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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 20 Recap

Qin Wenyu returned to the company to admit his mistakes, and also admitted that he could not manage the company. In the future, the company will still be managed by Ren Meimei, and he will continue to look for a mission that suits him in the future. Yanghua came home at night and remembered Li Dai’s words, and learned that Qin Shi’s current situation in the law firm is not good, and hoped that Yanghua would use his own mind to help Qin Shi with more ideas in the future.

Yanghua asked Qin Shi how his work was at night, but Qin Shi didn’t tell him the grievances he suffered at work. Yang Hua remembered Li Dai’s words, so he helped Qin Shi relax her shoulders, and asked her about work pressure while she was relaxing, but Qin Shi didn’t say much about work and colleagues, and expressed that he had to think long-term about the career he had to fight for when he went to the eleventh floor , Qin Shi fell asleep before Yanghua heard other useful information.

In the morning, Qin’s mother called and said that she didn’t care about other things, but the wedding must meet the requirements. Qin Shi intends to hand over the wedding to Ren Meimei, and as for the cost, the two of them can each spend half of it. Yanghua was not worried about the cost, so she asked Qin Shi about her expectations for the wedding, but Qin Shi did not expect it because of family reasons. After all, the marriage of her parents and brothers did not give her the expectation to devote herself to marriage.

Qin Shi thought that he had contributed a lot to Yanghua’s entry into the eleventh floor, so he thought about it and gave Yanghua a little tortoise as a companion for Yanghua’s tortoise “God of Wealth”. Qin Shi chose a foreign name called “Fairy”.

Qin Shi handed over the preparations for the wedding to Yanghua, and because Ren Meimei was in charge of the wedding, Yanghua and his family were consulted about the wedding banquet and wedding, but Yanghua and his family were very pragmatic. Negating everything, Yanghua thinks that the wedding is just a formality, and there is no need to spend too much money on these things, because Ren Meimei complained to Qin Shi about this, but Qin Shi said that everything should be done according to Yanghua’s order, which also made her feel sad. Ren Meimei was very speechless.

Two weeks before the wedding, Qin Shi and Yang Hua tried on the wedding dress accompanied by the brothers of the Qin family. Seeing Qin Shi wearing the wedding dress, the eldest brother felt very reluctant. The eldest brother hopes that Yanghua will love Qin Shi in the days to come, protect her from wind and rain, and never leave her. Yang Hua expressed that he could not shield Qin Shi from the wind and rain, because Qin Shi was the best, most responsible, and bravest woman he knew. He could only be Qin Shi’s good friend. Qin Shi’s partner is his pleasure.

Because Qin Shi was busy with work and didn’t want to be surrounded by his family to take wedding photos, he simply took Yang Hua and left secretly. The two took photos with their mobile phones on the side of the road to deal with their family. Qin Shi wanted to rush back to the law firm, and Yang Hua wanted to help Qin Shi, so he simply exposed what happened when Qin Shi temporarily lived in the reference room on the eleventh floor. But because of this, Qin Shi was very dissatisfied, thinking that Yanghua didn’t know the law at all and couldn’t help him, and also said that he would tell Yanghua if he encountered anything in the future. Yanghua was also very angry because of Qin Shi’s words, and the two broke up unhappy.

Qin Shi’s current daily work in the law firm is to assist other law firms by helping them manage files and arrange meetings, but she doesn’t have any cases in hand. Even if she was brought to a meeting, these lawyers arranged for her to order and run errands, and she could not participate in the actual discussion of the case at all. After returning home, Qin Shi complained loudly in front of Yanghua, but Yanghua said that he could not help Qin Shi without knowing the law, which made Qin Shi very angry.

Colleagues in the law firm were discussing that Qin Shi, who was transferred from the family department to the enterprise department, was having a hard time. Tao Junhui couldn’t see it, so he took Qin Shi to his office and asked her if she needed a case, and the condition was to kneel down and beg him. After all, it is shameless for Qin Shi to ask someone to take her to handle the case everywhere in the law firm. Since Qin Shi can say no to herself, why can’t she refuse other law firms’ requests to find information, book air tickets, and buy takeaways. Tao Junhui thought that Qin Shi couldn’t even protect his own rights, so how could he act as a law firm for others.

Qin Shi reflected on his recent behavior because of Tao Junhui’s words, and also saw Yanghua’s words of encouragement. In order to prank a colleague who recently took him as an assistant, Qin Shi offered to send the colleague to the airport, but she deliberately overtook and speeded up. Let colleagues who drink coffee and eat cake get confused.

The next day, Qin Shi continued to bother Qin Shi to order at the meeting of colleagues in the law firm, but this time Qin Shi uncharacteristically refused the request, and instead concentrated on participating in the discussion of the meeting.

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