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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 3 Recap

Yang Hua believes that Qin Shi is a despicable villain who does not hesitate to use means to achieve his goals, opportunistically, regards other people’s losses as his own cost, and only cares about his own interests at all costs. Qin Shi was very angry, but he also said that he is a good lawyer, not only to win the lawsuit, but also to maintain the justice and fairness of the law.

And she is a lawyer like this, because an unreasonable lawyer will stop here, can’t enter a good law firm, and can’t receive influential cases. She lied and hurt Yang Hua, but she had no other choice. And the reason why she chose Yanghua before was because the words he posted on Weibo moved her, but now it seems that she chose the wrong person. After saying these words, Qin Shi left, but Yang Hua didn’t want to catch up and apologize for his words.

Yanghua planned to rent a house, but his mother had all the money in his hands, so he had no choice but to ask Cai Liang to borrow money. Cai Liang lent all the money in his hand to Yanghua, and persuaded Yanghua to apologize to Qin Shi. Yanghua called Qin Shi to express his apology, and asked Qin Shi to meet the next day.

After meeting the next day, Qin Shi learned that Yanghua wanted to find a temporary fiancée to make his mother give up the idea of ​​forcing him to get married. Qin Shi asked Yanghua to continue to play her husband for half a year, and she was also willing to play Yanghua’s girlfriend to reassure Yanghua’s mother. The two reached an agreement, Qin Shi drafted the content of the agreement, and the two signed the agreement.

Then Yanghua asked Qin Shi to accompany him home for two hours, but then Yanghua also accompanied Qin Shi to Pinghu for a business trip. Yang Hua takes Qin Shi home to meet his parents, and Yang’s mother is very surprised to hear that they are going to get married. Yang Hua also said that the two can date for a year first, and if there is no conflict, they will get married a year later.

They also plan to add Qin Shi’s name on the real estate certificate and live separately from their parents, so the parents can only move out. Moreover, the future money will also be managed by Qin Shi, and the two of them don’t plan to have children yet. But Yang’s mother’s attitude is different from Yanghua’s imagination.

Yang’s mother has long seen through her son’s acting, so she supports the relationship between the two on the surface, and even said that they can get married within three months. Seeing that Yanghua had nothing to say, Qin Shi simply said that he wanted to get married immediately, and he could let Yanghua live in his home, and even support himself without working. Yang’s mother panicked when she heard that her son was going to be someone else’s son-in-law. But in the face of Qin Shi’s arbitrary words, he couldn’t express his disapproval of the marriage.

Yanghua admires Qin Shi very much because he managed to deal with his mother. On the way back, Qin Shi showed Yanghua the information he had prepared about her husband. In the information, Yanghua was working in finance in Canada. They also had a son who was two and a half years old. Qin Shi asked Yanghua to remember this information and not to reveal his secrets in front of acquaintances.

Li Dai called and said that the female entrepreneur’s legal staff had confirmed that even if Qin Shi went to Mr. Lan, nothing would change. Li Dai asked Qin Shi to come back quickly, and they could discuss some things together. Qin Shi brought Yang Hua to the charity party smoothly, and then Tao Junhui also came here alone on behalf of New World Law Firm.

When he came to the room, Qin Shi dressed up meticulously, but in the end he was not satisfied with Yanghua’s outfit, so he had to take him to the hotel’s clothing store to buy a new set of clothes. Qin Shi was dissatisfied with Zhao Danping’s appointment of Li Dai as a legal lawyer because she thought her ability was higher than that of Li Dai. She came here today to fully demonstrate her ability, and one thing she is better than Li Dai is that she never backs down, whatever she wants to do, no matter how difficult it is, she will do it well. Yanghua suggested that Qin Shi persuade Pang Dingfang, the president of Yulan Group, and he took the initiative to approach Pang Dingfang to help Qin Shi, but Tao Junhui was also here at this time, and Qin Shi felt a little uncomfortable seeing Tao Junhui.

Yanghua realized that Tao Junhui was Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend, and didn’t want to help her deal with it. Mr. Lan introduced his colleague to Qin Shi, and this person was Tao Junhui, and Mr. Lan asked Tao Junhui to entertain Qin Shi. Qin Shi didn’t want to get in touch with Tao Junhui, so he simply dragged Yanghua away. Qin Shi and Tao Junhui dated for seven years, but Tao Junhui’s mother did not want her son to marry Yanghua, so the two finally broke up.

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