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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 17 Recap

After being drunk, Yanghua began to express his love at first sight for Qin Shi in poetic language, which surprised the Qin family. Afterwards, Yanghua wanted to be honest about his work experience, but Qin Shi stopped him in time. But Qin’s father heard that Yanghua was not a returnee, so the two had a direct showdown. The Qin family was very dissatisfied when they learned that Yanghua had no job at present and was only speculating in stocks at home, and was willing to be a husband at home.

For this reason, Qin’s mother also accused Qin Shi of giving up Tao Junhui with such good conditions, and why would he find Yanghuatu who has no house and no job now. Qin Shi angrily told his parents that she and Tao Junhui had been in love for so many years, but he never told his parents about the situation of Qin Shi’s family, because their family could not accept children from divorced families. It’s not that I don’t want to marry Tao Junhui, it’s that people don’t like her at all.

Yang Hua told Qin’s father and Qin’s mother that although he was not the outstanding one, he would not ask Qin Shi to change anything, and he would not become an obstacle in Qin Shi’s life goals. Then Qin Shi took Yanghua away, and Qin’s mother chased him out and handed the household registration book to her daughter, telling her that she chose the man herself, and she would walk the road ahead by herself.

Through investigation, Wu Fei learned that Qin Shi and Tao Junhui were not simply schoolmates. The two had a close relationship before, but they always acted unfamiliar in front of her, which made her feel cheated. Tao Junhui and his colleagues contacted wrestling in the wrestling gym, but none of them could beat him. Qin Shi came to compete with him, and finally countered Tao Junhui through skills. Qin Shi wanted to discuss the original repayment conditions with Tao Junhui. Tao Junhui agreed to implement the original conditions, but also added a new condition that was asset mortgage or third-party guarantee. Qin Shi was very embarrassed, but Tao Junhui was unwilling to give up these conditions.

Yanghua apologized to Qin Shi for saying something wrong when he was drunk. Qin Shi said that he didn’t need compensation, but he also took the opportunity to ask Yanghua for help. The next day, Qin Shi took Yanghua to find Tang Yihui. She hoped that Tang Yihui could help Mr. Lan find investment for his early education center. Yanghua helped him analyze the financial forecast of Mr. Lan’s early education center. He also said that investment is risky, and the final decision is in the hands of Mr. Jin and Mr. Tang.

After Qin Shi and Yanghua left Tang’s office, in order to avoid Lao Qiao, Qin Shi dragged Yanghua into the company’s storage room. In the confined space, the two approached each other, and they were both moved by each other. Yang’s father called Yanghua to see Qin Shi, so Yanghua took Qin Shi to find his father. Yang’s father apologized for what his wife had done before, and thanked Qin Shi for letting him see the vigorous side of Yanghua. Qin Shi took the initiative to confess that he came from a divorced family, but Yang’s father didn’t mind it, thinking that divorced families can also raise excellent children. Yang’s father also brought out the household registration book secretly hidden by Yang’s mother to Yanghua, and he supported their marriage with actions.

Lao Qiao came to gossip with Li Dai, saying that Tang Yihui was very angry because Qin Shi acted as Mr. Lan’s attorney in his own name. This month’s performance and other bonuses were cancelled. Lao Qiao also advised Li Dai not to participate.

Wu Fei accompanied Tao Junhui home to celebrate her mother’s birthday. She saw photos and trophies from the past in Tao Junhui’s room, and took the opportunity to ask about his college history. But Tao Junhui didn’t want to talk more, so he took the opportunity to change the subject.

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