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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 14 Recap

Through the investigation of Qin Shi and others, it was discovered that although Pang Dingfang had been running Lowe Magnolia these years, he did not own any shares in the group, so he had been planning to use the shares of the Magnolia Group to fill the pit of Lowe Magnolia these years. And this incident started five years ago when Lowe Magnolia was established, not only because Pang Dingfang met other women, but also because he felt the threat from Lan Xiaoting’s nephew becoming the heir.

Tao Junhui came to Qin Shi and wanted to talk to her about Luowei Magnolia. Although Qin Shi refused on the pretext of being busy with work, Tao Junhui did not give up and said that he would wait for her to get off work. Qin Shi returned to the office and found that someone had sent stinky food to resist their taking over the case of Lowe Magnolia, and they had to leave work early because they could not continue to get off work.

Knowing that Tao Junhui was waiting for her in the underground parking lot, Qin Shi rushed to the parking lot after get off work, but she was surrounded by debt collectors unexpectedly. The whereabouts were discovered by debt collectors. Tao Junhui had a hard time dealing with each other alone, but fortunately Yanghua also came to help at the critical moment.

Yang’s mother is unhappy because of her son’s neglect. Yang’s father enlightens his wife that his son, Yanghua, is actually a very possessive person. He will never compromise with anyone he values ​​or likes.

Qin Shi called the police to take the debt collector away, and several of them also rushed to the police station to take notes. Facing Tao Junhui, Yanghua showed his possessive desire for Qin Shi. Qin Shi and Tao Junhui were discussing Pang Dingfang’s creditor’s rights in the car, but they both stood on the side of their own agents and completely disagreed with each other’s views.

After taking the transcript from the police station, Qin Shi took Yanghua to the convenience store to eat. During the meal, she asked why Yanghua just came to rescue her. Yang Hua said that he had a friend who lost some funds because of Lowe Magnolia, and learned about the existence of debt collectors from there. He came to pick her up because he was worried about Qin Shi’s safety, and Qin Shi was very grateful to Yanghua for this matter. Yanghua finds that Qin Shi has a wound on his arm and treats it for her, while Qin Shi also treats the wound on Yanghua’s jaw.

Yanghua wanted to persuade Qin Shi to withdraw from the case because of today’s incident, but Qin Shi was not afraid of threats, and believed that maintaining justice and protecting the legal rights of every citizen was her original intention as a lawyer. Tao Junhui returned home and saw Wu Fei waiting for him. Wu Fei asked him why he was injured. Tao Junhui told her about today’s experience, guessing that the debt collector didn’t want Qin Shi to be responsible for the divorce case, so he wanted to threaten Qin Shi. Wu Fei complained that she had been kicked out of Qin Shi’s working group for this case because of Tao Junhui’s words. Tao Junhui apologized for this and said that it would not be an example.

Qin Shi always dreams of Yanghua in his dreams at night, either he dreams of sharing the same bed with Yanghua, or he dreams of having an ambiguous conversation with Yanghua. This annoyed her quite a bit, so Qin Shi got up early to go to work the next morning, and even prepared breakfast for Yanghua. After Li Dai went to work, she heard that a lawyer from a law firm was attacked last night. She was worried about Qin Shi, but when she rushed to Qin Shi’s office, she found that she was catching up on sleep.

Tang Yihui informed Li Dai and Qin Shi to abandon Lan Xiaoting’s divorce case, because they also knew through yesterday’s investigation that although Lan Xiaoting did not participate in the management of Lowe Magnolia, she is a shareholder of the company and has the obligation to repay the company’s debts. Moreover, Pang Dingfang borrowed nearly one billion yuan from private banks successively in the name of the company, and the guarantor in the contract was Lan Xiaoting.

So no matter whether they divorce or not, Lan Xiaoting will have nothing. For this reason, the law firm felt that there was no need to waste resources. Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi and Li Dai to work on other cases. She would find other people in the company to take charge of this case. When Tang Yihui learned that Qin Shi was attacked last night, she specially gave her a day off to rest and gave her a red envelope to make up for the damage.

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