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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 8 Recap

Zhao Danping came to the law firm at ten o’clock as scheduled. Tang Yihui felt very sorry for the rumors between the law firm and Lowe Magnolia, but after investigation, they found that the instigator of spreading the rumors was not from the law firm, but from the law firm. Lawyer Gao learned the news after talking with this person on the phone. After reading the video and lip language found by Qin Shi, it was confirmed that the content of the phone call was that Lowe Magnolia was about to fall, and that Cheng and Hui were going to be dragged into the water.

Although the assistant lawyer was directly responsible, Tang Yihui did not deny their negligence in management, and solemnly apologized to Mr. Lan for this. However, although Zhao Danping was dissatisfied with Tang Yihui’s handling, he still redeemed Tang Yihui’s investment to her. He also said that what they cared about was the reputation and reputation of Luowei Yulan, and from today onwards, they did not want to hear any information about Cheng Yuhui and Luowei Yulan. Otherwise, she will reserve all rights to pursue legal responsibility.

Although Mr. Lan was offended by this matter, Tang Yihui was still very happy to get back the investment money. Only after Qin Shi investigated and monitored did he discover that the assistant lawyer, Attorney Gao, learned the news only after overhearing the conversation between Li Dai and Lao Qiao. But in the face of Tang Yihui’s inquiry, she still helped to conceal the matter.

This time Qin Shi resolved the matter perfectly, and Tang Yihui was also willing to be Qin Shi’s recommender to enter the eleventh floor, but the final result would depend on the voting results of all partners. Tang Yihui said that Qin Shi is very lucky to have such a husband and marriage, because now the chances of single female lawyers entering the partner waiting list are almost zero. The path of professional women is not easy. How to choose and how to balance are all tests. Tang Yihui also hopes that Qin Shi can think about these issues carefully.

In order to prevent Qin Wenyu from being cheated, Ren Meimei and her mother-in-law withheld all the money from Qin Wenyu. The mother-in-law also taught Ren Meimei not to be soft-hearted towards her husband. When Li Dai learned that Lawyer Gao was fired, she was worried that he had overheard the conversation between her and Lao Qiao. Lao Qiao warned her that the matter had been settled and that the higher-ups were not going to investigate anymore, so she told Li Dai not to jump in again. . When Li Dai returned to the office, she saw herself and Lao Qiao from the USB flash drive on the desktop, and knew that this was a warning from Qin Shi.

Li Dai received a call from the wedding company and learned that Yanghua, who had arranged for her at the beginning, already had a girlfriend. She asked if Mr. Yanghua, who was going on a blind date, had a single certificate. The wedding company said that all members of the company would verify their identities. After this questioning, she also confirmed that Yang Hua was indeed unmarried. Li Dai secretly came to Qin Shi’s office to check her couple’s photo, but was interrupted by Qin Shi who rushed over. The two fought fiercely and refused to give in to each other, and neither was willing to give up the opportunity to live on the eleventh floor and become a partner.

Yanghua went home to pack his luggage, and it happened that Yang’s mother was not at home. Although Yang’s father supported his son to move out and be independent, he thought the timing was not right. He also believed that marriage should not be too hasty, and love should not be impulsive and unreasonable. product of rationality. Back then, Yang’s father and Yang’s mother fell in love at first sight, but they finally came together after a year of dating. Yang’s father recognized Qin Shi’s beauty and ability, but also worried that Yang’s mother’s temper would do something to affect Qin Shi.

From his father’s mouth, Yang Hua learned that his mother’s family called Qin Shi’s law firm. Yangmu has already found a law firm at this time, and wants to make an appointment with Qin Shi alone. Yangmu was stopped outside the law firm because she didn’t have an appointment, and happened to be bumped into by Li Dai. Li Dai helped Qin Shi receive Yangmu as a colleague, and Yangmu also took the opportunity to inquire about Qin Shi’s related matters. During the chat between the two, Li Dai deliberately revealed that Qin Shi and Yanghua were married, and Yang’s mother just wanted to refute that her son was unmarried, and Qin Shi rushed back to the company after receiving Yanghua’s notice. Qin Shi gave Yangmu two choices, one is to wait for Yanghua to pick her up, the other is to chat with himself.

Qin Shi brought Yang’s mother to the reception room, and Yang’s mother accused Qin Shi of lying and telling others that she was married to Yanghua, but Qin Shi refuted that she and Yanghua were dating on the premise of marriage. Yang’s mother has long seen through that the two of them are not in love, and today she has verified that Qin Shi is excellent, but Yang Hua is not good enough for Qin Shi.

She just wants to know what is the relationship between her son and Qin Shi. When Yang Hua came to explain the matter, Qin Shi stopped him. Qin Shi said that the two were indeed going to get married, but they did not get married because of love. After all, love can only last eighteen months, and marriage is to last. for life. Neither she nor Yanghua believed in love, so they only wanted to get married and not fall in love, so they hit it off and got married as a matter of course.

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