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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 2 Recap

Knowing that Zhao Yunfei could drive, Chen Yuting dragged him out without saying a word. When the two came to the river, Chen Yuting mentioned her adoptive father, who once said similar things to Zhao Yunfei. The Chinese and foreign dinner party for Chongqing negotiations. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the party, the military commander sent personnel to maintain the scene. Zhao Yunfei brought gifts to visit relatives, and at the birthday banquet of his family friend Gao Dafu, all parties in the military command were busy socializing with each other. General Chen accidentally spilled tea on his clothes, so he handed the clothes to Aunt Wu, a servant of Gaofu.

The military command action team hunted down the CCP’s underground party and came to Gao Dafu’s house. Aunt Wu found out that the seriously injured CCP member was in a panic. Ma Wu, captain of the Chongqing Action Team of the Military Command, broke into Gao Dafu’s mansion, claiming that there was a Communist Party in his mansion, but today is Gao Dafu’s 50th birthday, and Ma Wu is absolutely not allowed to come here.

Ma Wu still insisted on searching, and soon found the Communist Party in the yard who had not had time to be transferred by Mrs. Wu. Ma Wu said that Gao Fu had an accomplice of the Communist Party and asked the Communist Party to identify him on the spot. If the identification failed, he shot and killed the Communist Party member.

After one night. Dong Guanjia of the Gao Mansion went to Wang Zhenchuan’s place to buy wine. Wang Zhenchuan quickly passed the news to Xiao Qi, the enemy’s detection vehicles were more active. Ma Wu’s episode at Gao Dafu’s mansion last night was actually a play, and the “Communist Party” was Ma Wu’s younger brother, in order to test Gao Dafu. In the end, she was ashamed and lost her wife and lost her army. Instead, she reminded Zhuang Meijiao to reconnaissance Gao Dafu.

Yan’an. Our party found the Red Fox Shi Peiying who was lurking inside. Faced with the interrogation, Shi Peiying chose to cover her childhood sweetheart Red Fox No. 2. ballroom. Zhao Yunfei learned during the chat that Chen Yuting was a famous beauty, but her temperament changed drastically after the death of her adoptive father. As an orphan, the death of her adoptive father Chen Huai’en brought Chen Yuting a great blow. It is said that Chen Huai’en was killed by the Communist Party by mistake.

His colleagues advised him not to interfere in this matter and stay away from Chen Yuting. Her background is quite complicated. Even District Chief Ye Also let her three points. Zhao Yunfei didn’t want Chen Yuting to hate the wrong person, he admired the Communist Party’s publications and magazines. Steward Dong came to the ballroom with an unnatural expression, as if he was looking for something.

Xiao Qi realized that they were being targeted, and they were in a very dangerous situation now. Zhenzhen hopes to take the radio station outside the city, but Xiao Qi is worried about her safety. Zhuang Meijiao had suspected Xiaobailou for a long time, and ordered people to investigate Xiaobailou, and those who often sent reports would have abnormal fingers.

The administrator of Xiaobailou, Lao Huang, carefully observed the residents in the building. Xiao Qi noticed his strangeness and became vigilant. Secret agents are pervasive, so we must be more careful when sending reports. The Military Control Bureau went to Lao Huang to inquire about the residents of Xiaobailou, and learned that there was a family of single men who were the most suspicious. Zhuang Meijiao believed that there must be a secret radio station in Xiaobailou.

Xiao Qi and Zhen Zhen were awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the military commander’s search. They both took up their guns and stood vigilantly at the door. A woman knocked on the door for help. Xiao Qi prevented Zhen Zhen from opening the door. The woman is Zhuang Meijiao. She took away the suspicious old Huang. Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen saw the shocking scene of Lao Huang resisting and being killed upstairs. And sacrifice for it.

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