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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 25 Recap

Li Xun and Zhu Yun reported to the company one by one. The director of the company, Zhang Fang, blamed Zhu Yun for not having a sense of time. There are all five internal organs in the company. There are four people from top to bottom in the company. Everyone has their own positions. Even Guo Shijie, who is in charge of art, is a self-proclaimed art director.

The owner of the company is Dong Siyang. He hasn’t come to the company for a long time. He used to be a boxer, but he retired when he was old. He fought for his friends and was sent to prison for two years of education. Now the registered capital of two million is his own. He pays money, and often likes to drive a taxi when he has nothing to do. He is the driver who drives Zhu Yun when he comes.

When facing the passengers, he was all smiles, but when facing the company, no one was afraid of him. Even the people from the small company opposite saw him coming, and the decibels of the war were lowered. Dong Siyang, who just came to work, picked out everyone’s faults, and blamed Zhang Fang, the director of the company, for not being able to do anything. He made a game of invincible generals, which has not been released for a year. He hid the snacks he ate, and confiscated his snacks as soon as he went there.

Hearing that Zhu Yun is a new returnee from overseas, she is not very interested. Instead, she is more interested in asking questions about Li Xun. Li Xun is too lazy to answer, and especially hates Dong Siyang putting his hand on his shoulder. Zhu Yun is afraid that the two will quarrel, so she hurriedly Answering instead of Li Xun, but being rejected by Dong Siyang is not ignorant of the rules. Dong Siyang held a meeting, asked to follow up the progress of the invincible generals, and questioned who could initiate this project alone, Li Xun got up and left, Dong Siyang chased Li Xun and scolded, Zhu Yun quickly promised her that she could take over the project, Dong Siyang turned his head Focusing on Zhu Yun, Li Xun, Zhao Teng and others were placed in the project team and managed by Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun studied the game with Li Xun and Zhao Teng. Li Xun thought that the background and characters of the era were drawn wrong, and everything needed to be redone. Yun, however, obeyed Li Xun’s words and demanded that the frame and background of the game be redone. When she was discussing the details with Zhao Teng, she deliberately arranged for Li Xun to help her assemble the computer. Seeing Li Xun’s assembly, Zhu Yun felt happy and rare. Seeing Li Xun’s deflated look.

Fang Zhijing also conducted a detailed investigation on Feiyang Company, and told Gao Jianhong the results of the investigation, especially Dong Siyang, who barely understands games, but has set foot in this industry, resulting in zero performance now. Fang Zhijing thinks that Zhu Yun and Li Xun can come When they come to such a company, they are just two fools, but Gao Jianhong didn’t underestimate them, but made people stare at Zhu Yun and Li Xun.

Xu Lina came to Gao Jianhong and proposed to be a spokesperson for a game, hoping to get Gao Jianhong’s support, but Gao Jianhong thought that Xu Lina’s conditions were not suitable for this game, and Xu Lina deliberately asked Gao Jianhong whether she was not suitable for it, Gao Jianhong had no choice but to Had to agree to Xu Lina’s request. Gao Jianhong deliberately mentioned Li Xun and asked Xu Lina for her opinion. Xu Lina thought that after three years in prison, Li Xun must not be as good as Gao Jianhong, especially that small business could not be compared with Gao Jianhong, but Gao Jianhong didn’t think Xu Lina I speak from my heart.

Zhu Yun specially bought breakfast for each person, but Li Xun threw it into the trash can ungratefully, but was ridiculed by Zhu Yun that he still loves her, Li Xun was not convinced and did not admit it, ridiculing Zhu Yun was self-righteous and self-righteous, reminding It was fine for Li Xun and Li Xun to be ordinary colleagues. Li Xun seemed to accept it. After returning home, he picked up the food in the trash can and ate it, which almost shocked Zhao Teng’s jaw.

Zhu Yun changed the game to a great extent. Zhao Teng worked overtime all morning for this, but he didn’t think that Zhu Yun was messing around. On the contrary, he thought it was pretty good. People who know what they are doing can’t go wrong as long as they follow her. Zhao Teng was curious about the relationship between Li Xun and Zhu Yun. He didn’t believe that for two people who had nothing to do with each other, Zhu Yun would be willing to keep Li Xun at his own expense. Li Xun heard that it was Zhu Yun who paid for it, so he just smiled. It was also heard by Zhu Yun who came to the morning shift.

When I got back from get off work that day, it started to rain heavily. Zhu Yun didn’t have an umbrella. Li Xun snatched the umbrella from Zhao Teng on purpose, pretending to pass by Zhu Yun unintentionally. Zhu Yun took the opportunity to snatch the umbrella from Li Xun, wanting to borrow it The machine left with him, but Li Xun took out another umbrella and left arrogantly.

At night, Zhu Yun couldn’t help but want to call Li Xun, but Li Xun didn’t save Zhu Yun’s phone number and hung up directly. The next morning, Zhu Yun asked his teacher to question him. Li Xun couldn’t pretend he didn’t see it, so he had to tell the truth. Zhu Yun immediately He took Li Xun’s cell phone and entered his phone number.

The next day Zhu Yun took the umbrella back to Li Xun. Zhao Teng recognized it was his umbrella, and couldn’t help complaining that Li Xun snatched his umbrella yesterday, which made him catch a cold. Zhu Yun couldn’t help laughing, knowing that Li Xun Xun deliberately snatched the umbrella for her. Li Xun took half a day off to buy equipment and wanted to upgrade that computer, but when he came back, Zhu Yun was already helping him modify the computer.

Zhu Yun told Li Xun that this was special treatment. Yun looked at the box Li Xun brought back, and the equipment inside was the same as what she bought, Zhu Yun was secretly happy but pretended not to know. At this time Li Xun came out and lied that there were food and purchases in the box, and offered to take Zhu Yun to dinner, Zhu Yun readily agreed.

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