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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 6 Recap

Qin Shi found Tang Yihui with the report compiled by Yanghua, and told her about the problem of Lowe Magnolia. She was very worried that there would be problems in the later stage of the products invested by Lowe Magnolia, so she was considering whether to make a contract with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. But Tang Yihui said that it was too late and the contract had already been sent. Qin Shi contacted Wu Fei to help intercept the courier. Wu Fei found the courier slip and contacted the courier to intercept the courier.

Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi about the credibility of the report, and Qin Shi said that she trusted the person who wrote the report 100%, so she was willing to take responsibility for any problems that arose. Li Dai came to the office to stop Qin Shi, and she hoped that the contract would go smoothly. Qin Shi showed the report to Li Dai, who was also surprised. At this time, Lao Jin called.

He learned the information in the report and asked Tang Yihui if he had invested in Lowe Magnolia. What was surprising was that Tang Yihui also invested in Lowe Magnolia, and invested 25 million. Lao Jin rushed back to the company and asked Li Dai and Qin Shi their views on the matter, but Qin Shi thought that the matter was not optimistic, and it was very difficult to get back the investment in advance.

Lao Jin asked who wrote the report because he wanted to confirm the credibility of the report. Qin Shi said that the report was written by his husband Yanghua, and Lao Jin asked Qin Shi, hoping that Yanghua would keep all the data he saw confidential. Lao Jin told Tang Yihui not to worry, and before Lowe Magnolia has any payment problems, even if it pays some liquidated damages, hurry up and redeem the funds.

Tang Yihui called Mr. Lan, wanting to redeem the investment in advance, Mr. Ke Lan said that Pang Dingfang is now abroad, and he will deal with the matter immediately when he returns to Congress. Li Dai was also worried about the money. She quietly told Lao Qiao about it, and learned from Lao Qiao that the money was the working capital of the law firm. Lao Qiao commented on the competition between Li Dai and Qin Shi. The two are equally capable, but Qin Shi has an inherent advantage over Li Dai. After all, Qin Shi is currently married and has children, while Li Dai is unmarried and has no children.

In fact, Li Dai has always been anxious to find a partner, and also contacted a blind date agency to help introduce a partner. It just so happened that the person who missed the appointment last time was pushed again by the blind date agency, and Li Dai accidentally discovered that the blind date had the same name as Mr. Qin Shi. Li Dai took the opportunity to ask Qin Shi about her husband’s occupation, and it turned out that it was as she thought.

The news of the cooperation between the law firm and Lowe Magnolia was leaked, and other partners also suspected that the law firm’s liquidity was tight. Tang Yihui and Lao Jin were quite troubled by this. Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi and Li Dai who leaked the news, but both of them denied The leak. Qin Shi thinks that the leak of the news may be a good thing for the law firm. In this way, Mr. Lan may be under pressure and may return 25 million, but the law firm will definitely offend Mr. Lan.

After Qin Shi appeased Tang Yihui, she left the office with Li Dai. She privately persuaded Li Dai to confess to Lao Qiao. After all, she had already guessed that Li Dai and Lao Qiao leaked the news. Although Li Dai did not admit that she leaked the secret, she still contacted Lao Qiao in a panic to confess.

Yang’s mother let Yanghua know about the wedding company’s blind date arrangement for her. Yang’s mother still hopes that her son can continue the blind date without telling Qin Shi. But Yanghua had already told the other party that he already had a girlfriend, and Yang’s mother didn’t object when she heard about it, instead she tested Qin Shi’s occupation and company address.

Qin Shi took advantage of the time when Wu Fei came to report on her work to ask her how familiar she was with Ximei PR, and learned that Wu Fei and Ximei PR had known each other since childhood. Then she asked her if she knew Tao Junhui. Wu Fei didn’t say that Tao Junhui was her boyfriend, but that Tao Junhui’s girlfriend was the daughter of Ximei’s public relations boss. Qin Shi asked Wu Fei to inquire about which cases Tao Junhui is currently in charge of at New World Law Firm. She suspected that Tao Junhui had a case of Lowe Magnolia in hand.

Ren Meimei was upset, so she brought wine to find Qin Shi, but accidentally found Yanghua at Qin Shi’s home. Qin Shi learned that Ren Meimei knew about her cohabitation with Yanghua, and hurried home. Li Dai went to Lao Qiao and asked him about the appearance of Qin Shi’s husband, but Lao Qiao was not sure that the person she saw at the banquet was Li Dai’s blind date, but in the end Lao Qiao reminded Li Dai that she could go to Qin Shi’s desk to see her photo frame for verification . Li Dai came to Qin Shi’s office secretly, but found that Qin Shi’s office had been locked, and Qin Shi had already returned home from get off work.

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