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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 24 Recap

In order to reassure the sisters, Hao Jia specially sent them gifts and said that everything was fine at home. But Shangguan Jing felt that something was wrong. She also posted to the Second Young Master’s Mansion these days, but they were all rejected. Li Wei didn’t want to think badly, after all, Yin Song also needed this child very much. She was just a little worried, what would Hao Jia do if the child was born in the future.

Let’s enjoy together, sisters. When the situation is better, maybe we can set up a women’s chamber of commerce and bring Hao Jia into the group. The third child on the side suddenly stood up and said that he also wanted to join the group. Haitang knew that he wanted to make peace, so she decided to give him a chance. The sisters treated the third child in the same way as others, and conducted a strict comprehensive test of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor on the third child. The third child complained endlessly, but he could only follow suit.

In order for Hao Jia to give birth to a boy, Yin Song specially invited a sorceress to the mansion to perform the ritual. Hao Jia was choked by the smoke and felt uncomfortable, but Yin Song ignored it. The sorceress told Yin Song seriously that Hao Jia was pregnant with a daughter. Zhao Fangru on the side hurried out to make a rescue, but Yin Song seemed to only believe the witch’s words, so he threw up his sleeves and left in anger.

With Yin Zheng’s help, Li Wei was able to enter the second young master’s mansion and met Hao Jia. Hao Jia was lying on the bed, her face pale and without the slightest trace of blood. But even so, Hao Jia still forced a smile so that Li Wei didn’t have to worry about herself. But Li Wei wasn’t worried, she told Yin Zheng about it after she went back. Yin Zheng was very supportive of Li Wei, so he found a way to invite an imperial physician to quietly enter Hao Jia’s room. After some diagnosis and treatment, the imperial physician found that Hao Jia had qi and blood stasis and mental stagnation. The imperial physician looked around and found that the place was filled with smoke, which might be inappropriate for pregnant women.

After returning home, Li Wei hurriedly mentioned the matter to her sisters, discussing how to help Hao Jia. In fact, it is not difficult to help Hao Jia escape, what is difficult is the follow-up disposal. Hao Jia’s disappearance, Yin Song will definitely be suspicious of the sisters. If he asks, Yuan Ying and Li Wei can still handle it, but if he sends someone to look for it, he will definitely go to Li Wei’s family first. Therefore, the most urgent task is to choose a suitable place to ensure Hao Jia’s safety.

Li Wei confessed to Yin Zheng that she wanted to help Hao Jia escape. Since marrying into the second young master’s residence, Hao Jia has gradually changed from a bright person to what she is now. Li Wei was very sad in her heart, she didn’t want to watch Hao Jia continue like this. But releasing a beautiful girl privately is a serious crime. Li Wei didn’t want to hurt Yin Zheng, so she wanted him to write a letter of divorce for herself. Yin Zheng shook his head, but still picked up the pen and wrote on the paper.

Li Wei watched Yin Zheng’s hand move on the paper, and slowly wrote the word “Xiu”. She felt so uncomfortable that she had to turn her head away. But after a while, Yin Zheng picked up the paper, and there were two large characters written on it—Don’t think about it.

On this day, Li Wei and Hao Jia quietly left the second young master’s mansion, and Hao Jia’s mother was waiting outside early. On the way, Hao Jia’s mother kept her brows tightly furrowed, with a preoccupied look on her face. Hao Jia’s mother-in-law persuaded Hao Jia that she relied on Yin Song for many things in her family’s family. Now that she has left, it is a small matter to lose her dependence, but if Yin Song really pursues the blame, the entire Hao family in Yanchuan will be overwhelmed. go around. Hearing what his mother said, Hao Jia only felt panicked. There were tears in her eyes, and her heart gradually became cold. At night, Yin Song went to the room to look for Hao Jia. The servant girl panicked for a moment, but she didn’t expect Hao Jia to come back.

Days passed, and Hao Jia’s child was about to be born. Hao Jia was in so much pain that she almost fainted, but Yin Song was still thinking about how to deal with Yin Zheng. When Zhao Fangru heard the news and rushed over, her heart was also in a mess. Outside the courtyard gate, Li Wei and Yuan Ying rushed over, but they were stopped by the servants. It was not until nightfall that the news of the mother and daughter’s safety came.

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