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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 9 Recap

Yang’s mother expressed that she has no objection to her son’s marriage, but hopes that her son can find someone he really likes to marry. And Qin Shi’s attitude towards marriage as a child’s play made her think that such a marriage would lead to divorce sooner or later, so she disagreed with their marriage. Qin Shi believes that Yang’s mother has never considered Yanghua’s feelings. Single, married, and divorced should be understood. As a mother, she should give her son the greatest understanding to avoid being hurt by social prejudice, instead of standing on the sidelines. On the contrary, use this prejudice to hurt him.

Mother Yang wanted to take Yanghua home, and said that she would never force her to marry again. Qin Shi warned Yangmu, hoping that she would not appear in her workplace to talk about herself with her colleagues in the future. Yanghua sent his mother away, and returned to the law firm to carry Qin Shi, who was barefoot, all the way back to the office, which made his colleagues in the law firm very envious. Returning to Qin Shi’s office, Yanghua cleaned Qin Shi’s feet and watched Qin Shi find new shoes to put on. He apologized for what his mother said today, and said that he would go home today and have a good talk with his mother.

Li Dai analyzed the relationship between Yanghua’s mother and Qin Shi. She asked Lao Qiao to help analyze why Yanghua concealed the fact that her mother was married. Li Dai also guessed that either Yanghua had a secret to hide the fact of marriage, or he was a scumbag. She assumes that if Yang Hua is really single, then Qin Shi is not married at all.

Yang’s father and Yang’s mother prepared a table of good food for Yanghua who returned home. Yanghua apologized for worrying his parents before, but also said that his mother’s behavior when she ran to Qin Shi’s lawyer today was very rude. Although my mother loves herself very much, she can’t hurt Qin Shi just because she loves herself. Although the family environment has a great influence on a person, it did not affect Qin Shi’s ability to become an excellent lawyer.

Yang Hua said that even if he doesn’t marry Qin Shi, he still wants to move out and live an independent life. Yang’s father is very supportive of Yanghua’s decision, and also admires the excellent Qin Shi. Although he knows that there is no need to worry about getting married, he still supports them to continue their relationship.

Qin Wenyu took his new girlfriend out for a big meal, but when he checked out, he found that neither his mobile phone nor his bank card could pay, so he finally found an excuse to ask his girlfriend to pay the bill. Later, Qin Wenyu couldn’t get through to Ren Meimei, and was blocked from going to his eldest brother’s house to ask for help. In the end, he had to borrow 400 yuan from his sister-in-law to live temporarily. I thought my friend could help me, but in the end my friend was afraid that Ren Meimei would deal with her and dare not help Qin Wenyu anymore.

Yanghua and his father drank a few cups and returned to the residence drunk. Qin Shi will have a party with the company’s partners tomorrow, and hopes that Yanghua can help attend. But Yanghua was drunk and wanted to take a bath as soon as possible, saying that he would talk to Qin Shi in detail later. But after taking a bath, Yang Hua didn’t sober up, instead he chanted poems and praised Qin Shi, which made Qin Shi laugh out loud.

The next morning, Qin Shi asks Yanghua to accompany him to the party. Yanghua asks whether Qin Shi kept the matter of Lowe Magnolia a secret because the lawyer has something to do with the 25 million debt. Yang Hua wanted to know how Qin Shi would choose as a good lawyer if the interests of lawyers conflicted with the interests of many people. But Yanghua thought that if the law firm covered up the truth in order to protect its own interests, would Qin Shi still think he was a good lawyer when those ordinary people lost their money?

But Qin Shi believes that all investments are risky, and Yang Hua should understand these risks. Yang Hua thought of his own experience back then, and approved Qin Shi’s words. But he still doesn’t want to accompany Qin Shi to the party. Qin Shi plays the love poem written by Yanghua last night, and Yanghua has no choice but to agree.

Qin Shi brought Yanghua to Tang Yihui’s home, and Qin Shi took the opportunity to introduce Yanghua’s partners in the company.

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