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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 16 Recap

In the evening, Xu Lina invited dinner, and everyone passed by. Xu Lina also mentioned her senior brother Fang Zhijing. Although they praised Li Xun’s blue crown on the surface, they didn’t take it seriously, thinking that the biggest problem was the lag. After Fang Zhijing left, Zhu Yun caught up and asked him if he still remembered Xiaoyan. Fang Zhijing said calmly that he still remembered and would go to Xiaoyan’s grave to pay homage. Zhu Yun was dealt a particularly big blow, especially Fang Zhijing’s shameless provocation, claiming that he came this time for the first place.

That night, after returning home, Zhu Yun cried looking at the photo of her and Xiaoyan, hoping to let Li Xun participate in the competition together, but Li Xun refused, vaguely feeling that Zhu Yun had something in her heart. Zhu Yun went to Ren Di’s place for a drink in a bad mood, and told the whole story about Xiaoyan, because Zhu Yun and Xiaoyan were good friends before, and they also knew about Xiaoyan and Fang Zhijing’s love affair, but the matter of their love was discussed by the school forum.

The exposure in the Internet will directly affect Fang Zhijing’s recommendation quota, so Fang Zhijing published the chat records between him and Xiaoyan out of context, making everyone feel that it was just Xiaoyan’s wishful thinking. Zhu Yun asked Fang Zhijing for accountability, thinking that he It was irresponsible to pour dirty water on Xiaoyan, but Fang Zhijing thought that if Xiaoyan loved him, she should bear some infamy.

These words were also heard by Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan couldn’t bear so much mental pressure and committed suicide. Zhu Yun also went to the hospital when she was rescued. She saw such close friends leave her acquaintance, and saw her mother yelling loudly in the dark. cry. Zhu Yun also saw Fang Zhijing hiding behind, and chased him out to accuse Fang Zhijing, but Fang Zhijing thought that all the reasons were caused by Xiaoyan herself, because Xiaoyan’s heart was not strong enough, and it had nothing to do with him if she died. Being able to come here to see Xiaoyan off is already the best of humanity, these words deeply hurt Zhu Yun’s heart.

Zhu Yun asked Li Xun to participate in the competition again, but Li Xun didn’t want to participate in that kind of boring competition and didn’t agree. In order to teach Fang Zhijing a lesson by taking the first place, Zhu Yun approached Gao Jianhong and offered to join the project, and Gao Jianhong readily agreed. However, there was a bottleneck in the progress of the project, and it was still impossible to break through.

Gao Jianhong also hoped that Li Xun could join in, so Zhu Yun had no choice but to negotiate with Li Xun, gave Li Xun all her salary, and promised to work for Li Xun in the future to pay off debts Li Xun agreed to buy 100,000 yuan for him to win Fang Zhijing’s project, and put it in his pocket after signing the agreement.

When Li Xun and Zhu Yun returned to the base, Gao Jianhong had already overcome the difficulties and cheered and celebrated. Li Xun proposed to add him, but Gao Jianhong instinctively resisted and refused directly. Li Xun attacked his program. At the same time, Li Xun told Gao Jianhong that he could only get grades if he followed him. Gao Jianhong was so angry that Li Xun couldn’t speak, so he went directly to Teacher Lin.

After listening to the process, Mr. Lin also felt that Li Xun was too much. Gao Jianhong asked Mr. Lin if only Li Xun could win the award. He could not win the award at all. Mr. Lin told Gao Jianhong his experience. His grades are not the best, but he stayed in school, everyone envied him for being the best, and the one who left went to Zhongguancun and became a leader in the industry, which can tell who is the best and who is the most Poor, life is a long road, don’t bother yourself because of temporary wins or losses.

Gao Jianhong knew that he could not defeat Li Xun now, but he also hoped that everyone would understand one day that he would be better off without Li Xun, and he also deleted all the previous programs. As a result, the next day, Li Xun proposed not to use the things Gao Jianhong had written before, because those things were like swimming in cotton clothes. At first, he didn’t think so, but later he found out that they were fatal. Gao Jianhong did not refute this time, but agreed with Li Xun’s words and rewritten everything, but in fact he felt very uncomfortable.

In the evening, Zhu Yun accompanied Li Xun to work overtime at the base, and persuaded Li Xun to treat Gao Jianhong better in the future. Seeing that Zhu Yun was feeling uncomfortable, Li Xun put together the stools to make a simple bed for Zhu Yun to rest. Zhu Yun kept telling Li Xun to win the game. Li Xun didn’t look back, but seemed to feel the pain in Zhu Yun’s heart.

He pretended to be relaxed and agreed to take people’s money to relieve the disaster. Zhu Yun promised that as long as Li Xun wins the game, Li Xun can do whatever Li Xun wants her to do. Li Xun asked Zhu Yun to write this sentence, and the words in black and white are promises. Holding the promised note, Li Xun gave her Zhu Yun’s salary card, thinking that this note was more important than that money.


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