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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Jianshe went to another table to toast, while Qiu Bizheng and the others half-joked that Xu Banxia wanted the 15,000 tons and couldn’t afford it. Leaving money aside, the first issue is quotas. If there are quotas, companies must be registered. Xu Banxia must register at least fifteen companies. Xu Banxia felt that these were not problems, and she asked Qiu Bizheng to say a few words for herself in front of Mr. Wu.

While talking, Wu Jianshe returned to the table and asked them what they wanted to do with the scrap steel. Everyone said that selling it to foreign companies was the best way. Qiu Bizheng happened to know a Mr. Zhao, who specialized in this business, and he would definitely eat it well. Down.

As they were talking, Mr. Zhao entered the venue. Xu Banxia noticed that he was entangled by a table, so she boldly went over to hold the wine for Mr. Zhao, took advantage of the opportunity and pulled him to Wu Jianshe’s table, and chatted about the 50,000 tons of scrap steel business. Naturally, Xu Banxia will not change the home game, saying that he is just giving a brief introduction, and the specific decision is still up to Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu smiled when he heard this, and carefully told Mr. Zhao about this big deal. Tong Xiaoqi kept staring at Banxia, ​​and kept stirring Sprite. A girl at the same table saw it and came over to chat with him. In the end, the two went out to breathe and chat together.

After chatting for a long time, Tong Xiaoqi remembered that he left Pinellia in the venue, and thought it was terrible, so he ran back in three steps at a time. There were not many people in the venue, and some waiters were cleaning up. Tong Xiao rode the elevator downstairs, saw Xu Banxia who was drunk at the door of the hotel room, asked her to get the room card, and carried her in and put her on the bed.

Although Xu Banxia was drunk, her mind was still sober, and she kept complaining that Tong Xiaoqi left herself at the venue, causing her to drink two bottles of liquor with those people. Mr. Zhao called Xu Banxia and asked her again whether the 50,000-ton business was real. Xu Banxia assured him that it was true with his character.

The next day, Xu Banxia drove Tong Xiao back by car. Tong Xiaoqi was unhappy, because Xu Banxia lost the hairpin he gave her, and because he had been in prison for five years, Banxia had never visited him once. Banxia stopped the car to explain to him, and learned that Xu Banxia did not go to see him because of guilt, but every time Chen Zhouyu came back after watching him, he would tell Banxia about his situation. Tong Xiaoqi’s anger suddenly disappeared, and he couldn’t help laughing. That girl called Tong Xiaoqi last night. Xu Banxia then guessed that yesterday he picked up girls and left himself there, and Banxia was so angry that he chased him and beat him.

The two came back to see Chen Yuyu, and when the three of them had dinner together, Ban Xia talked about the 10,000-ton scrap steel business. Chen Yuyu disagreed. Just counting the money to buy steel, it would cost 5.2 million. The company only has a million or so in its account now, which is a total shortfall of more than 4 million. They have no place to get so much money.

Tong Xiaoqi is also one of the shareholders, so he has no objection, and he is right to follow Pinellia. Among the three, two agreed, and Chen Yuyu had no objections. Later, Ban Xia and Universe took Tong Xiaoqi to his mother’s grave. During Tong Xiaoqi’s imprisonment, Tong’s mother passed away, but because of Ban Xia and Universe’s care, she did not suffer any crimes.

Tong Xiaoqi kowtowed to his mother, his eyes flushed and tears streaming down his face. After I kowtowed to my mother, I turned around and kowtowed to Banxia and Universe, thanking them for their filial piety. Universe took a fancy to a tidal flat used to stack steel, and took Banxia and Tong Xiaoqi to see it. Banxia was very satisfied, and turned back to borrow money.

She went home first and borrowed 500,000 yuan from her father, Xu Youren, but her stepmother firmly disagreed, saying that they didn’t have so much money. Saying that they disagreed, Xu Banxia became hardened. Anyway, the house where her father and his family live now is under her name, and it can be mortgaged to the bank. The stepmother almost lost her temper.

On the other side, Universe and Tong Xiaoqi helped Ban Xia to ask Qiu Bi for the account book. Qiu Bi was dismissing Vice President Guo Qidong, handed over the account book to the two, and reminded them to help him keep an eye on Guo Qidong. Universe and Tong Xiaoqi talked about the origin of Banxia’s name, saying that Banxia’s mother died of dystocia when giving birth to her. Xu Youren hated this daughter to death, so he named her Banxia, ​​which is the name of a medicinal material. Pinellia is poisonous. However, Xu Youren’s indifference has formed Ban Xia’s character of daring to fight.

Universe followed Guo Qidong and discovered that he was opening a company behind Qiu Bi’s back in the countryside. He pretended to be a client and took photos here. Guo Qidong didn’t have any doubts.

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