it didn’t taste like Shangguan Jing. He raised his hand in anger, shook off the chopsticks, and sat down angrily. Su Shen hurried in from the outside with a document, telling Yin Qi to open it. Knowing that Danchuan mainly recruits a son-in-law for Shangguanjing, Yin Qiteng stood up suddenly and hurried to Danchuan.

Yin Qi rushed all the way to the gate of Danchuan Palace, knelt outside the main hall and begged to see Shangguan Jing. Master Danchuan didn’t chase him after he knew about it, and deliberately let those men who came to participate in the competition pass in front of him. Yin Qi knelt for a day and a night, and when he stood up, he felt that his eyes were dark, but he still forcefully stated that he would also participate in the competition. After several competitions, Yin Qi broke through to the last level with his own skills. But in the end, Situ Jin announced that no one was selected for this recruitment. Situ Jin also told Yin Qi that Shangguan Jing was not in Danchuan at this time, but was probably in Danxia Lake. Yin Qi thanked him again and again, and hurried to Danxia Lake.

In order not to burden the sisters, Hao Jia dressed up as a man and went to the street to sell rouge and gouache. On this day, Zhao Fangru went to the street to look for her and talked to her a lot. It’s just that Zhao Fangru was a little puzzled, why Changle called Yin Zheng a adoptive father instead of an uncle. Hao Jia explained to her that since the child has no biological father, it is natural to call Yin Zheng a adoptive father. Hearing this answer, Zhao Fangru suddenly realized, and smiled from ear to ear.

At this time, Changle was crying and making noise in Li Wei’s arms. After Yin Zheng came, she fell asleep peacefully. Yin Zheng and Li Wei carefully helped Chang Le get dressed, and then heaved a sigh of relief. Li Wei was a little surprised, how Yin Zheng put the crying Changle to sleep. Yin Zheng told Li Wei that he saw it from a medical book. It is recorded in medical books that babies and children will have abdominal pain after eating at night, just rub it and it will be fine.

Li Wei couldn’t help but praise Yin Zheng, from an 80-year-old man to a child in his infancy, as long as he took action, he would be able to handle everything. Yin Zheng was embarrassed by the praise, and reached out to touch Li Wei’s forehead. Yuan Ying passed by the room and saw Yin Zheng and Li Wei chatting and laughing around Changle, she couldn’t help showing a gratified expression on her face. She couldn’t help but take another look, and then quietly left.

After the third child took over the household administration office, Food Club was able to reopen. However, Zhao Fangru and Hao Jia decided to go see Yin Song after much deliberation. Seeing the two of them, Yin Song was still a little happy. But he never thought that the purpose of the two trips was to reconcile Li Shu.

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