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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Yuyu and Tong Xiaoqi went to the village to find the head of the village and negotiated the lease of 30 acres of tidal flats. The head of the village said that the rent would start from five years, 200,000 a year, and the rent would be one million in one lump sum. Not only them, but many companies also want to rent land, and it doesn’t count for him to talk about renting land alone.

Tong Xiaoqi is a person who has been in prison for five years and is very good at distinguishing people. He can tell that the village head is an old loach, and Chen Yuyu is in a hurry to rent land, so the village head said that , in order not to lower the rent. Ban Xia and Universe provided Tong Xiao with a few trucks so that he could return to his old business, and it would be convenient for him to transport things for the company in the future.

However, Ban Xia disagreed with him recruiting his friends who had just come out of prison. Tong Xiaoqi became anxious when he heard it, and he couldn’t choose what to say. Later, under the relief of the universe, Tong Xiaoqi honestly apologized to Banxia. Ban Xia went down the steps. The next thing is about Qiu Bizheng, Banxia took Tong Xiaoqi there, Qiu Bizheng sent Guo Qidong away, and anxiously asked about Banxia’s investigation results.

Ban Xia was not in a hurry to show his cards, but asked if he could give him some quotas for scrap steel in the north. Qiu Bizheng couldn’t help wondering if she didn’t find anything and came here to blackmail her quota.

Hearing this, Ban Xia asked Tong Xiaoqi to take out the photos. These photos are of the factory that Guo Qidong opened in the countryside behind Qiu Bizheng’s back. The price of cutting steel plates in his factory is much cheaper than that of Qiu Bizheng’s here. Just as he was talking, Guo Qidong heard it from outside, and he broke into the door to argue and stop him, but was punched in the corner of the mouth by the furious Qiu Bizheng.

Tong Xiaoqi asked Guo Qidong to stay calm, while Ban Xia and Qiu Bi were talking outside. In the end, Banxia and Qiu Bizheng reached a cooperation, and she continued to help him check the account books, while Qiu Bizheng was lending her one million yuan with an annual interest of 20. Xu Youren’s wife was still angry, and she vented all her anger on Xu Youren and her daughter Qianqian, and refused to let them eat.

Afterwards, Universe visited the tidal flat a few times, but the village chief still demanded a one-time payment of the rent. In any case, we have come to this point, and the tidal flats must be taken down. Ban Xia went to Mr. Feng to borrow money again, and Mr. Feng took out the private money he had hidden, and he could only lend her a maximum of 100,000.

The 100,000 yuan is definitely not enough. Mr. Feng thought of a way to take her to Wu Jianshe. If Mr. Wu is willing to lend her money, he will guarantee her. When they went to Mr. Wu, Wu Jianshe was negotiating business with Zhao Lei. Seeing him present, Ban Xia simply said everything, bluntly saying that he came to borrow money, the scene was chaotic, Zhao Lei left quickly, and Mr. Wu complained that they had ruined his business.

Xu Youren took 300,000 yuan and lent it to Banxia, ​​and asked Banxia to write an IOU, and the interest was calculated. He even had to get back the house book, which was requested by his wife, otherwise he would not be able to go back to the business. This house is the last thing Banxia’s mother left her, and Banxia does not agree to show the real estate certificate.

Xu Youren took a step back and asked her to write another guarantee, and Banxia meant that she could write the guarantee, but Xu Youren had to lend her 500,000 yuan with interest, otherwise nothing would be discussed. Xu Youren was caught between his wife and daughter, and was very embarrassed. Tong Xiaoqi leaned over to listen, and was sent out to buy cigarettes by Ban Xiazhi.

Ban Xia and the others continued to go to the village to discuss renting tidal flats, but the village head and the villagers had already colluded with each other, and they would never rent less than 500,000 yuan.

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