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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 14 Recap

The evening breeze was blowing slowly, and the carefully prepared delicacies were already cool. Song Wu was already too hungry, so she urged to have dinner quickly, since there would be no guests coming anyway. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Shangguan Jing came with a jar of good wine, and the sisters of the three young masters’ manor also rushed in. Several people rejoiced, but I didn’t expect Yin Qi to come limping later, and several brothers also showed up to celebrate. Although Hao Jia arrived late, it shows the truth.

After watching the gorgeous fireworks, everyone moved to the house to enjoy the delicious food. Everyone raised the wine to look at the bright moon, and congratulated Yin Zheng on the opening of his house. Unexpectedly, an accident happened. Yin Qi suddenly foamed at the mouth for some reason and passed out. After a diagnosis and treatment by the imperial physician, it was speculated that Yin Qi was poisoned. But Yin Zheng couldn’t understand why everyone was drinking and eating together tonight, why was Yin Qi alone poisoned.

Li Wei checked tonight’s meals, and found that the lettuce on the menu had been replaced with amaranth. Amaranth and soft-shelled turtle are incompatible with each other, and the two cannot be eaten together, otherwise they will be poisoned. With a flash of inspiration, Li Wei immediately got up and went to the kitchen. Right now, to get rid of the poison of mutual restraint of food, Yin Qi needs to pour a large amount of water spinach juice. This method really worked, Yin Qi felt less uncomfortable after drinking a bowl of vegetable juice. Everyone’s hanging hearts fell.

After being frightened, Yin Zheng thought a lot. Although he said he didn’t care, what happened today still made him feel very uncomfortable. Li Wei found him and asked him to express all the unhappiness in his heart. Yin Zheng felt very moved, so he took the wine glass and prepared to spit it out. Li Wei snatched the rice wine from Yin Zheng’s hand quickly, reminding him that he couldn’t drink it because of his stomach. Yin Zheng was a little innocent, saying that his stomach was healed. Li Wei acted like the housekeeper’s wife, determined not to let Yin Zheng drink.

Yin Zheng couldn’t help but murmured that although he was not good at drinking, he wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary, so why didn’t he let himself drink. Hearing this, Li Wei couldn’t help but ask Yin Zheng how he had the nerve to say this. Li Wei told Yin Zheng what happened in Danchuan at the time, and sat angrily waiting for him to explain. Hearing what Li Wei said, the memory of that night suddenly flashed, and Yin Zheng realized that he had actually done such a thing. He wanted to say something, but he seemed unable to say anything.

The old officials of the household administration department follow the old ways, and their subordinates are even more afraid of the light. And just one night, the fire was lit by two merchants. When the matter spread to the main hall, the Chuan master rebuked Yin Zheng in public and ordered him to appease the old minister and quell the anger. Yin Zheng was willing to be punished, but he was unwilling to admit that he was wrong, let alone give up the reform of the night market. This remark annoyed Chuanzhu, and the entire Sixth Young Lord’s Mansion was banned.

In fact, Chuanzhu knows that Yin Zheng is not at fault, but innovation is not easy. If he wants to continue to break through the market, he must stabilize those old officials. Besides, Lord Chuan is well aware of Yin Zheng’s personality. If he is not allowed to calm down and think at this time, his resolute personality will definitely add another batch of political enemies.

Li Wei was afraid that Yin Zheng would be sad alone, so she went to take care of him in his room. But looking at the calm Yin Zheng, Li Wei felt sad first. Ordinary children who suffer grievances will definitely be comforted by their parents, but Yin Zheng’s grievances come from their parents. Li Wei wiped away her tears, took out the dessert Liu Baoquan just made, and let Yin Zheng taste it. But the next day, a new problem came again. Before the opening of the mansion, the mansion had already spent a lot of money, and in addition to thinking about it behind closed doors recently, the mansion was already unable to make ends meet. Everyone shrunk food and food, and went to the ground to grow vegetables, but these days were still a bit difficult.

Mrs. Chuan was a little confused about the fact that the fifth and seventh sons opened the house. Before the sixth son opened the mansion ahead of time, it was because he had made great contributions, but the fifth and seventh sons had no achievements, so why were they able to open the mansion. But Chuanzhu knows that between the monarch and his ministers, brothers don’t worry about widows but inequality.

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