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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 24 Recap

After Zhu Yun came out of the company, she told Tian Xiuzhu that Gao Jianhong cheated Li Xun’s company, and she planned to stay, and asked Tian Xiuzhu to go back alone to deal with her parents. Tian Xiuzhu thought this was jumping into the fire pit, but still agreed to help, and called Liu Ailin and lied that his friend came back from abroad and wanted to take Zhu Yun to see him, which was delayed for two days. Zhu Yun was very grateful to Tian Xiuzhu, and then took Ren Di to the science and technology exhibition and the talent exchange market to look for Li Xun.

At the exchange meeting, Zhu Yun saw two college students promoting their new work Xiaojian part-time job program. Hearing that Zhu Yun was a programmer who took the initiative to ask for advice, Zhu Yun gave some suggestions. When Fang Zhijing was talking and doing publicity on the stage, he saw Li Xun coming in from the door and sat straight on the chair next to Gao Jianhong. Gao Jianhong asked Li Xun how much he wanted to say, but Li Xun said he would let Gao Jianhong returned all the things, and this was his last chance. If he returned it, he could consider letting him go. Gao Jianhong insisted on not letting go, and thought that Li Xun had no ability to get back Jili, but Li Xun told Gao Jianhong that today was the first day he took the project.

When Li Xun was leaving, Gao Jianhong chased him out and reminded Li Xun that it was difficult to find a job in his current situation, let alone challenge him, and satirized Li Xun to walk on one leg and couldn’t climb to the top of the mountain at all. Li Xun proudly told Gao Jianhong that wherever he is, there is the top of the mountain. In order to stimulate Li Xun, Gao Jianhong specially told him that Zhu Yun had been here, and he was still as stupid as before, always defending Li Xun everywhere, Li Xun changed his color drastically, and warned Gao Jianhong to stay away from Zhu Yun. At this time, Zhu Yun and Ren Di also chased after him. Seeing Li Xun leave, Zhu Yun hurriedly chased after him, but did not find him.

Fang Shumiao and Ren Di persuaded Zhu Yun to go abroad and not to give up his million-dollar annual salary because of Li Xun’s affairs, but Zhu Yun thought it had nothing to do with money, and now their ideals were stolen, Fang Shumiao and Ren Di both Turning her head speechlessly, everyone could see that Zhu Yun was just looking for reasons for herself, in fact, she just wanted to stay by Li Xun’s side.

When Zhu Yun followed Li Xun and saw that he had received a business card from a small company, she knew he would definitely apply for the job. It happened to be the APP company that Zhu Yun gave advice to. Li Xun really came here to apply for the job. Zhu Yun and Li Xun together In the interview, Li Xun had just been released from prison, while Zhu Yun had a very good resume, and even the people in the company suspected that this resume was fake. If it was true, it would be impossible to come to this small company.

In order to test whether Zhu Yun’s resume is true, Director Gao also asked Zhu Yun to play the following game designed by him. Zhu Yun not only successfully completed it, but also picked out many problems and proved her own strength. But Zhu Yun has one condition , must bring Li Xun, and the programmer Zhao Teng recognized Zhu Yun’s ability very much, thinking that if he could recruit two people this time, he would make a lot of money. Zhu Yun agreed on the spot.

When Zhu Yun left, Li Xun waited downstairs, warning Zhu Yun to stay away from him, but Zhu Yun said that Jili not only belonged to Li Xun, but also hers, and she had the right to take it back, but Li Xun warned Zhu Yun to take it with him. How far did the little boy go with that resume, but Zhu Yun didn’t care about Li Xun’s stimulation, and insisted that he would not leave no matter what.

Early the next morning, Zhu Yun packed up and went to work. As soon as she came downstairs, there was a special car driver waiting for her. Zhu Yun felt strange along the way. Such a good car would definitely cost money when it was used for work, but the other party said that he was not doing it for money. Just for fun.

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