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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 27 Recap

When Li Xun saw Tian Xiuzhu here, he left without showing up. That night, Zhu Yun accompanied Tian Xiuzhu to start painting in the gallery and acted as Tian Xiuzhu’s assistant, but he was so busy that Zhu Yun fell asleep, and Tian Xiuzhu looked at Zhu Yun’s sleeping face with warmth smile. Early the next morning, Tian Xiuzhu specially prepared breakfast for Zhu Yun to send Zhu Yun to work, and also gave Zhu Yun the electronic template he had drawn. Zhu Yun came to the company with great enthusiasm and showed the electronic version, stunned At the same time, everyone made Li Xun feel uncomfortable. Seeing Li Xun jealous, Zhu Yun was very happy.

Everything is ready and only owes Dongfeng, the rest is to promote, but the cost issue has not been settled. The company has been in a state of loss for these years. Unknowingly, Zhu Yun went to ask Dong Siyang for money. Called over to question, Zhang Fang admitted that the money on the account was enough, and Dong Siyang also left in a hurry after receiving a call from a taxi customer.

Only then did Zhang Fang tell Zhu Yun that the company had no money in fact, but Dong Siyang had no face to be chased for money. Zhu Yun proposed to hand over her salary card for use, but Zhang Fang refused, because Dong Siyang said, No matter how short of money, the salary of the staff cannot be reduced.

Tian Xiuzhu came to find Zhu Yun and gave her something she had forgotten. Only then did Zhu Yun remember that when she showed the painting just now, the first picture was of her sleeping. Tian Xiuzhu said frankly that she painted while Zhu Yun was asleep Yes, thinking about it, it seems that Zhu Yun has not painted for Zhu Yun in these years. Zhu Yun is very grateful to Tian Xiuzhu.

Tian Xiuzhu looked up and saw Li Xun who had been staring at them not far away, and thanked Li Xun. Because Li Xun pasted the poster idea on Tian Xiuzhu’s windshield yesterday, he was able to finish it so quickly. Zhu Yun was even happier when he heard this, and asked Li Xun if he went to her place last night.

What Zhu Yun didn’t expect was that Li Xun sarcastically ridiculed Zhu Yun, mocking her as a narcissist, and said many things about Zhu Yun’s pursuit of him back then, including Zhu Yun deliberately made her hair and humbly begged Li Xun to choose her , and promise never to betray anything like that. The people in the office were stunned by this, and Zhu Yun’s eyes were filled with tears.

The sincere love back then turned out to be Li Xun’s sarcastic sarcasm today. Zhu Yun turned around and hid in the bathroom to cry. Zhang Fang also thought that Li Xun had gone too far. It was Zhu Yun who kept him so that he had a safe place, but now he wanted to let Zhu Yun go. Li Xun yelled at everyone to shut up, and the depression in his heart reached the extreme.

Li Xun went to Fu Yizhuo to express his distress. He found that Zhu Yun was going back to the past, and he could no longer give Zhu Yun hope. He also knew that Zhu Yun cared too much about him, so a little word could hurt Zhu Yun. Fu Yizhuo asked Li Xun if he still loved Zhu Yun. Li Xun denied it against his will, but Fu Yizhuo didn’t believe it at all. If he really gave up, he could be a real colleague instead of seeing Tian Xiuzhu and Zhu Yun like now. Zhu Yun will get angry and jealous when they are together.

Zhu Yun drank a lot of wine, returned home in a daze, took some medicine and planned to sleep, but found that something was wrong with her, so she quickly called Tian Xiuzhu for help. Zhu Yun was also sent to the hospital because of this. Ren Di called Li Xun immediately, and Li Xun rushed to the hospital. Looking at Zhu Yun who was haggard on the hospital bed, Li Xun bowed his head sadly.

Tian Xiuzhu came here at this time and told Li Xun that Zhu Yun had been working abroad for the past three years, using work to numb herself, and she had taken those sleeping pills for three years, which also caused side effects. Therefore, I took two more medicines, which caused my blood pressure to fall into a coma, but fortunately, I didn’t go to the point of gastric lavage. Tian Xiuzhu said that he would take good care of Zhu Yun and would not give Li Xun another chance to hurt her. Li Xun thanked Tian Xiuzhu for taking care of Zhu Yun, but Tian Xiuzhu satirized Li Xun for not being qualified to say such things.

Zhu Yun woke up from a coma and found someone outside. Tian Xiuzhu truthfully said that it was Li Xun, but Zhu Yun didn’t ask to see Li Xun, and Li Xun left silently, thinking along the way that Zhu Yun said before how chic he was in a foreign country , but in fact it was such a painful three years. Gao Jianhong kept watching Li Xun’s every move and spent a lot of money and material resources to compete with Li Xun. Fang Zhijing reminded Gao Jianhong that their company was going to be listed soon, and there was really no need to go on like this, but Gao Jianhong didn’t care.

When Zhu Yun was discharged from the hospital, Li Xun watched Zhu Yun being picked up by Tian Xiuzhu from the corner. Li Xun also took the initiative to call Teacher Lin. Teacher Zhao and Teacher Lin are actually husband and wife. Teacher Zhao has a lot of fans on the live broadcast. Teachers also want to see them. Teacher Lin has been waiting at the door, since he received Li Xun’s call, he has been looking forward to his arrival every day.

Zhu Yun showed Teacher Zhao the software she developed, hoping she could provide some advice. Teacher Lin was always concerned about how Li Xun got along with his colleagues in the company. Teacher Lin told Li Xun that no matter what difficulties he encountered in the future, If you want to walk the right path, you must not abuse yourself, Li Xun agreed.

Under Li Xun’s persuasion, Teacher Zhao also agreed to be a game consultant. Zhu Yun was also worried that it would affect Teacher Zhao’s reputation as a scholar, but she still agreed. Li Xun also took the initiative to apologize to Zhu Yun, thinking that Zhu Yun was much braver than him. Zhu Yun also said that she had thought a lot when she was in the hospital, why she stayed, because Li Xun was so important to her, and the company’s Everyone has their own kindness, beauty and persistence, and she also fell in love with this company.

Zhu Yun reminded Li Xun that his progress in reading that book was too slow and he needed to speed up. Li Xun said with a smile that now Zhu Yun finally had a chance to step on his head, but he also accepted Zhu Yun as a new colleague. . Zhu Yun watched Li Xun leave without looking back, and got into the taxi herself. She suddenly envied Li Xun, as if she never knew how to look back.

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