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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 4 Recap

Tao Junhui took Qin Shi to the men’s room and asked her why she was lying and why Qin Shi had an invitation letter from Ximei PR. Qin Shi was unwilling to answer his questions. Tao Junhui thinks that Qin Shi is like a clown now, his previous ambitions are gone, and Qin Shi fell and failed, he will be the happiest person. At this time, Yanghua happened to be looking for him, and Qin Shi hurriedly pulled Yanghua away.

Ren Meimei returned home, and under Qin Wenyu’s questioning, she had no choice but to apologize for the previous behavior of catching rape in the hotel, but she did not admit that it was because of this that she fired Vivian. Difficult. Seeing Qin Wenyu’s attitude, Ren Meimei was very angry. Ren Meimei, who returned to the room, remembered that Qin Shi had mentioned that Qin Wenyu was fun-loving and had a good face, and he had to use both soft and hard tactics to deal with him.

I wanted to go out to deliver a blanket to express my concern, but when I heard Qin Wenyu who was hiding in the bathroom calling Vivienne, he said that he was about to divorce, and she was so angry that she beat Qin Wenyu violently. The two had a big fight, and Qin Wenyu left home leave.

Qin Shi approached Mr. Lan to express his desire to serve as the association’s legal affairs officer, but Mr. Lan expressed his support for Zhao Danping’s choice and persuaded Qin Shi not to have too much ambition. Many things will not have results without hard work. Seeing that Qin Shi missed the opportunity to represent a lawyer, Tao Junhui taunted him.

Yanghua brought food to Qin Shi, and Qin Shi deliberately ate steak in front of Tao Junhui. But when she returned to the room, she was allergic to beef. Yanghua analyzed Qin Shi’s failure for many reasons, but the main reason was that Qin Shi was too emotional, so the rhythm was interrupted by the appearance of his ex-boyfriend. Qin Shi was disturbed by what he said, and sent him to the car to get allergy medicine, but the allergy medicine Yanghua found in the car had expired, so he had to go to the pharmacy to buy it again.

Tao Junhui was drinking downstairs in the hotel, and happened to meet Yanghua who came to buy medicine. He asked Yanghua to inquire about his relationship with Qin Shi. Read it because they are married. Yang Hua, who hurried back to the hotel room, found that Qin Shi had already taken the allergy medicine delivered by the hotel staff and had successfully fallen asleep. After tidying up, Yanghua was about to fall asleep, but Qin Shi’s snoring made it difficult for him to fall asleep, so he had to go back to the car to rest.

Early the next morning, Qin Shi, who had packed up his luggage and was about to leave, found Yanghua sleeping in the car. He thought Yanghua was resting in the car because he was afraid that he would disturb her sleep by snoring, but he didn’t know that he had disturbed Yanghua’s rest. On the way back, Qin Shi wondered why Tao Junhui appeared at this banquet. After all, he doesn’t like meaningless socializing, so there must be someone or something he cares about at the banquet.

Qin Shi received a call from Ren Meimei and knew that she and Qin Wenyu had quarreled again, so he drove back quickly to find them. Yanghua also got motion sickness due to the high speed of the car. It was left on Qin Shi’s car. Qin Shi rushed to the bar and saw that Ren Meimei was checking the counterfeit alcohol in the bar. Qin Shi threatened to collect evidence and report the case, which scared the bar operator Xiaopeng to apologize again and again, promising not to let Qin Wenyu step into the bar in the future.

Qin Shi accompanied Ren Meimei to dinner, and persuaded Ren Meimei that if she wanted to keep Qin Wenyu, she should lose her temper less, keep in mind the 28th rule, focus on 20% of the important things in front of her, and leave 80% of the unimportant things alone.

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