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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 17 Recap

Sister-in-law Jiang Yue brought an imperial doctor to visit Song Wu, and they were so frightened that they rushed out to make a rescue. Yin Zheng hurried back and told Jiang Yue that the palace was already measuring Ping An. The sister-in-law didn’t care about what the imperial doctor said, so she hurriedly said goodbye and left. Su Shen took a bag of money and sent out several imperial physicians. Yin Zheng couldn’t help but wonder, if the intermarriage agreement was cancelled, Princess Ping’an would not have to marry. Hearing Yin Zheng’s words, Li Wei immediately understood what he wanted to do. Li Wei apologized to Yin Zheng for wrongly blaming him for this matter.

Above the court, Yin Kun suddenly appeared, imploring the Lord to take back his order and cancel this engagement. The Lord was furious, and Yin Zheng hurried forward to make a rescue. Yin Zheng suggested that he has a way to dissolve the engagement without affecting the peace between the two rivers. He asked the Lord to allow himself to try. Right now, there is no other way, Chuanzhu can only be a dead horse as a living horse doctor, and agree to Yin Zheng’s request. However, he only gave Yin Zheng three days. If things didn’t turn around after three days, he could only order Princess Ping’an to marry Mo Chuan, and Yin Zheng and Yin Kun would also be punished.

Mochuan people are rough and rough, they are more willing to believe in intermarriage than a piece of paper. If he could think of other ways to reassure Mo Chuan, then Lord Mo Chuan would naturally not insist on letting Princess Xinchuan marry far away. The people of Mochuan live as nomads and do not care about farming. Over time, they lack supplies, so they are not as good as Xinchuan. How to help them develop farming, several people can’t think of a way for a while. Li Wei suddenly thought that maybe she could persuade Mrs. Mo Chuan, who was here this time, to delay the time.

At the reception banquet, Yin Zheng, Li Wei and Yuan Ying sang together and finally convinced Mrs. Mo Chuan that if Xin Chuan could help Mo Chuan develop the economy, there would be no need for intermarriage. Mochuan is located in the north, it is a severe cold place, covered with snow and covered with silver. Yin Zheng, Yin Qi, and Yin An went to Mochuan together. Li Wei knew that people in Mochuan liked to drink, and worried that Yin Zheng would drink too much, so she had the foresight to bring a basket of colostrum mushrooms that could be saved.

Yin Kun and Jiang Yue waited outside the door early, looking forward to the arrival of their brothers. As soon as he entered the house, Yin Kun ordered someone to bring camel milk to warm everyone up. Jiang Yue was worried that everyone was exhausted and hungry, so she asked someone to bring some snacks. Yin Qi couldn’t help muttering, can this snack really fill his stomach? When he saw those huge “snacks”, Yin Qi couldn’t help exclaiming.

Mochuan is different from Xinchuan. People in Mochuan prefer to solve problems at the wine table rather than reasoning about the pros and cons. Therefore, Yin Kun has already made arrangements to take everyone to meet Brother Qiao later. Brother Qiao is the most prestigious herdsman in Mochuan. Farmers, big and small, basically listen to him.

If he can be persuaded to change their minds, it will be much easier to promote farming. It’s really better to be famous than to meet him. This brother Qiao is even more bold and unrestrained than imagined. He drank three bowls of wine as soon as he entered the door. After a long time, without saying a word about the business, a large room of people drank out of shape.

Among them, Lao Wu drank the most, and when he returned to the room, he even put clothes on Shangguan Jing’s treasured swords and coaxed them like children. Listening to the nonsense of the fifth child, Shangguan Jing only felt warm in her heart. It turned out that he had always cared about herself.

Li Wei and Yin Zheng thought about it all night, since drinking is not enough, they should drink tea. Sure enough, Brother Qiao still couldn’t stand the bowl after bowl of tea, so he could only discuss business with Yin Zheng. Yin Zhengen used both power and power, hoping to persuade Brother Qiao to support the development of Nongsang.

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