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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 16 Recap

Yuanying sent a message to Hao Jia in the name of the young master’s wife, and it happened that Yin Song was not at the house, so Hao Jia wanted to sneak out, but unexpectedly Zhao Fangru bumped into her. Zhao Fangru didn’t make a sound to stop her, but she couldn’t figure it out. Hao Jia should know better than herself what the consequences would be if she went out privately, but why she still chose to do so. Zhao Fangru couldn’t help but sighed heavily, ever since Yin Song made a move on Hao Jia last time, her heart became colder and colder. In the past, Zhao Fangru also liked to go out to play. People in the palace praised her for being clever, and her limelight was no less than that of the current Princess Jinchuan, but later she was pinched by Yin Song and trapped in this deep boudoir.

The sisters haven’t been together for a long time, so naturally there is a lot to talk about in this rare gathering. Several people drank several glasses one after another, and they were all so drunk that they couldn’t tell the direction. Li Wei heard Mr. Storyteller talking about men and women, and couldn’t help being annoyed by his prejudice against women, so she stepped forward to take his place and talk about her thoughts. The women below cheered and applauded repeatedly, but the men couldn’t sit still and started arguing with Li Wei. Li Wei spoke clearly and logically, and finally defeated the storyteller and won a lot of applause. Afterwards, several young masters went to the restaurant to pick up their respective female relatives.

Zhao Fangru brought Hao Jia a bowl of noodles, but she said something unpleasant. Hao Jia has always been sensitive and tactful, so she can naturally sense Zhao Fangru’s kindness. In fact, the two had no grievances at all, but there was a man with problems, so it was better to make peace. But Zhao Fangru didn’t give an answer, so Hao Jia could only shrug.

Mrs. Chuan urged Haitang to reproduce, but she never expected that Haitang would take the initiative to ask Mrs. Chuan to divorce herself. The third child stumbled in from the outside, took Haitang’s hand and apologized to Mrs. Chuan. Afterwards, he took Haitang and the twenty-four solar terms girls out to seek medical treatment. But the third child never thought that the doctor did not prescribe medicine for the woman, but prescribed a medicine for himself.

The affairs of Fangshi have been harvested, and the Lord greatly appreciates them in the court. But right now the matter of Mochuan still needs to be resolved. At this time, several noble girls have to be sent to Mochuan for intermarriage, but there are very few marriageable women in the palace. Yin Song actually used his ghostly thoughts here, trying to push the other young master’s younger sisters out. But those princesses are still young and not the best candidates. Mrs. Chuan thought about it and thought of Song Wu. Song Wu was very proud of being called into the palace by Lord Chuan and Mrs. Chuan, but when she entered the palace, she heard the news of a thunderbolt.

I don’t know when it started to rain heavily, and the thunder and lightning were so terrifying. Song Wu came back in a daze, her body was already drenched. Seeing Su Shen, Song Wu couldn’t hold on any longer and fell down. Yin Zheng was very worried when he saw this, he hurriedly helped her to the seat, and asked someone to bring a quilt.

Song Wu sat on the bed with her whole body wet, water or tears flowed down her face slowly as her body trembled. Yin Zheng was distressed and confused, so he hurriedly asked her what happened. Song Wu tried her best to remain calm. She told everyone that she seemed to be named Princess Kening… Before she could finish speaking, she began to whimper and cry again. Yin Zheng was very anxious and didn’t understand what happened to Song Wu. Fortunately, Li Wei who was on the side heard Song Wu’s words clearly, saying that she was going to be married to Mochuan as Princess Kening. Song Wu couldn’t help howling at the sky, cursing those people for their conscience. Yin Zheng quickly covered Song Wu’s words, and patted her on the back lightly to calm her down.

New Mexico and Sichuan have a special relationship, so intermarriage is needed to make each other feel at ease. But Li Wei couldn’t figure out why the woman’s happiness had to be sacrificed in such a big situation. In order to let Song Wu escape this marriage, Li Wei specially put on “sick makeup” for her and asked her to pretend to be sick. But who would have thought that the imperial physician was so skilled in medicine that he could tell at a glance that Song Wu was fine. They had no choice but to use their power to overwhelm others, threatening the imperial physician to spread the news of Song Wu’s serious illness.

In the current situation, the lord has no choice but to let the first princess marry. But Princess Shuyu is Mrs. Chuan’s heart, how could she be willing to send her precious woman to such a bitter cold place. Mrs. Chuan immediately suggested that the eldest daughter, Princess Pingan, be married. Soon, the news spread to the young master’s mansion, and the young master’s wife, Jiang Yueyi, was ill. Ping An was unwilling in his heart, but he still wanted to comfort his sad mother. Unexpectedly, the young master Yin Kun suddenly refused to marry his daughter.

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