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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 4 Recap

Only a few days later, the village head and the villagers raised the rent to 500,000 in one fell swoop, and Tong Xiaoqi was annoyed by their attitude of raising prices on the ground. Ban Xia discussed with the village chief with an attitude of making money with kindness, but he refused to take in oil and salt. Ban Xia could only let the universe go to see other places, and he couldn’t hang himself on this tree.

On the way back, Banxia received a call from her stepmother, saying that Xu Youren had entered the emergency department of the hospital with high blood pressure and was currently hospitalized. Banxia rushed to the hospital and saw that Xu Youren was acting as a “double agent” and paid his wife away. Youjin and her daughter cried and said that there was nothing they could do.

In short, Pinellia is just a word, wait for the money to arrive in the account, and then issue a series of procedures such as a certificate. In the end, she also boasted that at worst Xu Youren would divorce her stepmother, and when she became rich, she would give him one million and let him live with her. Xu Youren couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard her words.

Ban Xia later met a director of general surgery at the People’s Hospital named Su in the hospital, and asked him to help her father see a doctor. Tong Xiaoqi’s buddies saw that these cars were so broken that it would be a problem to drive them, and all of them were frowning. Tong Xiaoqi promised to have something to eat for himself, and he would never starve them, so the big guy finally started to repair the car.

Ban Xia brought his father to the hospital, and Su Guodong had already told them one by one, so the nurse was not surprised at all by the arrival of Ban Xia and Xu Youren. Xu Youren got along very well with Director Su, and after chatting for a while, Su Guodong had already nicknamed Pinellia “Sister Kuan’er”.

After that, Chen Yuyu looked everywhere for a storage yard, Tong Xiaoqi and his brothers repaired cars, Ban Xia borrowed money everywhere, and the three of them were busy with their own business. Ban Xia found a time to go to the hospital to pick up Xu Youren. Xu Youren had an intuition that Su Guodong was good, and he could tell that he liked Ban Xia, so he took care of him in every possible way in the hospital.

In the past two days, Xu Youren also figured it out. After all, the house is the last thought left to her by Ban Xia’s mother, so he will no longer hold on to the house. For Pinellia, at worst, he would have trouble with Qianqian’s mother, at worst, he would still have an eldest daughter. Hearing what his father said, Ban Xia was deeply moved. There was really no other alternative place to make a storage yard. Universe and Tong Xiaoqi had no choice but to grind the village head and villagers again. They raised the price again, adding 200,000 to the 500,000. Come on, they like to rent or not.

The universe was annoyed, and he came up with a bad way. If the beach was polluted with waste engine oil, they would not be able to rent it out. As soon as he said it, Tong Xiaoqi called a few brothers, drove a few repaired cars, loaded with waste engine oil, and went to the beach. Universe thought about it in the office, and he was still worried when he returned to the dormitory.

Finally, he called Tong Xiaoqi and asked him to cancel the plan, but Tong Xiaoqi didn’t answer. Universe drove directly to the tidal flats, but it was a step too late, as the tidal flats were already polluted by waste engine oil. The matter has come to this point, the universe wants to take it over, but Tong Xiaoqi refuses to let it go.

On this side, Banxia and Zhao Lei have negotiated, and tomorrow they will take him to see the storage yard. If he is satisfied, Zhao Lei will lend her the money. Pinellia contacted the universe to talk about it, but the universe was suffering and could not tell. It wasn’t until the next day that Ban Xia went to the tidal flat to find out that it was polluted by waste engine oil. She glanced thoughtfully at Chen Yuyu behind her.

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