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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 21 Recap

After the meeting, Tang Yihui congratulated Qin Shi for finally finding a way to survive on the eleventh floor. Tang Yihui wanted Qin Shi to accompany her to participate in activities later, but Qin Shi declined because of the wedding time.

The wedding was held as scheduled under the arrangement of Ren Meimei. Under the attention of many relatives and friends, Qin Shi, who was wearing a beautiful wedding dress, walked slowly to Yanghua accompanied by his father. Qin Shi never thought that his wedding would be a lie At first, but now it has become very real. Qin Shi was very nervous, Yanghua took the initiative to comfort Qin Shi and reassured her that he would always be with her. The two hugged and kissed under the blessings of relatives and friends, and the wedding was successfully held.

When the two went home in the evening, Yanghua calculated the wedding red envelope income of both parties, and found that the red envelope was more than the money they spent. Both of them were very happy. Qin Shi sorted out the dowry given by his parents and accidentally found a letter written by his mother. In the letter, Qin’s mother was happy that her daughter had obtained her own happy marriage, and she also blamed herself for the influence of her marriage on Qin Shi, and she had been married for so many years She has never gone out to work.

This time she went out to work as an hourly worker to earn money to prepare a dowry for her daughter. She hopes that her daughter will be happy and will try her best to keep her family from affecting her daughter in the future. After reading his mother’s letter, Qin Shi broke down in tears, and Yang Hua came to comfort Qin Shi who was crying when he heard the news. The two woke up in the same bed the next day, both a little embarrassed for each other.

Qin’s mother asked Qin’s father to sell the house for a new one as soon as possible. She wanted to move closer to Qin Shi and farther away from Qin Wenyu’s mother upstairs. She also threatened that if Qin’s father disagreed, the two would divorce. Yanghua intends to take responsibility for what happened last night, and solemnly tells Qin Shi that he likes him, and hopes to officially become Qin Shi’s boyfriend. Qin Shi can’t believe that Yanghua also likes him, and the two confirm their hearts and hug and kiss together.

Later, both Yanghua and Qin Shi received calls from each other’s parents. Yanghua returned home and encountered his mother’s birth. He replied to his mother according to the words he and Qin Shi expected, saying that they were not young and were planning to conceive. Parents and mothers are very happy. Qin Shi found his mother, hugged her to express his dependence on her, and said that he would support all her mother’s decisions in the future.

Although Qin Shi expressed support for her mother to sell the house, she learned from her father that the house where her parents live now belonged to her father’s ex-wife Liu Yan. When Qin’s father and Liu Yan divorced, they went out of the house. They originally lived in the current home temporarily, but then their work and investment were not smooth, and they hadn’t saved any money for so many years.

Qin Shi believed that his mother had the right to know the debt situation of the family, so he simply told his mother the real situation. Yang’s father also confessed that he still owed his ex-wife 80,000 yuan, and that he still had 300,000 yuan in savings that he planned to leave to Qin’s mother. Qin’s mother also knew that Qin’s mother was hiding it from her to prevent herself from worrying, so she simply took out the private money she had hidden and asked Qin’s father to pay off the debt.

Qin’s father thought he had comforted his wife, but Qin’s mother still planned to move, and now she couldn’t live in her husband’s ex-wife’s house, so Qin Shi couldn’t refute her mother’s request.

Wu Fei took Tao Junhui to see the wedding room, and said that her parents would fully support her so that Tao Junhui would not have to worry about the house payment, but Tao Junhui felt too much pressure after seeing the house, and persuaded Wu Fei to buy a two-bedroom apartment, and the two relied on themselves ability to afford the house.

Qin’s father and Qin’s mother were in a cold war because of the housing problem. Qin Shi supported her mother in this matter, so she planned to take her mother into her own house, and she went out to rent a house, but Qin’s mother didn’t want to influence Qin Shi and Yanghua because of them. life.

After Yanghua heard about this, he also knew the situation of Qin Shi’s family. He persuaded Qin Shi to wait for renting a house. He planned to go out to work and earn money to buy a house, so that he and Qin Shi could move out.

Wu Fei’s father helped Tao Junhui introduce a client. The client’s surname was Ding, and he was a big client. Wu Fei told Tao Junhui to treat him well. Mr. Ding met Qin Shi as soon as he arrived at the law firm. The two were old acquaintances. Qin Shi was in charge of Mr. Ding’s divorce case, so the two were familiar with each other.

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