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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 1 Recap

Man is a kind of strange animal. He has no wings but yearns for heights, so people all over the world are keen on building skyscrapers. In the world, Asians are particularly obsessed with skyscrapers. Among the top ten in the world, nine are in Asia, and five of these nine are in China.

This day was a bad day for divorce lawyer Qin Shi. When she came to the hotel, she saw that Ren Meimei was about to smash the door of her husband Qin Wenyu. The book was handed over to Qin Wenyu, but Qin Wenyu refused to open the door to see Ren Meimei.

Qin Shi persuaded Ren Meimei to leave temporarily, and she entered the room alone to negotiate with Qin Wenyu. Sure enough, in the room, Qin Shi found the woman hiding in the closet. Although Qin Wenyu is the elder brother, Qin Shi, as an attorney, does not help his relatives, and decisively takes pictures and takes Qin Wenyu downstairs to discuss divorce with Ren Meimei.

Qin Wenyu and Ren Meimei are both financially independent and have no children. Now the drafted divorce agreement is the seventeenth version, but neither of them wants to owe the name of the divorce first. Qin Shi concluded that the two could not divorce, and warned Qin Wenyu, as a married man, to try his best to avoid the opportunity to be alone with any opposite sex. And if Ren Meimei wants to continue her marriage, please give her partner the utmost respect and trust. Then he threw it away and asked himself to be a divorce lawyer next time, and turned around and left after double the fee.

Yanghua’s mother arranged a series of blind dates for her son, but Yanghua judged these ladies one by one, and in the end, none of them took notice. Although Yanghua’s mother does not want her son to be successful, she also hopes that her son can give back to society and family, and hurry up to get married and have children. Yang Hua was so annoyed by her mother’s nagging that she hurried back to her room to speculate in stocks when she found a chance.

Yang’s mother came to the room, thinking that her son graduated from a prestigious university and was criticized for speculating in stocks at home all day long, so she made an appointment for a blind date for her son, and asked Yanghua to go to the appointment on time at 8:00 p.m., and the blind date was lawyer Li Dai.

When Qin Shi returned to the law firm, he received a video call from Tang Yihui. Tang Yihui asked her to help her consultant buy clothes styles, and told Qin Shi that Wu Fei, the niece of the vice president of Qin Shi’s Lawyers Association, had come to the law firm to report. Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi to pay more attention to her. take care of. Tang Yihui also mentioned that Bian Jing on the 11th floor was about to leave the law firm, so Qin Shi had to behave himself recently, and the chances of being replaced would always be higher than others.

Tang Yihui also asked Qin Shi to bring her husband to the evening party, but Qin Shi declined the invitation on the grounds that her husband was on a business trip abroad. But the fact is that Qin Shi does not have a husband, but lied that he was married when he joined the law firm, and his husband was a financial professional.

At the evening party banquet, Qin Shi came late and gave Tang Yihui the gift he had prepared, and wished her and her husband Lao Jin a happy 20th wedding anniversary. Tang Yihui quietly told that the jeweled woman in the distance was Lan Xiaoting, the president of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs, and that the legal advisor of their association had to be replaced, and there was an unwritten rule in their circle that they would not date single women or divorced women. In dealing with each other, Tang Yihui promised that if Qin Shi gets Mr. Lan, she can give Qin Shi the position on the eleventh floor and the status of a partner. Then Tang Yihui took Qin Shilai to strike up a conversation with Mr. Lan.

At this moment, Yanghua, who was on a blind date, came to the party to find lawyer Li Dai, but Tang Yihui happened to see him. Tang Yihui recognized him as Qin Shi’s husband in the photo, and brought Yanghua to find Qin Shi. Qin Shi was very surprised to see Yanghua, but quickly adjusted his expression and stepped forward to kiss Yanghua. Yang Hua was blindsided by the kiss for a while, and was finally taken away by Qin Shi.

Two years ago when Qin Shi joined the law firm, Bian Jing thought that single female lawyers had no good future, so she pretended to be a married woman for Qin Shi, so she randomly found someone from the Internet to pretend to be her husband, and this person happened to be Yang Hua. Qin Shi apologized to Yanghua for this matter, and said that they would not affect each other’s lives in the future.

But Yanghua thought that this lie would have a butterfly effect, and it would also affect her life and spirit, so she proposed to “divorce”. Qin Shi originally wanted to delay the time, but Yanghua only gave three days to prepare for the divorce. In order to prevent the truth of the marriage from being known to colleagues and bosses, Qin Shi had no choice but to agree to a written agreement to announce the news of the divorce within three days. loss.

Tang Yihui met Mr. Lan’s niece Zhao Danping at the party, but this person treated her perfunctorily, and then she entrusted Lao Qiao to investigate Zhao Danping’s background information. Through investigation, it was found that Zhao Danping was indeed Mr. Lan’s niece, and lawyer Li Dai was in charge of her divorce case, which made Li Dai’s attitude towards the law firm extremely bad. Because of this matter, Tang Yihui thought that all the hard work was wasted, but her husband, Mr. Jin, comforted her that it didn’t matter if she lost Mr. Lan’s clients, and he believed in Tang Yihui’s ability even more.

When Yang Hua came home, he found that his mother had changed the lock on the door of the room, and the mother told him when he would get married and let him go home again. Father Yang couldn’t stop his wife’s decision, so he had to let his son go out for a few days.

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