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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 11 Recap

Yanghua told Qin Shi’s mother that she wanted to visit their residence, which made Qin Shi puzzled about Yang’s mother’s intentions. It turned out that Yanghua told his mother that he planned to live alone, but he didn’t tell his mother that he and Qin Shi were in a fake relationship. Yang’s mother thought that a child from a divorced family like Qin Shi would not live well, so she wanted to come and see their life with her own eyes to be at ease.

Qin Shi thinks this is not a good decision, if he refuses Yangmu to come, then he will never give up this idea because of Yangmu’s character, but if he accepts Yangmu to come, then they will have to be prepared to accept Yangmu’s surprise inspection in the future Prepare. Qin Shi asked Yanghua and learned that Yangmu is a person with strong self-esteem, so he thought of a good way.

The next day, Qin Shi hid at Ren Meimei’s residence on the grounds of working overtime, while Yang’s mother on the other side also came to the residence of the two, inspected and asked her son if they lived in the same bedroom. People’s rest time is inconsistent, and they usually sleep in separate rooms. But then Yang’s mother found a condom in Qin Shi’s bedroom. She thought her son was lying, and warned her son not to have a child before marriage, which would embarrass her. After saying these words, Mother Yang left in a hurry.

Qin Shi played games at Ren Meimei’s place to pass the time. Ren Meimei accidentally received a call from Vivienne about meeting her. She was going to dress up and meet Vivienne. Although Ren Meimei admitted that she still has feelings for Qin Wenyu, the two have been tossing for so many years, which has made her very sad. If she decides to divorce this time, she doesn’t want to look back. But Qin Shi thinks that the two will not divorce, because she feels that neither Ren Meimei nor Qin Wenyu can do without each other.

Vivian met Ren Meimei and said that there was nothing between herself and Qin Wenyu, and if it wasn’t for the misunderstanding at the hotel before, the two would not have contacted in private. And now she feels that Qin Wenyu is very pitiful. Although he has many properties, he has no status at all. Qin Wenyu was also very kind to her, and promised to buy her a car and a house, but she didn’t want to destroy Ren Meimei’s family, so she wanted to cooperate with Ren Meimei. As long as Ren Meimei bought her a house in another city, she would let Qin Wenyu return to the family.

Ren Meimei had seen through Vivienne’s tricks a long time ago, and directly exposed her true identity as Lu Fenghe. At this time, Qin Shi came and brought Lu Fenghe’s personal information, and pointed out that her current behavior was suspected of forging documents, fraud, etc. Let Qin Wenyu return home within 24 hours. Lu Fenghe was not willing to threaten, and wanted to use Qin Wenyu to take advantage of Ren Meimei, but Ren Meimei slapped her twice.

Lu Fenghe, who was beaten, felt very humiliated. When she returned home, she showed her true colors, scolded Qin Wenyu, who was staying at her house, and even returned Ren Meimei’s slap in the face to Qin Wenyu. Qin Wenyu went back to his mother’s residence to cry and complain about his grievances. Ren Meimei who just heard the news came, and Qin Wenyu immediately expressed his loyalty, saying that Vivienne was a big liar, and that he lived there these days and Vivienne was innocent. Although she knew that Qin Wenyu was pretending to be sick and sympathetic, Ren Meimei forgave him and took him home.

Yanghua got up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, but after Qin Shi woke up, she hurriedly cleaned up and went to work. She had no time to eat, and she was very moved with Yanghua’s packed breakfast. Qin Shi went to work in the law firm with breakfast, and was ridiculed by Li Dai who happened to meet because her husband was unemployed and had downgraded consumption, but Qin Shi was not to be outdone and fought back against Li Dai.

The law firm held an emergency meeting, and Mr. Lan brought Zhao Danping here. She chose Cheng Yuhui as the attorney this time because other law firms represented the other party who had a dispute with Lowe Magnolia.

Lao Zhou suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital due to the failure of his investment in Lowe Magnolia. Yang Hua came to visit on behalf of others, and comforted Lao Zhou that money is something outside of the body, and the body is the most important thing. It turns out that Lao Zhou has basically recovered now, and Lao Zhou didn’t invest too much this time because of his daughter-in-law’s obstruction, and because his sick children all came to accompany him, he felt that the lost money was quite a deal.

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