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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 23 Recap

Shangguan Jing couldn’t figure out what benefits Yue Heng would benefit from the suspension of business for rectification. Li Wei figured it out, this Marquis Yue didn’t come to manage the restaurant, he was clearly ordered by Yin Song to find fault. In fact, what Yue Heng wants to do is not important, the key is to figure out what Yin Song wants to do. Right now, there is only one thing to do, to see what kind of medicine is sold in Yin Song’s gourd. Just as they were talking, Yue Heng walked in and spoke rudely to them. Shangguan Jing was so angry that her teeth itch and broke the pen in her hand.

Here, the third child and the fifth child begged to see the Lord to impeach Yue Heng. Later, Yin Zheng also came in, but he was not about the restaurant, but about the new currency. Although the new currency is not a matter of the Department of Kyushu Affairs, Yin Zheng intends to circulate it to Kyushu. Now that the Department of Household Affairs is short of manpower, Yin Zheng feels that the Department of Kyushu Affairs is duty-bound. The fifth thought for a long time before he realized that Yin Zheng’s move was to divert the Lord’s attention.

Yue Heng told the girls that the elders pampered them, but he had to think about Xin Chuan’s face. After speaking, he got up and prepared to leave, not allowing the girls to raise objections. But at this moment, Yin Zheng hurried over and called Yue Heng to a stop. Yin Zheng announced in public that Chuanzhu has ordered that the restaurant will no longer be supervised by the household administration office and can reopen.

Whether it is to promote the reform of the square city or let women go out to earn a living, it is for the future of Xinchuan. Although Yue Heng has a lot of prejudice against female merchants, the restaurant is running hundreds of times better than before in the hands of these females. From this point of view, what men do, women can also do. Yue Heng wanted to say something else, but Yin Zheng hurriedly interrupted him, and detailed the losses incurred during the operation of the household administration one by one.

Yin Zheng spoke forcefully without showing any mercy. However, Yue Heng made a big fuss over this, labeling Yin Zheng as disrespectful to his elders. Yin Zheng knew that Yue Heng’s status was quite high, so if Ruo didn’t let him vent his anger today, he might encounter troubles in the future. Yin Zheng had no choice but to raise his glass and drank a lot of wine one after another. Seeing Yin Zheng’s distressed appearance, Yue Heng left satisfied.

It was done almost perfectly, and the third, fifth and Yin Zheng gathered together to celebrate. At the banquet, Yin Zheng always showed affection in front of the third child intentionally or unintentionally, and even the fifth child beside him also began to show affection. The third child could tell that the two younger brothers were pointing at him, and he became angry for a moment, urging the two to move their chopsticks quickly. But the third child was still a little moved, so he immediately put down his chopsticks and went to the Food Club. Unexpectedly, he was turned away.

In the evening, the sisters get together. Today the restaurant has made a lot of money, and everyone is very happy. I don’t know when it started to rain, but Song Wu was waiting outside the door early. Song Wu saw her husband approaching, and jumped up happily. Later, Yin Zheng and Yin Qi also came to pick up their female relatives. It’s just that Yin Qi came a bit late, and his face was covered with mud. But to Shangguan Jing, Yin Qi at this time was very handsome.

The new year has come, everyone exchange new year gifts. Yuan Ying handed over the jade pendant to Li Wei, which means that in Yuan Ying’s view, Li Wei is enough to support the whole family. But Yin Zheng was more honest and gave Li Wei a stack of bank notes. Here, in order for Shangguan Jing to see the snow, Yin Qi specially prepared a lot of goose feathers and gave her a surprise.

On Hao Jia’s side, however, she seemed much colder and more serious. Fortunately, Hao Jia received the letter from his family, so he regained hope for the future in his heart. But she couldn’t help feeling sad again, and gradually became more sad. The maid was worried about Hao Jia, so she suggested that several other side wives should accompany her. But Hao Jia was worried about affecting the sisters’ business, so she swallowed this loneliness alone.

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