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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 5 Recap

Yang Hua was allowed to go home for dinner by her mother. During the meal, Yang’s mother expressed her approval of Qin Shi and agreed to the marriage of the two, but hoped that the two could cultivate their relationship, so she hoped that her son could go out and share the rent with Qin Shi to cultivate their relationship. Yanghua found his good friend Cai Liang to discuss the matter. He planned to create the illusion of co-renting to deal with his mother, so he asked Cai Liang to help rent a house, because he had no money, and asked Cai Liang to help him pay the rent temporarily.

Yanghua called Qin Shi to get back his luggage. Qin Shi asked Luowei Magnolia what problem he had. Under Yanghua’s prompt, Qin Shi also suspected the relationship between Luowei Magnolia and Heluowei International, so she asked Old Qiao to Delay the signing of the contract with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Then Qin Shi asked Wu Fei to suspend other work in her hand and investigate Luowei Magnolia with her. However, the two did not find any problems after investigating for a day, which made Qin Shi quite annoyed.

Qin Shi originally promised his elder brother Qin Wenbin to have dinner together, but seeing the time, he hurried to his elder brother’s house. When Qin Shi came here, he ate and drank a lot, and Qin Wenyu who came later did the same. They were full of food and drink. The elder brother Qin Wenbin originally wanted to discuss with his younger siblings about his father’s 70th birthday. When Ren Meimei divorced, Qin Shi and Qin Wenyu directly fought each other, and the brother and sister would not give in to each other.

Qin Shi thought it was for his own good that he persuaded him not to be good, but Qin Wenyu didn’t agree with this kindness. Eldest brother Qin Wenbin thinks that they are all children of the same father, and if there are conflicts, they can be reasoned and argued, but they can’t hurt their feelings. Qin Wenbin said that he apologized to Ren Meimei on Qin Wenyu’s behalf, and the matter ended here. All their affairs have to be postponed, and everything is focused on their father’s 70th birthday.

Tao Junhui bought sushi to visit his girlfriend Wu Fei who was working overtime. Wu Fei said that she would go back to the company to work overtime after dinner, so the two had to eat sushi in the car. Tao Junhui accidentally learned from Wu Fei that Qin Shi is her boss and the head of the family department. When the two chatted about Qin Shi, Wu Fei wanted to inquire more about his boss, but Tao Junhui pretended that he was not familiar with Qin Shi.

Qin Shi forgot to deliver luggage to Yanghua, so he had to ask Yanghua to pick it up in person. Yanghua came to Qin Shi’s home and saw that Qin Shi was busy checking the materials of Magnolia. Qin Shi learned that Yanghua graduated from a major in securities finance, so he asked him to help analyze the financial statements of Lowe Magnolia.

After a night of hard work, Yanghua also sorted out a piece of information about Luo Weiyulan. While Qin Shi was sleeping, he originally wanted to secretly take a group photo to prove to his mother that they lived together, but Qin Shi who woke up found out. Qin Shi learned of Yanghua’s mother’s plan, and directly took a video of the two of them very affectionate to Yanghua, asking him to take the video to his mother for business. If Yang’s mother still doesn’t believe in the relationship between the two, then Yanghua can also move in and share the rent with her, in case Yang’s mother really comes to check whether the two have shared the rent.

Originally, Yanghua thought it would be inconvenient to move to share the room with the two of them, but Qin Shi said that this is where he sleeps. There is usually no one at home, and there should not be many opportunities for the two to meet, so Yanghua can live in the study. Moreover, Qin Shi didn’t plan to collect the rent, so he took it as a reward for Yang Hua’s busy night of reading financial statements last night. Qin Shi got the materials prepared by Yanghua and hurried to work. But Yang Hua, who stayed alone in Qin Shi’s house, saw that the things in the house were messy, so he simply helped her tidy them up.

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