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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 19 Recap

Once when Fu Yizhuo was dancing, his leg was scratched by a nail. When he went to the hospital for tetanus, he saw Li Xun helping his mother get the test report. After learning about the situation at Li Xun’s house, he contracted all the homework to Li Xun. Xun, because he knew that Li Xun would not accept money for nothing.

For a while, Fu Yizhuo was denied by his teachers and parents to dance. He fell into a slump, and it was Li Xun who woke him up. The relationship between him and Li Xun is getting better and better. brother. He also knew that Li Xun was short of money, and the start-up capital for starting a company was a problem this time, but Li Xun would not borrow money from others. He took all his savings and hoped that Zhu Yun could pass it on to Li Xun, but Zhu Yun refused, saying that I will accompany Li Xun to realize all his dreams, and I believe that Li Xun will not accept the money.

Gao Jianhong asked Xu Lina out for dinner, and said a lot of sincere confession, then Xu Lina was also moved for a moment, and even wanted to accept the gift from Gao Jianhong to confirm the relationship between the two, but in the end she refused because she liked Chasing things that are not easy to get, although she knows that person doesn’t like her, she doesn’t want to give up easily. Gao Jianhong said that she will wait for Xu Lina, and also reminded Xu Lina that Li Xun and Zhu Yun have been together for three years. Tears, but still unwilling to give up, but also hope that Gao Jianhong can meet a better girl.

Li Xun has been writing codes on New Year’s Eve. Zhu Yun put his arms around Li Xun and asked for an event together. Li Xun took Zhu Yun to the street and saw someone selling blue flowers. Zhu Yun liked it very much, but the price was very high. Li Xun bought them all and gave them to Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun was very happy, and told Li Xun not to spend money indiscriminately in the future, but today is very special, this is the first time she received roses, Li Xun reminded Zhu Yun that this is a rose, but Zhu Yun insisted on naming it a rose . The two looked at the fireworks blooming in the sky and kissed passionately. Zhu Yun also told Li Xun that she had given up her postgraduate education and only wanted to be with Li Xun.

When the base was disbanded, everyone got together for a breakup meal. Gao Jianhong also knew about Zhu Yun’s abandonment of the research institute, and told her to stay with Li Xun, because Li Xun couldn’t live without her. Li Xun also stated his future direction, hoping to increase the chance of cancer resurgence, sharing some experienced data with some doctors on a platform, hoping to save more people. Gao Jianhong appreciates Li Xun’s idea of ​​starting a business, but he is unwilling to join the company, because when Xu Lina refused, he said that he likes Li Xun who is capable. After giving their names, Li Xun and Zhu Yun both said that Jili Company would always leave a position for Gao Jianhong, and there had always been three partners.

Fang Shumiao also drank too much, confessed to Li Xun, but also blamed Li Xun for scolding her in front of so many people, she didn’t like Li Xun anymore, and Li Xun picked up a good baby, Zhu rhyme. Wu Mengxing wanted to confess to Fang Shumiao, but Fang Shumiao rejected him before he could speak, thinking that the two were not suitable, Wu Mengxing still thanked Fang Shumiao for giving him beauty, and let him know what it is like to like someone.

Zhu Yun chatted with Ren Di, and found that Ren Di is now acting like a baby, and looks at Xiao Liu differently. He should like Xiao Liu, but Ren Di does not admit it. At this time, the new song sung by Xiao Liu makes Ren Di Hearing this, Ren Di stopped chatting and listened quietly, while Zhu Yun on the side watched silently, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Zhu Yun left with Li Xun and others. Zhu Yun thought that in the future, Ren Di’s singing would be everywhere in the streets and alleys, and hoped that everyone’s dreams could come true. A few drunk people sang and shouted together.

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