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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 22 Recap

Yin Zheng hosted a banquet at Jiuchuan Food Club, trying to persuade Jinchuan and Daichuan to sign a contract to promote the new currency. The two Sichuan envoys were unwilling to discuss this matter, but after hearing Yin Zheng’s words, they suddenly realized the pros and cons, and promised to report the matter to Sichuan Lord. After the conversation, Yin Zheng deliberately left two colleagues to taste the sumptuous delicacies carefully.

Li Wei prepared the restaurant’s signature dishes and delivered them to the room in person. Yin Zheng specially introduced Li Wei to his colleagues, and said that she is also the owner of this restaurant. Li Wei was a little embarrassed and planned to retreat. Yin Zheng took her hand and motioned her to sit down. Yin Zheng continued to explain to his colleagues that the previous Renbin Banquet was organized by Li Wei behind the scenes, and today’s Jiuchuan Food Club is also a continuation of the Renbin Banquet.

The colleagues were a little surprised and raised their glasses to toast Li Wei. Li Wei was also very careful, and specially prepared meals from their hometown for the two colleagues. After a meal, everyone talked very harmoniously.

Here, the old ten complained in front of Yin Song crying. Yin Song was angry in his heart, worried that the sixth child would step on his head one day. Unexpectedly, Hao Jia came over at this time and persuaded Yin Song to calm down. He didn’t know whether it was because of his anger or the smell of alcohol, but Yin Song turned his anger on Hao Jia and pushed her to the ground. If Zhao Fang saw that something was going wrong, she hurriedly stepped forward to stop it, so Hao Jia didn’t suffer much harm.

Hao Jia was finally able to go out for a trip, but he had to go to the restaurant to check the situation as Yin Song ordered. Hao Jia sincerely regarded everyone as friends, so she unabashedly stated the purpose of coming this time. The sisters didn’t mind, and let Hao Jia open her stomach to taste the food. Hao Jia couldn’t help her eyes flushed, at this moment, she realized what true love is. In the past, she thought that it was enough to live by a man, but now, those ideas were really ridiculous. Li Wei accidentally found the scar on Hao Jia’s hand, and couldn’t help worrying about her situation in Yin Song’s residence. The sisters were filled with righteous indignation, and they stood up one after another to speak to Yin Song. Hao Jia hurriedly stopped them, not wanting the sisters to risk themselves. Everyone sat down to discuss and decided to help Hao Jia escape. But no one thought that Hao Jia was pregnant.

Knowing that Hao Jia would be pregnant, Yin Song was very happy. However, he was not happy because he and Hao Jia had a crystallization of love, but was looking forward to Hao Jia giving birth to an eldest son for him. Hao Jia is also very clear about this. However, Hao Jia never expected that Yin Song was actually planning at this moment, that when his child was born, he would give it to other wives to be raised. Hao Jia’s heart became even colder, as if she had fallen into an extremely cold place, the cold air was forced from her heart to her back.

In order to destroy the careers of the girls, Yin An did not hesitate to open a shop opposite, and even went to the food court to pry people. Fortunately, the girls had planned long ago, which prevented him from succeeding. Haitang couldn’t help asking Yin An where did his blind self-confidence come from. Yin An was furious, gritted his teeth and ran out. In this way, the couple fought on the price of the food, and finally Yin An won with 30% of the price. After learning about this, Yuanying didn’t panic at all, she had already figured out a countermeasure.

In order to attract customers, the girls planned to start with the meals and designed many new dishes. Many diners came here admiringly, and the Food Club was overcrowded all of a sudden, and it was very lively. Yin An was so angry that he went outside to argue with the girls. At this time, the Household Regulatory Secretary Wanxiang Hou Yueheng suddenly visited and announced that the food club would be in charge of himself from now on. The girls were very upset and couldn’t figure out why, but they couldn’t think of a countermeasure for a while.

After announcing the future with the girls, Yue Heng didn’t stay idle, and became a peacemaker for the third child and Haitang. Yue Heng pulled the third child aside, and talked to him about how to get along with husband and wife and how to run a restaurant. The third child was stunned for a while when he heard it, and he came back to his senses only after Yue Heng walked away. Only at this time did he realize how annoying he was before.

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