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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 20 Recap

Yin Zheng handled the Mo Chuan matter very well. He also had the courage to ask the Lord to fulfill Song Wu and Song Wu. Knowing that Song Wu was just a poor scholar, the smile on the Lord’s face disappeared immediately. Song Wu, who was on the side, was anxious and didn’t care about etiquette, so she hurried forward and asked to revoke the title of princess. Looking at Song Wu’s resolute eyes, the Lord had no choice but to agree.

Song Wu hurriedly told Song Wu the news. Song Wu was a little surprised when he heard this. But after regaining consciousness, he was very moved and hugged Song Wu tightly. Song Wu lost her status as princess, so naturally she couldn’t live in Yin Zheng’s mansion. On this day, the active and lively Song Wu became serious and toasted Yin Zheng, Yuan Ying, and Li Wei one by one to bid farewell. Yuanying suddenly envied Song Wu at this time, as long as she went out of this door, the sea would be as wide as the fish would leap, and the sky would be as high as the birds could fly.

Now that Yin Zheng has officially joined the Jiuchuan Affairs Department, according to the previous rules, a benevolent banquet must be held. The rest of Bachuan will send envoys to stay in Xinchuan all the year round to facilitate communication, and the person in charge of the Jiuchuan Affairs Department will always host a banquet for Bachuan’s envoys when he takes office. This time, Yuanying no longer takes care of the big class, but guides Li Wei from the sidelines. Li Wei was also very upbeat, and the ideas she came up with were all in Yuanying’s favor. Yuan Ying couldn’t help but praise Li Wei, she will be a good wife after she leaves.

Finally came the day of Renbin Banquet, Li Wei got up early in the morning to freshen up, and happily followed Yuanying to go out. But at the door, Su Shen told her that Mrs. Chuan only allowed Yuan Ying to go this time. Li Wei felt unspeakably disappointed, but she didn’t want to let others worry, so she lied that she wanted to stay and take care of Laifu. But when there was no one around, Li Wei finally let go of the burden in her heart, and cursed Xin Chuan for breaking the rules with the help of wine.

Yin Zheng saw that something was wrong with Li Wei, and told her not to hold back her words. Li Wei couldn’t bear it anymore, but Yin Zheng talked about the boredom in his heart. She knew what happened today, she was not at fault, Yin Zheng was not at fault, and Yuan Ying was not at fault, but everyone was unhappy. Li Wei has long been dissatisfied with Xin Chuan’s rules and regulations that restrict people, and Yuan Ying is not the same. On the surface, she complies with the rules in everything, but who knows, she is just trying to adapt, and she also wants to change this decadent rule one day.

After the sisters went out, they always had to find a way to make a living. They wanted to open a shop together, but they didn’t expect the shop owner to refuse to rent the shop to them. The shopkeeper even said that Xinchuan had never rented a shop to a woman before, so it would be too unlucky. Bai Lu couldn’t help being annoyed, and retorted that the store owner might also be born to a girl. Unexpectedly, the shopkeeper turned into anger from embarrassment, accusing Bai Lu and the others of messing around. Li Wei suddenly appeared, holding a book of laws to support the sisters, and bluntly said that the Xinchuan law has never stipulated that women cannot open shops.

If this path fails, there is another path. But this Xinchuan monster is strange, it seems that there is no way for women. Right now the shop is not rented, and the sisters’ money is almost used up. When everyone was worried, Ruan Sisi walked in with a golden unicorn. There is no need to worry about funds, but the first step in opening a shop-how to rent a shop. For this reason, Li Wei, Yuan Ying, and Shangguan Jing found a shopkeeper who was planning to rent a shop, and after some discussion with him, they finally rented this suitable shop.

It has been a long time since Shangguan Jing went in, and Yin Qi was waiting outside very anxiously, wanting to go in to help. But Yin Zheng felt that they had to solve some things by themselves. After seeing the three women coming out of the store with smiles on their faces, Yin Zheng and Yin Qi felt relieved.

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