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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 16 Recap

In the car, Qin Shi asked the elder brother if he loved his sister-in-law. The elder brother admitted that the love between the husband and wife was less, but the family affection was more, and it was more of a responsibility. But for now, the eldest brother feels happy and satisfied.

Qin Shi went home and asked Yanghua if she liked her, because after thinking about it for a day, she felt that getting married would do her more good than Yanghua. Yanghua explained that firstly, he wanted to make up for the influence of his mother’s words on Qin Shi’s promotion; Then the two drafted a three-year marriage agreement, and also said that the wedding would be simplified, and the follow-up was to prepare to take out their household registration books from home to register and obtain a certificate.

Zhao Danping told Lan Xiaoting that in her mother’s eyes, Lan Xiaoting’s sister was very good, which made her very envious. Zhao Danping believes that her aunt has been living for others for so many years, and now she has the opportunity to try something she has always wanted to do but dared not do. In her heart, her aunt’s choice is more important than anyone else’s opinion. Even if it is difficult, she will always be with her aunt.

Qin Shi and Li Dai also think that most of the board members of Yulan Group are easy to deal with, and the most difficult to deal with is Mr. Lan’s eldest brother, Lan Youguo. Lan Youguo was forced to leave the field and worked as a wild crane for more than ten years, but now his ambition is unstoppable. Faced with questions from shareholders at the meeting, Lan Xiaoting said that she cared more about Yulan Group than anyone else. As the chairman, she appointed Zhao Danping as the new president of Yulan Group, which made all shareholders leave the meeting angrily.

Qin Shi and Li Dai also discussed whether Zhao Danping could take over as the president of Yulan Group, but in the middle of the two heard company colleagues discussing gossip, and Li Dai asked about the law owner who was clearly single but pretended to be married. Qin Shi misunderstood that Li Dai had betrayed him, but in the end he realized that he had misunderstood her.

Tang Yihui was angry at the office that someone had deceived herself about the marriage, and wanted Qin Shi to help advise how to punish Steven. It turned out that Steven had divorced his wife six months ago, and it was because of cheating. Steven was originally valued by the law firm because his wife was the vice president of the group, but now he was assigned to study abroad and signed a five-year contract. Tang Yihui thinks that there is no way to trust the other party. She can accept failure, but she cannot accept betrayal.

Qin Shi escaped by luck, but when she returned to the office, she was chased by Lao Qiao from the personnel department to ask for a marriage certificate. It turned out that Tang Yihui had arranged for him to review the marriage status of everyone in the law firm. For this reason, Qin Shi had no choice but to plan to get the household registration certificate to get married as soon as possible. She went home and told her parents that she was going to get married. Qin’s father and Qin’s mother were very happy, but they were still very surprised to learn that their daughter planned to get the certificate today. Qin’s mother disagreed with Qin Shi getting the certificate immediately. After all, Yanghua and the others had never met Yanghua, and they didn’t know his character.

Because Yang’s mother did not agree with her son’s marriage to Qin Shi, she shut Yanghua out of the house and refused to hand over the household registration book to her son. Yang’s father said that he would help Yang’s mother’s ideological work, and asked Yanghua to go home temporarily to coax Qin Shi.

Qin’s mother thinks that she is a living example. If she didn’t raise conditions with a man when she got married, she was irresponsible to herself. Although Qin’s mother agreed to the marriage of the two, she also said that what other people have in their homes, they should also have in their homes. Wedding rooms, wedding cars, weddings, etc. are all indispensable.

Qin Shi and Yanghua returned home to exchange information with each other, and found that things were not going well. Qin Shi asked Yanghua to go home with him to deal with his parents, and then try to deal with Yanghua’s mother. Yanghua asked his good friend Cai Liang to help him with an idea. Cai Liang asked him to seize the first impression and win the approval of his father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately. Cai Liang also suggested that he please his mother-in-law. He also imagined various situations and taught Yanghua how to deal with them in advance.

Then Qin Shi took Yanghua back home, and the elder sister-in-law, second brother and second sister-in-law were also there. At the dinner table, under Cai Liang’s pre-training, Yang Hua handled the Qin family’s hospitality very well.

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