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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 18 Recap

During the meal with Mama Tao, Wu Fei kept talking about her work in the new law firm and her relationship with her boss. Although Tao Junhui kept changing the subject deliberately, Wu Fei still told Mama Tao that the boss of the law firm was Qin Shi. Although Mama Tao said she didn’t recognize this name, Wu Fei still noticed the abnormality revealed.

Qin Shi got his freshly released marriage certificate and admired his bravery very much. On the other hand, Yanghua and the pet turtle are also admiring their marriage certificate. Qin Shi sent a text message to ask Yanghua what he wanted to say in the utility room of the company. Yanghua struggled and came to Qin Shi’s bedroom, but he imagined two possibilities to confess to Qin Shi in his mind, but in the end he still didn’t have the courage to confess. I had no choice but to take the opportunity to say that I just wanted to give her a massage in the morning to relieve her fatigue.

Tao Junhui sent Wu Fei home. When he parted, he confessed that Qin Shi was not only his ex-girlfriend, but also his former fiancée. The two had been in love for seven years and broke up, because their mother had great opinions on Qin Shi, and Qin Shi was also afraid of marriage, so they finally broke up. But Wu Fei learned that Qin Shi had been married to Yanghua for two years and had a son. She thought Qin Shi was a scumbag and cheated Tao Junhui. She felt wronged for Tao Junhui and wanted to help him seek justice.

The procuratorate has submitted an application to the court to confiscate Pang Dingfang’s illegal income and freeze all his overseas assets in accordance with the criminal law, and issued a global arrest warrant for his illegal activities. Zhao Danping attended the press conference as the new president of Yulan Group and Lan Xiaoting’s spokesperson.

She conveyed Lan Xiaoting’s words and hoped to convey to Pang Dingfang through the media that he would return to China to fulfill his obligations as a business manager and a husband. He also stated that Lan Xiaoting is willing to assume all debts and actively cooperate with feasible repayment plans. Lao Jin and Tang Yihui finally agreed to Yanghua’s proposal and helped Lan Xiaoting find a new investment.

Qin Shi gave the marriage certificate to Lao Qiao, and told him that his original marriage certificate had been canceled abroad, so he got a new one in China. Li Dai saw Qin Shi’s marriage certificate, and after listening to Lao Qiao’s explanation, she mocked that only Lao Qiao would believe Qin Shi’s words. Tao Junhui came to Chengcheng to discuss Lan Xiaoting’s repayment proposal with Hui and Qin Shi.

Qin Shi thanked Tao Junhui for his help this time, but Tao Junhui also said that this was just fighting for the rights and interests of the guests, and rejected Qin Shi’s thanks banquet. Yang Hua came to the law firm to look for Qin Shi and met Tao Junhui who had left. He was aggrieved by the divorced family that Tao Junhui disliked Qin Shi back then, and the two even almost fought.

Li Dai approached Qin Shi and asked her, is it advisable to do this for a position? But Qin Shi said that only a small part of the 28th law is important, and most of the others are important, but secondary. Compared with what she has achieved, these efforts are insignificant.

Yang’s mother hopes that the parents of the two parties will meet, and Yanghua is very worried about this, but Qin Shi says that his father can deal with Yang’s mother. Sure enough, when the parents of the two parties met, Qin’s father, who was once the head of the art troupe, used drama to get Yang’s mother out. On the surface, Yang’s mother said that she liked Qin Shi very much and admired Qin Shi’s generosity. No diamond rings. Qin’s mother was very unhappy about this.

At the beginning, she said that although their family did not covet other people’s property, they did not allow other people to take advantage of it. Qin’s mother then raised a series of very realistic questions, which made Yang’s mother unable to refute them. In the end, Yang’s father said that the wedding was going to be held, they had a house, and they could buy a car. As the parents of the man, they would do what they had to do well.

When Yang’s mother returned home, she complained that the Qin family had made many requests, but Yang’s father said that the request was not wrong, and the wedding must be held. Qin Shi was also persuading his mother to hold a wedding, but her mother was not happy at all, so she got out of the car and left halfway.

Yanghua seeks advice from his friend Cai Liang, who also agrees with Qin’s mother’s request. After all, a good marriage is priceless, but a good wedding is priceless. And the more beautiful things in this world, the more they cannot be given for nothing, after all, all the free things in the world are not welcome.

Annoyed Yanghua drank to relieve his worries, and called Qin Shi when he was drunk, saying that he didn’t like forced marriage the most before, but now he dislikes Tao Junhui the most, the way Tao Junhui looks at Qin Shi, and Qin Shi because he was injured. Yang Hua also said that Qin Shi is a priceless treasure, and he wants to give everything to Qin Shi. He loves Qin Shi, and will give Qin Shi the marriage he wants most.

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