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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 15 Recap

Qin Shi called Yanghua and asked Yanghua whether she should take over Lan Xiaoting’s divorce case now. Yanghua knew that Qin Shi wanted his encouragement, but also told Qin Shi that she was a good lawyer, and a good lawyer should be able to The choice made may be Qin Shi’s final choice.

Qin Shi came to the hotel to find Zhao Danping, and said that although Cheng Yuhui had given up Mr. Lan, she now wanted to be Mr. Lan’s attorney in her own name, and promised not to charge attorney fees. After Qin Shi entered the hotel room, he found that Li Dai had also come here and made the same choice as himself.

Li Dai told Mr. Lan that this case is very difficult. 99% of the lawyers will persuade Mr. Lan to give up and declare bankruptcy directly, but there are also lawyers like her and Qin Shi, who don’t want the weak to be treated unfairly. Then Qin Shi also told Mr. Lan that their plan was to prevent Mr. Lan from getting a divorce for the time being. She asked Yanghua to help solve the debt problem, thinking that one solution is to sell assets, and the other is to use the current business to make money to repay the debt, and the debt repayment time is only a matter of time. And he conservatively estimated that it would take three years to pay off the debt based on the profitability of Yulan Group.

Although this method is not fair to Lan, it is the reality. Qin Shi also told Mr. Lan that she met Tao Junhui yesterday, and Tao Junhui also made a proposal, because Pang Dingfang has fled overseas at present, and the hope of repayment is on Mr. Lan. If Mr. Lan can give a positive debt repayment plan, they can guarantee Enterprises under Mr. Lan’s name can operate normally.

Although Mr. Kelan is the largest shareholder of Yulan Group, the shareholders in the company will not let her handle the company’s operations. Qin Shi told Mr. Lan before leaving that she hoped she could make a choice that she thought was right. After leaving the hotel, Qin Shi asked Li Dai to have dinner together. During the meal, the two chatted about the case. Qin Shi said that although he was an employee of the law firm, he could use his private time to do what he wanted to do without violating the interests of the law firm. So she is not afraid of being known by Tang Yihui and others.

The two agreed to discuss the case in non-working hours in the future. Because of mutual secrets, Li Dai accepted Qin Shi’s favor last time, but also told her that she knew about the fake marriage between her and Yanghua, although she would not reveal it. The matter is public, but I also hope that Qin Shi can withdraw from the competition on the eleventh floor. Li Dai confessed that she has only one purpose against Qin Shi all this time, that is, she wants to be fair.

After returning home, Qin Shi played the recording given by Li Dai to Yang Hua, which recorded what Yang’s mother said to Li Dai. Qin Shi is not proud of concealing her marital status, but she has not cheated in terms of strength. There is a glass ceiling for professional women in the workplace, and it is also a dilemma for professional women to balance work and family. Yang Hua asked Qin Shi if he would be honest about his marriage if he got to the eleventh floor. Qin Shi answered in the affirmative and said that he would change the discrimination against professional single women in the workplace.

Yang Hua came up with a perfect solution, which is to marry the two, which surprised Qin Shi very much. Qin Shi’s three brothers and sisters went home to celebrate their father’s birthday, but in the end they had a lot of quarrels because of the ex-wife’s current wife taking pictures and protecting their children. In the end, it was the sister-in-law who came forward to stop the quarrel. Qin’s father told his children about his three marriages at the dinner table. He hoped that several people sitting at the same table could treat each other as family members and miss each other’s good.

Qin’s father felt sorry for Qin Wenyu among the three children. He was busy with work and had no time to take care of Qin Wenyu. When Qin’s father heard that Qin Wenyu was getting divorced, he was about to get up and teach his son a lesson, but Qin Wenyu changed the subject and said that Qin Shi had a boyfriend. When the family learned that Qin Shi had a boyfriend for two or three years, they all followed up and asked, so she had to admit that she could explain.

Qin Shi was interrogated by his father, and finally refused to take Yanghua home because he was abroad, and said he did not want to get married. And witnessing the marriage of the family, she has no confidence in marriage. This made Qin’s father very angry, so Qin Shi had to find a reason to leave the house to avoid being tortured again.

Yang Hua went home and said that she wanted to marry Qin Shi, but Yang’s mother was unwilling to accept Qin Shi, so she did not agree to their marriage. Faced with her mother’s objection, Yang Hua had no choice but to admit that she loved Qin Shi and would not allow others to pursue her.

After Qin Shi left, Qin’s mother and others surrounded Ren Meimei and asked her about Yanghua’s situation. The eldest brother chased Qin Shi away, wanting her to send him back to work in the research institute.

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