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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 17 Recap


Xu Lina came to look for Li Xun early in the morning, but was stopped by Gao Jianhong, who lied that Li Xun was sleeping and didn’t like to be disturbed by others, and offered to accompany Xu Lina to go shopping. After buying it, Gao Jianhong was very happy, thinking it was for him, but he saw it under Li Xun’s cabinet, which made him feel even more uncomfortable.

Zhu Yun met Fang Zhijing again unexpectedly, and Fang Zhijing proposed to add Zhu Yun’s contact information. Zhu Yun lied that he did not bring a mobile phone and did not want to have any contact with Fang Zhijing.

Gao Jianhong accidentally saw Fang Zhijing and the sponsor meeting in private, and even gave 30% of the patent fee to the other company to apply for a special award for him, but Gao Jianhong secretly recorded the results, and Xu Lina also saw Fang Zhijing and the sponsor When meeting Fang Zhijing, when he satirized him, he would only use indecent means, but Fang Zhijing also satirized Xu Lina who came in through the back door, so he was not qualified to criticize him at all.

Zhu Yun chased Fang Zhijing and asked him if he was really what Xu Lina said. Fang Zhijing joked that Zhu Yun was still as naive as before, and knowing that Li Xun and Zhu Yun participated in the competition this time to win him, he would not give it to him. At this opportunity, Zhu Yun mocked Fang Zhijing for being timid after seeing Li Xun end, and contacted the sponsor in private. But Fang Zhijing didn’t care about these at all. That night, Zhu Yun was depressed all the time, shutting himself in a dark room. Seeing Zhu Yun like this, Li Xun felt uncomfortable.

Gao Jianhong clearly grasped Fang Zhijing’s handle, but he didn’t say anything about his video recording. He just wanted to see what the omnipotent Li Xun could do. He could block his way, but he ended up with After walking countless ways, Gao Jianhong deleted the video content. Unsurprisingly, Li Xun and his team won the first prize. Representative Gao Jianhong came to the stage to accept the award. Li Xun did not come for a long time. After the special award was announced, Fang Zhijing talked on the stage again, claiming that he won the fair and aboveboard, and everyone All words are slanderous words. At this moment, Li Xun rushed over and satirized Fang Zhijing’s shabby project as an insult to the awards of this competition.

Li Xun proposed that Fang Zhijing’s encryption program could be cracked, and Fang Zhijing had to make a statement under the watchful eyes of everyone. As long as Li Xun could crack it, he would not pay any patent fees. When Li Xun saw the encrypted data transmitted from the USB drive, Aojiao said that he could have three ways to decipher it within one minute.

They even found some private group photos of Fang Zhijing in public, all with other women, and Zhijing’s girlfriend under the stage couldn’t sit still. Fang Zhijing hurriedly deleted those photos, and Li Xun found all the photos that could be deleted. Li Xun satirized Fang Zhijing for not being able to delete the files properly, and the audience cheered, but it was less than a minute. With only the last five seconds left, Li Xun gave Fang Zhijing another chance. The last five seconds counted down, and Li Xun also perfectly demonstrated what physical cracking is.

At the end, Li Xun played the video of the cafe at that time, and even the dialogue between Fang Zhijing and the sponsor was perfectly displayed. The host of the organizer reminded Li Xun that doing so was breaking the rules. Maybe his grades It will also affect whether it is worth it, but Li Xun said it was worth it, because for his love, Li Xun’s eyes stayed on Zhu Yun’s face. The audience cheered, Xu Lina confessed to Li Xun loudly, and Gao Jianhong left on the spot.

The host admired Li Xun very much. He also maintained fairness and justice this time, but also broke the rules and might be punished, but Li Xun didn’t care at all. The other party proposed that he had a project in Sanya and hoped that Li Xun could go there, but Li Xun refused. Indicates that it depends on your own time. Sitting beside Li Xun, Zhu Yun was never as happy as today, but she also asked Li Xun what kind of person he could call a princess. Li Xun told Zhu Yun that first of all, she must have a pair of beautiful eyes and be brave. All-or-nothing spirit.

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