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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 21 Recap

As soon as the girls left, the third child felt bored, so he simply sat in the yard and had a drink to relieve his worries. But until now, he still couldn’t distinguish each girl. The little servant Xiyan couldn’t help but said, the girls didn’t eat and drink for free in the mansion, and they were not in charge of all the big and small things in the mansion. Seeing that the third child had a normal expression, Xi Yan continued to speak out his thoughts boldly.

It was fine for the youngest to bring back one girl, but he brought back so many one after another. Where do the girls live, how many taels of silver do they eat a day, how much do they wear? There are more than 20 people in the yard, and only one person is matched with a maid. In any case, there are more than 40 people. No one needs to calculate carefully , but the third child doesn’t seem to have thought about these issues. He just cared about eating, drinking and having fun. The third child seemed to be pricked by a needle in his heart, and he couldn’t help becoming angry, chasing Xiyan all over the yard and beating him.

The sisters stamped the contract one by one, and the Jiuchuan Gourmet Club became half. Immediately afterwards, everyone began to decorate the restaurant and study the recipes. Everyone performed their duties and were extremely busy, but everyone’s face was filled with satisfaction and joy. Yin Zheng also did not forget to help silently, reminding Li Wei of the customs of each Sichuan in terms of food.

A few days later was the opening day of the restaurant, but everyone was worried for a while. Many people heard that this restaurant was run by a woman, so they were inevitably curious, but if a few girls showed up, they would inevitably be criticized by others. However, Shangguan Jing didn’t take it seriously. Danchuan had nothing to worry about this kind of thing, as it was for a man, so was it for a woman. For this reason, Yuanying and Shangguanjing disagreed, and the atmosphere was awkward for a while. Fortunately, Li Wei came forward to mediate in time, and everyone reached an agreement – not to show up on the opening day.

Yin Zheng told Li Wei that one day he would definitely change Xinchuan’s backward system and let women be themselves. But he also knew that this road was difficult to walk, and things in the court were unpredictable. He promised Li Wei that if something happened to him one day, he would definitely send her back to Jichuan safely. But before the words were finished, Li Wei expressed that she wanted to stay. Li Wei doesn’t know how difficult this road is, but she believes that Yin Zheng can do it.

As soon as the store opened, it attracted many guests, and the huge restaurant was a bit crowded. It was rumored outside that this was a restaurant run by a woman, and these guests wanted to find out. Yuanying was overjoyed and thought that she should take advantage of the hustle and bustle of the past few days to find ways to grab the stomachs of the guests. In this way, this restaurant has also become. But no one expected that someone from the Department of Household Affairs came to visit unexpectedly. Yin An came aggressively, announcing in public that someone had reported on the restaurant and was doing indecent things in secret. The shopkeeper hurried forward to deal with it, but was slapped mercilessly by Yin An.

The girls couldn’t stand it anymore, so they went downstairs to deal with Yin An. Although Haitang didn’t go downstairs, she couldn’t help but refute the third child. Li Wei took the opportunity to remind Yin An that he did not have official documents to support his move. The youngest was so angry that his face turned blue, but there was nothing he could do. Thanks to the efforts of the girls, the restaurant finally returned to normal. The diners put aside their prejudices for a while and sat down to taste the delicious food.

After a whole day, the restaurant makes no profit but loses money. But Yuanying is not worried, she believes that the money will be recovered soon. Just as he was talking, the fifth child came to urge Shangguan Jing to go home. Seeing the state of the two, the sisters couldn’t help guessing that the fifth child was pursuing Shangguan Jing. One day, the old ten went to a restaurant for a blind date, and seeing Shangguan Jing wandering around here, he couldn’t help but go up and scold Shangguan Jing for embarrassing the fifth. Hearing this, Lao Wu walked in from behind and beat Lao Ten severely. Shangguan Jing’s heart was beating wildly, and she finally believed that the fifth child was chasing her.

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