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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 20 Recap

Hunan University held an information security competition this time. After seeing the news, Li Xun told Zhu Yun that Fang Zhijing was also participating in the competition. This made Zhu Yun a little annoyed, thinking that Fang Zhijing was lingering. Gao Jianhong found Li Xun on purpose, and saw Fang Zhijing go to the organizing committee. He was worried that it would be bad for him, and hoped that Li Xun would not provoke Fang Zhijing, and Li Xun agreed.

Li Xun was called by Mr. Lin to help record the data. When Li Xun went, Fang Zhijing was on the spot to help Mr. Lin with the data. Mr. Lin said a lot about Li Xun in front of Fang Zhijing. On the surface, he blamed Li Xun for being too arrogant and offending Many people are actually proud of Li Xun, thinking that he is very principled in doing things, and the error rate is minimized, so he started a company in his senior year. Many companies came to cooperate with him, but those who did not meet Li Xun’s requirements were rejected. Outside the door, these words were irritating to Fang Zhijing, and Fang Zhijing listened to them patiently.

When he was leaving, he was stopped by Li Xun. Li Xun asked Fang Zhijing if he had gone to the organizing committee. This also made Fang Zhijing realize that Li Xun cared about Gao Jianhong, and at the same time proposed that Li Xun would apologize to him in public. He will let Gao Jianhong go, and Gao Jianhong will have a bright future. Li Xun is willing to apologize, but not to Fang Zhijing, but to the contestants who participated in the competition. Because he broke the rules, he should apologize.

At the beginning of the conference, Li Xun recalled what happened three years ago and apologized to the original contestants. It was unfair to everyone to cancel the competition because of him. But Fang Zhijing’s name was not mentioned at all. The representative of the organizing committee also came to the stage, announced the results of the investigation, made a summary of what happened three years ago, believed that Li Xun’s behavior had caused a bad influence, and removed Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong from the first place. The trio were banned from competing for three years.

Li Xun looked back at Fang Zhijing, and Fang Zhijing showed a smug smile. After the game, Li Xun waited for Fang Zhijing at the door, and formally told Fang Zhijing that he would always stare at Fang Zhijing. Nothing will happen, Fang Zhijing’s heart was also shaken.

Then Li Xun went to Gao Jianhong to apologize, hoping that Gao Jianhong could come to his company. Gao Jianhong already knew what Fang Zhijing said, and blamed Li Xun for refusing to bow his head for him. He was always superior. He admitted that he was no match for Li Xun, but I also hope that I will never have anything to do with Li Xun from now on.

When Liu Ailin and Zhu Guangyi were watching the news, they found a video of an interview with Li Xun, and sitting in the office behind Li Xun was Zhu Yun. Although it was only from the back, Liu Ailin recognized Zhu Yun. At this time in the office, Li Xu also proposed to meet his parents and expressed his love for Zhu Yun. It was the first time Zhu Yun heard Li Xun’s confession, and she was so excited that she kissed Li Xun.

When Zhu Yun returned home, her parents cooked a table of meals. Zhu Yun told her parents that she had given up her postgraduate education and planned to start a business, but her mother objected. Zhu Yun also told her parents about her being with Li Xun , but her mother resolutely opposed it, and she was very hostile towards Li Xun, thinking that Li Xun was the kind of person who would do anything to succeed and deliberately broke the rules of the game, but Zhu Yun told her parents that Li Xun did it for her.

His parents objected so much, Zhu Yun packed up his things and was about to leave, but his parents stood at the door to stop him, Zhu Guangyi also asked Zhu Yun if his parents were not as important as Li Xun, Zhu Yun immediately said so, and his parents were so angry that they shut him up at home to reflect.

Li Xun also went early and Li Lan invited Li Lan to dinner. Li Lan persuaded Li Xun not to give her any more money. Seeing the scar on Li Lan’s neck, Li Xun guessed that the money must have been taken by Zhang Dagang, and he also accepted it. There were many grievances. Li Xun directly asked Li Lan to divorce. He would treat Li Lan’s illness and be responsible for the rest of Li Lan’s life. Li Lan shed tears and nodded in agreement. He also found that Li Xun had changed now and knew how to care for others. Li Xun arranged a place for Li Lan, hoping that she would have an operation and leave after seeing Zhu Yun, Li Lan agreed.

Fang Zhijing had lingering fears about Li Xun, so he found Gao Jianhong, hoping that he could help persuade Li Xun not to target him, and the matter passed like this, and he could give Gao Jianhong a chance to Guan Peisheng, but Gao Jianhong didn’t agree at all, Fang Zhijing satirized Gao Jian Hong would only run after Li Xun’s ass, and couldn’t even catch up with a girlfriend. Gao Jianhong became angry and reminded Fang Zhijing that he and Li Xun were brothers. Li Xun was hundreds of times stronger than Fang Zhijing. Li Xun is busy taking care of his sister’s surgery now, but after the operation, he will definitely stare at Fang Zhijing, Fang Zhi If Jing wants to enter the finals, he has to think carefully. Li Xun has ten thousand ways to embarrass him.

Li Lan had an eye problem and had an operation. Li Xun saw that Li Lan was fine and left first. When Li Lan was eating at the hotel because he didn’t know how to use the water heater, Fang Zhijing, who had been following behind him, saw the opportunity and offered to help. He also lied that he was Li Xun’s friend.

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