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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 19 Recap

Li Wei comforted Song Wu, maybe her sweetheart was at the next intersection. As soon as the words fell, Li Wei noticed the mushrooms next to her, and hurried to the shop to buy some back. Song Wu was still out of her mind, and it took a long time to realize that she and Li Wei were separated. After searching for a long time, Song Wu did not find Li Wei, but instead found a crying little girl.

Song Wu squatted in front of the little girl and kindly asked her why she was crying. The little girl told Song Wu that she was waiting for Song Wu. Song Wu found it very strange that she didn’t seem to know this little girl. At this time, the real Song Wu was also looking for his little sister on the street, so he met Li Wei who was looking for Song Wu. After a while, the two Song Wu (Wu) met.

After returning from Mochuan, the third child followed the doctor’s advice and took the medicine for many days. But these are all perfect tonic medicines, taking too much of them not only has no medicinal effect, but can even harm the body. No, the third child finally couldn’t bear it and fell down. The imperial doctor diagnosed and treated him and told him the good news-he was indeed capable of giving birth. The third child was even more puzzled, why he didn’t even have a child after so many years.

The sisters got together and joked about the third child, but unexpectedly the third child walked in suddenly with a very gloomy face. It turned out that the third child discovered the secret of the sisters, and they had been taking child-avoiding medicine. The third child became angry from embarrassment, and wanted to use family law against everyone. Li Wei and Yuan Ying arrived in time to rescue the sisters. Now that the matter has come to this point, there is no need for everyone to bear it anymore, and they all stand up and accuse the third child of hurting themselves.

The third child told the female relatives that from today onwards, he would cut off all their monthly payments, and he wanted to let them know how good he was to them in the past. Shuang Jiang finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and said bluntly, in this way, there is no need for him to stay. The rest of the sisters agreed one after another, saying that everyone wanted to leave a long time ago.

The third child was shocked and couldn’t believe what he heard. After regaining his senses, he clenched his molars and reminded everyone that if he left this door today, he might starve to death tomorrow. Shuang Jiang took a deep breath and was the first to go out. Afterwards, the sisters walked past the third child one after another and left the house. What the third child never expected was that Haitang followed him.

After the sisters go out, they always think of a way to make a living. Li Wei and Yuan Ying thought that Yin Zheng had said before that after the market system stabilized, women might be allowed to do business. Everyone was overjoyed and decided to raise funds to open a store. Li Wei was about to talk about this with Song Wu, but the other party’s thoughts flew to the scholar Song Wu.

Song Wu was worried about Song Wu, and wanted Song Wu to be devoted to her, so she asked Li Wei what to do. Li Wei has no experience with this kind of thing, but she told Song Wu about the encounter between her parents, hoping to give Song Wu some inspiration. Just do it, Song Wu followed Li Wei’s parents and came to “hero to save the beauty”. But no one expected that Wu Song would see through this scene.

Today’s scene destroyed Song Wu’s bookstore, Song Wu felt very sorry, and worried that he would hate herself because of it. But Song Wu was not a coy person, she called Song Wu to stop, and showed him her intentions. In fact, Song Wu’s heart was beating wildly that night, even his younger sister could see his intentions, but he felt that he seemed not worthy of Princess Song Wu. Encouraged by his sister, Song Wu finally plucked up the courage to express his heart to Song Wu.

Looking at the pink bubbles around the two of them, the corners of Li Wei’s mouth in the distance rose wildly. But as a sister-in-law, she had to worry that Song Wu would be hurt, so she asked Yin Zheng to test Song Wu. Yin Zheng proposed to Song Wu that he could find a job for him, so that he would not have to work hard to obtain fame. Song Wu resolutely refused, saying that he was unwilling to waste many years of sage books. Hearing Song Wu’s words, Yin Zheng smiled very satisfied.

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